Sunday – Forever

right down the fore season. from which i dare not try to convince better. under the world of the glowing owl. a memories refreshed by the mystical form of theories. that love were to be born by foresight. that love shall break the bond of an ocean. i see the moon sparkles. i saw the moon cried once. i bleed to echo the truth beyond the seemingly valid entrance of the lively Venus. orbiting for what seem the years of the stars but minutes by the seconds of the great sun. the clouds share the same conviction yet when the red Earth core play the music of the land. love flew away. i came to view such understanding. in a way that one can heal to surpass what freedom of lies. news shall carry forth the lies beyond your beauty. and never ending mortality. i shall say again. that i had love thee. and as always. the wind whispers. for eternity.

and forever more.

p/s:  in due time. someone gonna bow to that octopus. it better be wrong this time. haha! tho i do really hope Spain wins it.

About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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