Banana Split

Wut te hell?
it’s 12.44 in the morning after midnight. and i’m craving for a Banana Split.

banana split

baik lah. i’ll search for it next month. sebab bulan nih aku dah tade duit. T_T’

demn! tido2!

p/s: pisang terbelah


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

Posted on 14th July, 2010, in hungry?. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. i love banana split..!! yummyy!!!

  2. but do u know where to get one?

  3. San Francisco Steakhouse ada….yummyyyyyyyyy

  4. no 3 tu terbaekk

  5. yup i do… coz i love anything related to ice cream.. yummy!

  6. aaaa! belum jumpe lagi.. San Francisco SteakHouse pun x pegi lagi. darn!

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