Let’s try things for this Friday

Let’s try things for this Friday

9:29 AM 6/25/2010
I have just arrived in my office. came to work using my dad’s car. oh! i did woke up early today. had a good spacious time between end of shower and getting dress. which i used most of the time to sew up my silat pants. yup. i can sew. i can cook. i can do house chores. and heck. i’m lefthanded. and i dont even have a hint of being gay or simply octopusy. haha! mat lembut lah tuh. sotong. by the time i had finished sewing up my pants. the clocks hit 8.30am. i moved out of the house at 8.50am and drove for 20 minutes to KL. lambat 10 minutes wont affect any work. well. maybe my performance index would show the other way. but heck. what do i care. i dont like the job. huhu.

9:36 AM 6/25/2010

2:37 PM 6/25/2010
just arrived from lunch/Friday prayer break. had Kebab Daging Paling Sedap dalam Dunia for lunch after the prayer. haha! serious shit sedap. yes. delicious as shit. halah. ekau mane tau taik sedap ke tak. ko tak penah rase. dont judge a book by its cover wei. XÞ~
when i entered KWSP, the sky had darkened and the wind were strong. and i got some news when i logon to twitter, the black storm are currently hitting Bandar Utama right now. so KL gonna be next i guess. brace myself. ceh. i just wish nothing bad happened to my house when the storm hit Sungai Buloh. a windy storm knocked some of our house ‘atap genting’ away last week. and one fell on our Astro satellite dish. ceh! and repair had cost me RM162.00. ceih! mahal dowh. and i only watch the TV at night time je.

which reminds me. i’ve been reminiscing and thinking. what i blog here showed how normal i am right? while i lived an entirely different journey from childhood. as which you can guess, i am the average child of a rich man. always mumbling about getting this and that while saying i am not rich and i dont have enough money for everything that i wanted. at one look at me and my family. you’d guess that we’re somewhat rich enough to be called Rich. yes you might be right. and eventually, anything that i had wished for and i cant afford for myself will be delivered to me at a time. to which i am thankful for it. Alhamdulillah. i had been lucky so far. aint i?

but there is this funny thing. lets just say. i lived a rare and odd life. and what i seek to write in blogs are of the normal part of life that i could achieve and explain. usually, i am so far behind and sometimes i am far ahead of time. and these rare moments of being normal is the part where i could find myself explaining in this blog. in normal sense [to me] are not normal for other people. i tried finding ways to explain things. but yep. it’d just turn me around and around.
imagine this. its like i’m in this real pac-man maze in the middle of the night. humongous maze. i would start of deciding where to turn, left or right, up or down, i would know if something stalking me from the corner. and at some time. i would find something to turn the stalkers away from me. have you ever played pac-man? i know everyone would noticed that at some time, a fruit will pop up in the middle of the maze just below the stalkers cage. and at certain length of time. yes. you can compare me being normal every time i get to eat the fruit. ouh! im good at Pac-man.. heheh! and that’s the exact time i would have the answers. and i’ll blog about it. it is the only time where i could be normal. the other time. i lagged behind. always running. doing the same thing. eat the same thing. turn left or right or up or down. in the usual maze.
i tell you. try being a rich child. and try being me. you’ll find the oddest view you could ever imagine.
no i am not rich. i passed exams with the lowest marks. i barely got my job. i never had the chance to have a .. ahah! or ehemm [ i think my family members would gladly interpret this ].. lol. and i blog. aku cp cp je lagi nak jadik loser. maybe because of my odd attitudes yang help me from being a loser. if it can be calculated on a scale from 0.0=loser 1.0=average 2.0=extraordinary. then i would be 1.0 and not even 1.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001
lucky me it still counts as average. lol.
haa.. cenggitu la hidup aku. tak semudah yg disangka. perlu berusaha agar stalker tak dapat makan aku. i have been lucky so far. let see how long this luck can walk.

4:29 PM 6/25/2010
wait.. did u believed what i said? i might be lying. yes. i was. eh. was i? yes. i lived an odd life. but whatever i told you. was a lie. [in a way]. heh! okay. lame.
tade. aku cam terjumpe trick notepad lame. and tested the notepad diary trick. u have to type “.LOG” at the beginning of line. then save the .txt file. everytime you open the .txt file back. the notepad will automatically input the date and time based on your pc time. nice trick eh. so leh cam buat diary. macho-desu.

and the storms calming. the roads gonna be busy tonight. i’d better sneak out kejap lagi kalau nak balik awal n cepat. or i could walk hastily out the door like i have some urgent appoinment after work. heheh! either way. aku nak balik awal.

p/s: oh! i copied and pasted all this from notepad titled “blog.txt”


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  1. kenapa xde org komen? kemana semua orang pegi? gile ke xkomen entry ni? coz entry ni membuatkan aku terpk sesuatu…

    wpun maybe ko tulis entry ni sbb nak test trick notepad -.-

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