Not That Happy of a Weekend

i’m at my office. again. got some problem yesterday after deployment of ‘work’ to a new server. so gotta come back today for more support and finding out solution for yesterday problem. demmit!

gile. this 2 weeks nonstop keje.from last monday to next week friday. furk!! tanak aku keje cengini. more point to be listed in the ‘Hate Programming’ list.
semalam dah la start kul 7am.. balik 11pm.. and i never went out of the building [its at the 3M building in Tropicana. shit. dah la tak byk kerusi. so kene berdiri jek slalu. i had little sleep this morning coz of the furkin leg cramps i had. haram. saket gile cramp kaki malam2. pe mende la. this morning when the alarm set off. kaki aku tetibe nak cramp lagi skali. penat weh nak fend off cramps. lagi2 yg kat betis nye. my legs still ache now.
i wonder if i can get out of this place earlier.

aku cam baru teringat kenape aku nak tulis blog nih.

yesterday. i came in to work at 7.15am.. and i all the fatigue coz of futsal activity the night before are trying to push me down when ever i got the chance. so at 9.30am i got really tired and went to sleep at the floor surau. it was a 2×3 cubic meter room. since it is morning. no one would come for prayers. so i shut off the light and slumped down in the middle of the room. and start my quiet nap that turn out to be a sleep. still. i managed a quiet sleep instead of the horrible looud-snoring-becoz-i-am-tired-sleep [yes. i asked people if i was sleeping quietly]. but yeah. that’s not the point. the point was. at approximately 11am.. someone actually came to have a prayer [or so i tot]. he came in. moved my legs roughly aside so he could begin his prayer. and at 1 point i felt like he kicked my rib. so i was like. okay. im moving away[but still in the sleeping form]. so i slide my sleeping body to the very corner of the room. sempit. tapi orang nak semayang. and i was really tired. so i gave him way. and fell back into my sleep. at 1 point. i open my eyes a bit to see who was actually praying at that hour [its not common for prayers to be done in the morning but hey.. bile2 jek kite leh semayang sunat]. tengah mamai2 tuh. i tot i made out the form of his face. cam kenal jek mamat tuh. but then he was facing the wrong way. Kiblat is the other way around kot. and there was an arrow indicating the Kiblat on top of the ceiling. and this guy was facing me. te hell? okay. pehal lak nih. then made the gesture of Ruku’.. but in a funny way. then came for his sujud. this time dia sujud at the right direction. and he was like shaking his head. he was getting weirder by the second. then he jumped up. faced the opposite direction. made a really really weird sujud. and i was like.. okaaaaaaayyyy.. i’d better continue my sleep [WTheck?]. and then the door slid open and someone came in. the praying guy gave him a butthead or something. and that’s when he looked directly at me. DAMMIT! cant say i was that shocked. but i hoped he wont attack me. then Inception came in my mind. and i’m thinking. i’m dreaming. that must be it. just let the dream move on.. as long as i have my rest.
guess what? i’m not dreaming!
he came on to me. and pinned me down. i felt him pinning me on the floor. my left shoulder, my right arm and the area between my balls and my butthole ached. if i were a female. that means that he was pinning on my vagina [yeah. i know the area. watching porn and hentai are one of my good hobbies]. but yeah! saket jugak dia tekan aku. that’s when i actually think. menatang ‘hantu tindih’ nih pun keje kat data center ke? demmit! hantu  tindih tuh pun suke ria lah  tindih aku. i tried pushing my body up. but the area between my crotch and anus tuh saket gile. dia tekan kuat kot. i tried the yelling tactic but my voice just wont come out. i tried shouting AAaaaAAaarrggghhhh.. but to no avail. and my colleagues are just behind that sliding door out of this surau. all i heard was a low rumbling sound like really… a beast was pinning me down. shit! memang sah hantu tindih.
so i gave in. let the beast have his pleasure on my back. and i was thinking. oh my. will i have the chance to go out as a Teruna again? lol. i relaxed a bit. think of something like, i think it’s gonna end anyway anytime soon. maybe a little ayat Kursi could help and when i started my doa, the beast vanished. yes! i finished the Ayat Kursi. got up. turn on the light. went out of the surau feeling refreshed. turn off the light[jgn bazir letrik]. seems like hantu tindih tuh dah tolong aku stretching sebelum bangun tido. rase fresh gile.

and resume my work.
bile abis keje kul 11 malam. got back home.
bangun pagi dgn kaki cramp. cursed my brother coz he’s still sleeping and i have to get up early morning ON SUNDAY! to go to the office. arrived at KWSP easily. no traffic, no obstacle.

today for the most part of morning till noon.. things were uneventful..
and i have to resume my work. now.



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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. ye ke kena tindih? haaa. tu laaa. tdo x baca doa. kan jadi cmtu. i did experience the same before masa kat rumah sewa ni. bila i tdo membelakangkan kiblat, mesti kena tindih. roomate i kata sebab i tdo btul2 bawah palang roof ni. so, i changed direction, tdo menghadap kiblat n i was no longer kena tindih. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

    • “Tindih!”- dats the word.. demn! aku punye la pikir2 carik2.. tak mungkin name hantu tuh ‘hantu hempap’ tapi aku tak ingat perkataan yg sebenar. so aku tulis je la hantu hempap. wahahaha! nak tanye orang kat opis nih.. sumenye orang cina. taktau hantu ape..
      kene update nih.
      Hantu Tindih!! tq Seha Haris. lol.

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