anyone who never learned chemistry wont have the required interests to know what is the meaning of the title above. bukan. ia bukanlah nama pahlawan Yunani zaman marble. eh. but i have to say. as much as it means something. it had intrigued me to upraised a certain type of emotion. feeling nostalgic eh?

gile hape tak? it was the land where we defiled gravity. yes. read again. we never defied. we defiled gravity. it’s the place we bind its nature with our memories. the land where we created our destiny. well.. for us UTPians that is. we really should call ourselves utopians instead of UTPians. tapi kang orang ingat kitorang nih editor majalah utopia pulak kang. so. ok lah.

we went to Perak last Saturday. for a dear friend’s wedding ceremony. the initial plan was to be in Perak by Friday night. and have an overnight in the city of our life. Ipoh. Loitering, creating fusses, and all that during the night. while watching World Cup. err. i know. impossible right? but yeah. if Tom Cruise can manage to wrap up his Mission Impossible. so can we. tak susah. tengok wayang, hit on Ipoh’s girls, reading comics, take pictures, eat at Nasmir behind Jusco KC, while watching World Cup. yep. we did it all in one. tak susah. if you’re a UTPian that is. well.. that was the initial plan.
but the plan changed. coz Faiz have some family matters to attend to. so we postponed our trip to Perak til Saturday morning. and attended CK’s and Sue’s wedding first. biase2 jek ceremony dia. but something went wrong that day. i dont know if the origin of the problem came from our McDonald’s breakfast or CK’s lauk ayam masak merah or the cendol. but deng! cirit birit is the word man. saket gile perut aku. spoiled half the time of my day in Perak. re-visited UTP. started photographing nostalgic scenery. went to the Chancellor’s Complex first. met Ali [ssseeerrraaaappppp] in V1. snapped some awesome poses at Padang UTP. went to the toilet for the 1st time. went to Ipoh. park at Jusco KC. jalan jalan. hit on some Ipoh’s cute girls. heee~. were ignored. tak kisah la. went to toilet again. eat at Nasmir. watched World Cup. went to toilet again. buy movie tickets for the movie ‘the A-team’. went to toilet again. buy a comic. rest while reading comic a bit. toilet. chit chat. took some nice pictures of asses and legs. heeeee. toilet again. went into the movie. halfway through, went to toilet again. demn man! missed the part when they battled missile drones with a parashooting tank. finished movie. toilet. decided to go back to KL that night. it was 2-3am in the morning. stopped at R&R Tapah for some drinks and toilet again. toilet. yes. i know. twice in Tapah. demn! start our journey back from Tapah to Sungai Buloh. 10 kilometres before reaching Sungai Buloh. i battled with my inner mind and my internal organs to hold down this killer assassins within me. drove over 190KM/H on the highway in hope that i could withstood the killing blow. and reached Hospital Sungai Buloh toll plaza in just 5 minutes. heh! toilet at the toll plaza. for more than half an hour. finished with a really really big sigh. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
balik umah. rase penat sangat2 sebab kene gi toilet byk kali. in a day. plus travel jauh. ergh! i fell into slumber almost instantly. if i had set up the alarm earlier when i entered my house. i wouldav sleep that instant i touched my bed. faiz and elfi stayed for the night in my house.
at 11am, Faiz woke me up for internet. i remembered he said something about cant sleep well and he had revisited the toilet for more than 10 times that morning. huh!~ i was so glad i had emptied my bowels the day before. lol. then i fell into the darkness. again. yes. jangan kacau aku nak tidur wei. aku penat gile babeng.
woke back up at 2pm coz Faiz n Elfi wanted to go back home. and they needed me to turn off the alarm. so i did. and they went back home. and i continued my rest in the living room until 5pm. hehe! bangun. mandi-mandi. siap-siap. sat at the living room. zzzzzzzZZzz. yes. slept through what ever left of the evening. woke up feeling the need to eat. went to Hiong Kong for Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner all together. and wallah! felt refreshed again. went back home. spent the night with World Cup.

abis sudah eksplenasi versi pendek. malas ar nak cerita semua. satu per satu. serious panjang kalau cerita satu per satu. malas!

gambar2 menarik amik kat utp nanti aku upload kat facebook. kalau aku rajin.


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