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i want a Bonus!~

shit.. so thats how vendors were paid. now i know roughly how much Silverlake make for a year. and they dont even pay us, employees any Bonus. shit! damn you higher ups!

aku bukan main jeles la dengar orang dapat bonus tu, bonus ni. bonus 4 bulan.. 7 bulan. WTHeck? aku nak jugak! tade langsung kot untuk staff Silverlake. patut la orang x kekal keje sini. dah la keje banyak. company activities pun sikit je. tapi gaji ciput. so mane pegi duit2 berlebihan? mesti la dalam poket employers! damn! at least bayar basic tuh tinggi la sket kalau tanak bagi bonus! argh! nak duittt!! nak jalan2!! nak beli lens!! aaaaaaahhhh!! lepas nih nak carik keje yg bagi bonus. kalau tak bagi. tanak masuk!!

Foul durian belanda mood

They do not perform abortions as this is prohibited in Islam. So, they take the shortcut to solve their problem by dumping their newborns. We do not want this to continue. It has to be stopped.

quoted from hotmail news

they dump the babies so that no one will know they had fornicate lah bodoh! bukan sebab it is prohibited in Islam. they didnt do abortion sebab derang tanak gi klinik buat abortion. malu la kalau org tau. dan sebab derang tade duit nak buat abortion. bukan sebab Islam prohibited abortion. ape BANGANG statement ko Ali Rustam oi. ape ekau tak pelik ke ngn ape ko cakap tuh? kalau derang pikir abortion tuh salah disisi Islam. then sex luar nikah tuh tak salah disisi Islam ke?

buat sex: tak salah.
buat abortion: salah.
conclusion: conceal the pregnancy and dump the child later.
WTF? tak relevan langsung cara pemikiran ko wahai Ali Rustam!

kalau dari awal2 dia pikir abortion tuh salah. mesti dia pikir sex luar nikah is wrong!
tapi derang tak pikir tuh. yg derang pikir:

I like to fuck
I like to fuck
no need protection
what baby?
what abortion?
I like to fuck
Cum in her
Cum in me — oh! byk tengok hentai la nih.. heh!
what to do with the fucking baby?
I like to fuck!
Lets Fuck!
what? pregnant?
i dont have money to do abortion.
no one can know about this.
what help?
lets have a dump. *pointing to a jamban*
okay.. now we can dump the baby.
did anyone saw you dump the baby?
I like to fuck
Lets Fuck

pastuh nak buat sekolah untuk pregnant teenagers pulak. dengan syarat kemasukan. teenagers tuh kene kawin. jangan buang anak. ekau ingat nih Amerika ke? konon bebudak sekarang Open Minded? boleh terima gi skolah cenggini. terang2 tell the world yg dia dah fuck. siap dapat anak. siap boleh pegi sekolah lagi.

WTF? lagi la derang tanak. sape nak kawin awal skang nih? mane nak dpt duit? duit nak kawin. duit utk jage family. duit nak pegi skolah pulak lagi. duit nak jage anak pulak.

THIS IS MALAYSIA LA FuCKERS! where they claimed to be a Muslim Country. [claim je la] yeah! where people says you cannot touch Pig but you can drink Beers.
i bet it all [what? u can bet also?] that these teenagers dont have any guts to tell. well.. kalau derang brani cakap yg derang dah pregnant. mmg Malaysia tade masalah buang anak de…

wahai org yg ngaku pemimpin.
ekau dah tade idea nak bercakap ngn media. jangan la merapu bodoh! ekau ingat orang sekarang bodoh macam ekau. pendidikan kitorang 100 kali ganda lagi hebat dari pendidikan ko dulu. kalau taktau. cakap taktau. tak pun diam jek. orang pikir dia nih antara pemimpin bahagian atasan satu negara. respek2. tetibe.. bile pemimpin nih bersuara. hmm.. Bodoh rupenye! memang takkan maju la negara nih.

orang suruh fokus kat pendidikan bebudak. tanak. nak buat bandar tuh lah. nak buat bandar nih la. bandar Iskandar lah. sky park la. i-city lah. mende2 pelik jek ekau nak buat. kalau ko tingkatkan mutu pelajaran. fokus pendidikan agama moral. bagi pendidikan free kat org tak mampu supaye sumorang dapat pendidikan same rate. aku rase serius no hal. kurang2 pun tade la aku nak terbace kat cover paper HARI-HARI yg ade baby kene dump tepi jamban or tepi jalan.



aaah! ngape lak aku pi bace gak news tuh. demn! kan dah hilang mood aku nak bercerita tentang Durian Belanda yg bapak aku tanam kat Selayang dulu. hahaha! takpe. aku cerita sket. once upon a time, i lived in Selayang Baru. i dont really know whether it was my dad or some other family members yg tanam pokok durian belanda tuh kat tepi umah. bile aku besar. pokok tuh dah berbuah banyak kali dah. and each time the tree bare fruits. i’d take the opportunity to climb up the house ladder that only stretched as far as half the tree. then i had to climb all the way up the tree to pluck out the fruit. pastuh kitorang mesti berebut bile mama start potong buah tuh. makan sehingga menjilat tangan. bukan jari sahaje. hehe. simpan bijik dia untuk main tembak2. then threw kulit durian belanda kat aweks yg having pleasure strolling around the neighborhood with their pinkish bicycles. bertepek kat kepala… haha! pastuh lari la. derang panggil mak bapak kejor. ahahaha!

damn! those were the good times. when i dont give a fuck about the world. about politics. it was when the school taught us that UMNO was the true savior of Malaysia. fuck gile rase bile tau sume tuh tipu. ceh!
the truth is, Malaysia were never saved by anyone. and from the looks of things. Malaysia can never be saved anymore. well. maybe there’s a glint of hope for salvation. but how big a glint can be?

=============tutup lagi skali.. ade rekahan==============

Not That Happy of a Weekend

i’m at my office. again. got some problem yesterday after deployment of ‘work’ to a new server. so gotta come back today for more support and finding out solution for yesterday problem. demmit!

gile. this 2 weeks nonstop keje.from last monday to next week friday. furk!! tanak aku keje cengini. more point to be listed in the ‘Hate Programming’ list.
semalam dah la start kul 7am.. balik 11pm.. and i never went out of the building [its at the 3M building in Tropicana. shit. dah la tak byk kerusi. so kene berdiri jek slalu. i had little sleep this morning coz of the furkin leg cramps i had. haram. saket gile cramp kaki malam2. pe mende la. this morning when the alarm set off. kaki aku tetibe nak cramp lagi skali. penat weh nak fend off cramps. lagi2 yg kat betis nye. my legs still ache now.
i wonder if i can get out of this place earlier.

aku cam baru teringat kenape aku nak tulis blog nih.

yesterday. i came in to work at 7.15am.. and i all the fatigue coz of futsal activity the night before are trying to push me down when ever i got the chance. so at 9.30am i got really tired and went to sleep at the floor surau. it was a 2×3 cubic meter room. since it is morning. no one would come for prayers. so i shut off the light and slumped down in the middle of the room. and start my quiet nap that turn out to be a sleep. still. i managed a quiet sleep instead of the horrible looud-snoring-becoz-i-am-tired-sleep [yes. i asked people if i was sleeping quietly]. but yeah. that’s not the point. the point was. at approximately 11am.. someone actually came to have a prayer [or so i tot]. he came in. moved my legs roughly aside so he could begin his prayer. and at 1 point i felt like he kicked my rib. so i was like. okay. im moving away[but still in the sleeping form]. so i slide my sleeping body to the very corner of the room. sempit. tapi orang nak semayang. and i was really tired. so i gave him way. and fell back into my sleep. at 1 point. i open my eyes a bit to see who was actually praying at that hour [its not common for prayers to be done in the morning but hey.. bile2 jek kite leh semayang sunat]. tengah mamai2 tuh. i tot i made out the form of his face. cam kenal jek mamat tuh. but then he was facing the wrong way. Kiblat is the other way around kot. and there was an arrow indicating the Kiblat on top of the ceiling. and this guy was facing me. te hell? okay. pehal lak nih. then made the gesture of Ruku’.. but in a funny way. then came for his sujud. this time dia sujud at the right direction. and he was like shaking his head. he was getting weirder by the second. then he jumped up. faced the opposite direction. made a really really weird sujud. and i was like.. okaaaaaaayyyy.. i’d better continue my sleep [WTheck?]. and then the door slid open and someone came in. the praying guy gave him a butthead or something. and that’s when he looked directly at me. DAMMIT! cant say i was that shocked. but i hoped he wont attack me. then Inception came in my mind. and i’m thinking. i’m dreaming. that must be it. just let the dream move on.. as long as i have my rest.
guess what? i’m not dreaming!
he came on to me. and pinned me down. i felt him pinning me on the floor. my left shoulder, my right arm and the area between my balls and my butthole ached. if i were a female. that means that he was pinning on my vagina [yeah. i know the area. watching porn and hentai are one of my good hobbies]. but yeah! saket jugak dia tekan aku. that’s when i actually think. menatang ‘hantu tindih’ nih pun keje kat data center ke? demmit! hantu  tindih tuh pun suke ria lah  tindih aku. i tried pushing my body up. but the area between my crotch and anus tuh saket gile. dia tekan kuat kot. i tried the yelling tactic but my voice just wont come out. i tried shouting AAaaaAAaarrggghhhh.. but to no avail. and my colleagues are just behind that sliding door out of this surau. all i heard was a low rumbling sound like really… a beast was pinning me down. shit! memang sah hantu tindih.
so i gave in. let the beast have his pleasure on my back. and i was thinking. oh my. will i have the chance to go out as a Teruna again? lol. i relaxed a bit. think of something like, i think it’s gonna end anyway anytime soon. maybe a little ayat Kursi could help and when i started my doa, the beast vanished. yes! i finished the Ayat Kursi. got up. turn on the light. went out of the surau feeling refreshed. turn off the light[jgn bazir letrik]. seems like hantu tindih tuh dah tolong aku stretching sebelum bangun tido. rase fresh gile.

and resume my work.
bile abis keje kul 11 malam. got back home.
bangun pagi dgn kaki cramp. cursed my brother coz he’s still sleeping and i have to get up early morning ON SUNDAY! to go to the office. arrived at KWSP easily. no traffic, no obstacle.

today for the most part of morning till noon.. things were uneventful..
and i have to resume my work. now.



i was about to write something.. but work came and i forgot all about it. then it came back. and futsal problem got me off my mood.. tak cukup orang..! need more committed players please..
now i’m not gonna write that long blog of an idea that i had purchased down my memory. but instead.

i’m just gonna say that Inception movie was wicked. i like it. very much. gonna go and watch it again this weekend. not tomorrow though. tomorrow i work from dusk till dawn. shish!

happy weekend bloggers!

sharp eyes

is it just me?
or every woman with the name Diana have sharp edged eyes?
or maybe every Diana that i know have sharp edged eyes…

Penggiat Revolusi Islam dan Hitler zaman dulu kale

aku hamik dari blog effi weiland. bace artikel pasal Hitler nih.

bace dlu article obefiend tuh.

aku rase motif pembentukan artikel Adolf Hitler and Muslim revolutionist tuh sekarang sebab kononnye the author are trying to ignite some more Muslim hatred towards The-Now-Zionist-Regime. walhal org Islam yg boleh berfikir dan buat research sendiri dah ramai. jadi artikel Hitler tak mendatangkan result yg sepatutnye lah.

dan si Adolf ni lah penyebab utama kekejaman org2 Yahudi zaman sekarang. sebab derang [yahudi2 nih] dah belajar lesson derang. derang tanak kene bunuh beramai2 lagi. maka derang start penindasan derang sendiri terhadap dunia. the best defense is offense kan? cume negara lain tak sedar derang dah kene tindas ngn yahudi. dan tentera yahudi nih hanye tunjuk PUBLICLY penindasan derang kat org Islam. dah well. musuh Islam kot. negara lain derang tindas senyap2. gune ekonomi negara lain supaye tak nampak seperti dia yg menindas.

tak pelik ke? dalam peperangan penindasan Israel terhadap org Palestin sekarang. currency berubah-ubah. sekarang nih. US Dollar lagi murah dari Yen Jepun. Pound Sterling dah turun mendadak. negara2 penempatan atau yg mendapat sokongan Israel kebanyakannye sedang perlahan2 jatuh. padahal Israel makin rancak serang orang Palestin. rasenye ade kene mengene tak? ntah.. aku taktau.. aku tak buat research.. ini teori aku jek. hehe! tapi aku rase cam ade connection jek. hehe.

cemane nak fight back?
nah.. bace article nih pulak! aku dapat dari blog sorg kawan yg aku pernah suke [eerr.. still suke sebenarnye] tapi dia tak suke aku dan tanak kawan ngn aku sebab aku gile kat dia dulu.. dan baru2 nih dia baru jek lepas bertunang. hehe. so melepaslah aku. hahaha! gile stalker aku nih follow blog dia. tapi article nih mmg bagus.

Banana Split

Wut te hell?
it’s 12.44 in the morning after midnight. and i’m craving for a Banana Split.

banana split

baik lah. i’ll search for it next month. sebab bulan nih aku dah tade duit. T_T’

demn! tido2!

p/s: pisang terbelah

World Cup mischief

10:49 AM 7/13/2010
you sir are nothing but your troubled judgement. yet you change what came from the fallen blackness.
you embrace what most would gladly curse.

yeah! kerja dah siap. dan skang masih kul 10 pagi.

okay. semalam [Senin 12 July] aku bangun lambat. sebab pagi2 tengok Spain menang World Cup kat Rasta kat bawah Penchala Link tuh. huhu. habis jek extra time tuh. aku ngn kawan2 trus blah dari tempat yg penuh ngn aweks taktau malu pakai shortpants ketat, juga penuh ngn mamat seperti aku yg tatau malu melihat kaki2 aweks2 yg putih. seb bek aku x amik gamba skali. lol. kul 5.30 kot sampai kat umah. urgh! jadi aku pun mula berangan-angan untuk tidak tidur pagi itu serta menjadi pekerja contoh yang datang awal ke opis.
ye. sampai di rumah. aku tggu Subuh tiba dan duduk melepaskan kaki atas sofa kat ruang tamu sambil set alarm kul 8 pagi, just in case aku tertidur. dan ye. aku tertidur jua. dan pabila aku buka mata dimana aku rase cam tertidur 2 minit. dah pukul 11 pagi. nice one!!! alarm pun tak nolong upenye. hadui. punah angan-angan nak jadik pekerja contoh.
aku menggeliat kepenatan. serius rase cam 2 minit tido! still rase penat tuh. aku bangun cepat-cepat. stretching sket. dan terus berusaha pergi ke jamban yang bila mana setelah aku duduk. aku cuba memikirkan kenape rasa sekejap nak mampus aku tido? bersama setan yg berjuang untuk menutup kelopak mata aku. aku hindari kekusutan itu dengan cube memikirkan message ape la Elvin [team leader aku] akan hantar pada aku pagi itu. dan sejurus itu juga aku terdengar henpon aku menerima suatu SMS. aku hanya berharap ia msg advertisement Digi yang annoying. tapi aku berada dalam jamban melaksanakan perintah usus. maka aku takleh gi bace SMS lagi.
selesai kerja-kerja menabur simen cekelat. aku mandi.
dan sejurus aku keluar dari bilik air. aku menyambar henpon yg tak melekat kat charger. skrin beliau tampak gelap. aku cuba tekan-tekan butang henpon dengan harapan ia masih berfungsi. ye. ia tidak berfungsi. mesti SMS tadi last kopek battery reserve dia. demn! terpaksa lekatkan charger. tggu fon fully logged on. dan aku nampak icon berbentuk surat warne kuning kat atas skrin fon aku. sah ade message. aku pun membuka inbox. oh. rupenye ade satu je SMS dari Elvin. msg berbunyi “Bradar, mana u?” haha! aku ingat nak kene lecture. cenggitu upenye. oklah. aku trus call Elvin. cakap aku baru bangun tido.

setelah aku siap. aku pergi cek kereta Honda. Satria ade kat adik aku. dan aku terpikir. road tax Satria dah mati. aku dah buat yg baru. cume belum collect je lagi. dan Satria perlu di service secepat mungkin. dan aku terpikir. ini boleh menjadi alasan aku untuk tidak datang kerja. jadi aku menelepon Elvin semula. menipu Elvin yg aku nak pegi buat Road Tax serta service kereta. dia bagi Yellow Light. maknanye. kalau boleh, datanglah kerja. haha! aku kata OK. mungkin benar aku akan sempat gi kerja. tapi sebenarnye ‘tidak’. hehehe. krete Satria tade kat aku kot. hehehehehe!~
petang tuh dalam kul 2pm. aku pegi collect passport aku kat Subang. tapi hanye boleh collect 2 jam selepas aku bayar. demmit. dan aku membuang masa 2 jam kat Subang Skypark.. haha! best dol. kat mana? anda boleh cube carik sendiri. tempat duduk menunggu dia terbaik serta comforting. aku duduk kat sofa hitam yg luas lagi selesa itu. dan bace Daughter of the Empire. First book of Raymond E Feist’s Empire Trilogy. cerita pasal anak pompuan Lord of Tsuranuanni aka Tsurani yg jadi Lady of the Clan. yg tradisi derang dalam buku nih ngikut ala-ala tradisi Jepun lama. Samurai!!! puas gile aku bace selame 2 jam. dah la cerita dia tak habis2 pasal ‘Honour’. dalam bahse Malaysia nye. Maruah.
4.30pm aku gerak pi collect passport. saye amat berpuas ati. akhirnye saya ada passport sendiri. hasil titik peluh saya sendiri. hehe. best! okay. plan pegi Singapore akan di atur secepat mungkin. pegi bulan puasa best gak. leh jimat duit dari segi makan. hehe.
hepi hepi. 4.30pm kat Subang. kalau gi Opis. kul 5.15 pm top lah. mesti aku sampai sane. 5.30 pm orang balik keje. jadi cancel lah niat pegi opis. hehe. aku pegi e@Curve je. marathon wayang. Despicable Me 3D serta Predators. Despicable Me comel gila. Predators cam.. nice jugak. worth it la.
tapi cam Despicable Me tuh. dia buat ala2 Ya’juj Ma’juj yg comel. hoho. demn! dan budak2 dlm movie tuh mmg comel gile. “It’s Fluffy!!!” hehe. tengok cepat!!
abis movie marathon. aku balik ngn rase puas ati. serta stil penat pagi tu tak abis lagi. penat!! sampai kat rumah. aku tuka baju untuk tido. set alarm. baring atas katil 20 saat. terus tertido.

dan pagi nih aku sampai opis tepat kul 9.00 pagi. hehe..

Sunday – Forever

right down the fore season. from which i dare not try to convince better. under the world of the glowing owl. a memories refreshed by the mystical form of theories. that love were to be born by foresight. that love shall break the bond of an ocean. i see the moon sparkles. i saw the moon cried once. i bleed to echo the truth beyond the seemingly valid entrance of the lively Venus. orbiting for what seem the years of the stars but minutes by the seconds of the great sun. the clouds share the same conviction yet when the red Earth core play the music of the land. love flew away. i came to view such understanding. in a way that one can heal to surpass what freedom of lies. news shall carry forth the lies beyond your beauty. and never ending mortality. i shall say again. that i had love thee. and as always. the wind whispers. for eternity.

and forever more.

p/s:  in due time. someone gonna bow to that octopus. it better be wrong this time. haha! tho i do really hope Spain wins it.

Friday preach.. not!

ari Jumaat lagi.

new month. new problems. i was told that every application attempt for a leave will be rejected. in addition. i will have to go to work even on Saturday and Sunday. aaaaahahahaha! dengan erti kate lain. bulan nih aku tak dapat cuti. dan bulan ni aku takkan dapat cuti. walaupun cuti weekend. sume salah govt project nih la. what project? i dare not say the details. nanti ade la breach of agreement la. trust lah. hape lah. hadui. EPF oh EPF. and i’m thinking this is just the beginning. yes. the beginning. sebab EPF sekarang tengah guna .NET 1.0 framework.  sepatutnye skang dah 4.0 eh? wuahaha! old skool beb EPF nih.  nanti tade function tuh. tade function nih. baru la sebuk nak tuka framework. yg mane bile aku tanye tutor .NET ari tuh mase trenin. dia kate nak migrate ke 2.0 pun impossible. kite kene start balik semula. atau erti kate lain. kene re-type all those programming codes kalau nak migrate ke new framework. cantek? before that happens. i think i wanne be outta here. but i think that’ll only gonna happen in 5 yers kot. i’ll be out of silverlake by then. InsyaAllah.

nak carik career path lain. mintak2 aku rajin belajar networking. serious best tengok kawan2 aku kerja network. heaven gile la. well. tak sangat la. but because of the shift works. they got some easy life i admired and desired. and the workloads. although memula susah. but lepas naik rank jage ke level 2 . nampak hidup derang senang lagi dari keje level 1 dulu. and gaji pun amat masyuk. macam gaji omputih la. haha.

okay. some shit testing baru ended. and they’re now testing another testing package. dan kalau ade masalah. kerje aku akan datang maybe dalam kul 5 nih nanti. so skang nih. aku ade sedikit mase terluang that i can try and make a post today.

i went to Subang Immigration tadi nak amik passport. dah siap tapi tak dapat amik dari dulu sebab byk keje. and they [the immigration] only open on weekdays. jadi i went to the late Terminal 3 of Subang Airport. and to my surprise. the officer in charge of my passport [well. i lost my passport and the have special filing officers in charge of it] already went for his Friday prayer. so kire cam counter tutup lah. demmit. what misfortune. and i missed the counter closure just by a wee bit. maybe they closed when i parked the car. so tak sempat la. and the info counter officer told me they gonna open back after 2.45pm . i was like GDI!.  2.45 tuh.. aku kat masjid lagi kot. and i have to be back in office by 3pm kot, which was 20 kilometers away. hadui. dengan traffic nye. no can do.

so i went back to KL lah. imagining yg aku bangun Subuh Monday nanti then kene bersiap terus [usually aku tido balik atau x bangun langsung. demn] dan kuar rumah before 7am.. head to Subang. sebab Info Counter said, counter bukak kul 7.30am.. they’d better be.  or i could just ask to come in late on Monday. since i’ll be awake the whole night anyway. at Rasta getting a first class seat and table in front of the giant screen for World Cup Grande Finale. peh! turned out that the wife of Rasta’s owner is Faiz’s childhood friend. selambe dapat book meja paling depan untuk WC final. hahaha! tak tido la aku jawabnye. that’s why kene mintak permission untuk datang lambat. kalau tak. memang aku kroih kroih kat meja aku la. dah la tade cubic kot. open jek. terpakse aku keluarkan skill ‘tido duduk’ aku. yeah! i developed this unusual sleeping style here in my office. where, from behind people will think that i’m awake, where else i’m dreaming of wonderworld. haha! serious. cam jadi habit kot. sebab tuh dapat duduk straight. tutup mate. tutup mulut jage pernafasan. and my right hand would be handling a mouse. yes. im holding my workstation mouse while i ‘sit sleep‘. and i would actually click the mouse. ahahahahahahaha! says my observer lah [colleague sitting beside me]. sebenarnye. i just put my hand and fingers on the mouse button and balance my fingers on the buttons. and every time i dozed off. i lose control of my finger and i clicked the mouse. MACHO TAK? hahaha!

so yeah. basically i have to ask for a half-day leave on Monday. but the 1st paragraph rules are still on the active. but its not like im asking for a full day leave. half day je kot. mungkin boleh. yeah. Malaysia tak Boleh sebenarnye. Aku Boleh! insyaAllah. nanti japgi atau esok aku mintak. hehe.

esok. i have to go to another EPF building in PJ. kerje kat situ. oklah. ade meal allowance ngn claim mileage. start keje kul 7.30pagi kot. demn! same goes on Sunday. cis! selalunye kalau aku kene keje weekend. slalunye kene balik lepas kul 7 malam. jadi lah bulan nih aku TANPA CUTI. cheap hard labor tul aku nih.  cepat2 la sikit dapat experience. boleh brenti. carik keje lain. one that i’d love.

oh! aku baru buar Road Tax tadi dekat Maybank.  tak ingat name awek tuh Customer Service Officer tuh. tapi dia memang comel. tahun lepas dia jugak yg tolong aku buat Road Tax.. tahun nih pun dia gak. comelnyeeee. haha!

all and all. bulan nih kene keje ari2. and duit aku pulak tinggal tak lebih RM300 as of today. tak pernah dalam hidup aku… aku rase sesengkek ini. teramat sengkek.

so cemane?

kejap lagi nak main futsal pulak. dah 2 minggu lemak terkumpul kat seluruh badan. hopefully Futsal today gonna help me start again. to go to the gym that is. hehe! farkin Fitness First. ngabihkan duit aku jek. nak cancel account lah!

Spain gonna win the World Cup. i hope. *crosses fingers*. rasenye ape yg Paul the Octopuss…. y akan ramalkan?

boleh ke aku berdota malam nih lepas futsal? esok keje start kul 7.30 kan… oh.. futsal 9-10pm.. u are invited to come n see me play like Fabregas. haha! serious. hahahahaha!