Ramadhan 2010

today marks the last day of Sya’ban 1431. and we will enter Ramadhan this very evening. tho we try very hard to look as if we are more impressed of Ramadhan than Syawal. or any other months created. Ramadhan marks to be the easiest month of all months. in this month, Jin dan Setan kene ikat. and just by fasting and completing your ibadah, points you towards Heaven even more. tho Muslims were often heard saying that its the most hard filled month of the year. i’d say those words were never belong to the truth.

What is 12 hours without food or water? hungry?
bullshit! 12 hours without food or water are nothing !

the only hardship i would get is not getting my popiah in time for break fast. same goes to every other people who had utter their Syahadah. other than that? what hardship are you telling me? working in the paddy field for the entire 6 hours? typing your computer for the mere 8 hours? having to wait in a line for 1 hour for a mere kebab?

no. there are no easier month than Ramadhan.

I bid thee
by the will of the truthful dawn
from the lingering shadows of the dusk
and upon the calling of the true darkness
I pray to myself
and never forgetting all of us
that the day may come, the hour may time
and shall we see
that light meant nothing and mostly everything

and beyond the wind and the stars
your whispers will linger, your prayers will echo
with the answers that came to seek fortune

may the month carry you to your chambers
may your will heed your talent
and may God bid all of His blessings and favors to us.


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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