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weird dream


i just had the weirdest dream ever.

i dont really have any idea when it started. but i think i remembered shutting down my alarm clock at 6.30am.. being a good malay that i am. i continued my sleep. haha! shit. terlepas subuh. it’s now 7.30am and i kinda feel like i want to remember what i dreamt just now. so here i am trying to write something. i think i was in the REM mode when this dream happens, that’s why i could remember clearly. what? what is REM? it’s called the Rapid Eye Movement. it is when you’re in a sub-concious mode. your mind’s are actually awake. but you are still sleeping. something like that. i think. google it.

so first came the part which i clearly remembers. the part which i didnt have control over my dream.
i was alone. in my car. driving. somewhere. but i end up in Putrajaya. somehow. located at Solaris, Hartamas. i parked my car just beside the building i went to. and bcoz there were some illegal parkers around. i decided to park my car just beside the building. not in the basement or the car park. i saw car park signs. but somehow i just parked there on the yellow line. i entered the building. it was somekind of a shopping mall. not Alamanda though. and suddenly i arrived at an interesting interview session. it’s kinda like a rock band interview or something [i dont really give a damn about it anyway in this dream]. my mind was somewhere else when i had the interview. i got up. went for my car. and search for a parking in the parking bay. then go back up for the interview. and they said that i failed [lol.thats what u get when you decided to park your car during an interview]. they asked me to wait outside. when i came out. one of the staff there was showing something cool to a boy. and i felt jealousy swelling up and tried following them. only to find myself more jealous since the boy was brought to the secret section. and i dont have clearance to enter that section.

anyway. here comes the weird part. in this part. i totally took control of myself in this dream.

i called a friend to meet up. but somehow i was running down the mall. and i found my mom. she gave me something.

i think this is where mom comes into my room and tell me to do my Subuh.

but i ignored it. then my friend arrived. and mom was gone. i followed my friend to second floor. i asked him if he brought his camera along. and he showed it to me. when we’re on the roof on the second floor. my friend shushed me. and tell me to try and crept away from the security guard. so we did. we crept from second floor onto the first floor. we were trying to fled the mall when suddenly it started to rain. and we were on this thin pipe. i think it was a waterpipe. but somehow large enough to accomodate me and my friend’s body weight. i told my friend it was slippery. i was going to fall. but my friend kept saying that i must try my best to cross the pipe. actually, i could just jump down the pipe and run since the pipe was 2 feet on the ground.

but somehow i knew i was dreaming and it wouldnt kill me to try it in my dreams.

so i keep on trying to balance my body on that slippery pipe during a rain. i managed to put my foots on the pipe. my legs starts to wobble and suddenly someone shouted. “there’s a flood coming”. i was like “holy shit. my car is just beside this building. habis la krete aku.” and we scampered to our find our car. i totally forgot about my friend. and when i arrived at the side of the building. my car was gone. shit. stollen? i walked further ahead and saw a blue car still burning. i got closer and saw the car was torn up. and some of the penyangak were still in the middle of cutting some metal from the car. barang2 dalam krete pun hilang. habis la. all my bank accounts in my bag. all were stolen. i’m thinking that i must make a police report fast. i really thought my car had been banged to crisp. when i suddenly realized. i had parked my car inside the building. in the car park. whew!!

dalam mimpi pun leh lupa dol.. lol.. tak pelik ke?

then my phone rang. someone called. I went to hhis apartment just in front of me. met with the person who called me. we talked and then my roommate in UTP came by. by the time he sat beside me. my toe was bleeding furiously. ??

i was just gonna go and wash my bloody toe in the bathroom when i totally woke up from my dream. dah 7.30 pagi. i logon into [pc on dari malam semalam sebab tengah donlod Chuck season 2]. wrote down the 1st half of this entry and saved it as a draft. continued writing about it in my office.

ade makne ke mimpi nih? hahaha! well. it may have some meaning to it. but from what i wrote i finally understood that all my friends in that dream was the same thing that kept me dreaming. i believe it was the syaitan whispering.. shit man. and i obliged to its will.


One Piece – the Journey Continues

Enter the New World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the journey for One Piece is ON baybeh!!!

cant wait for next week… the only manga with adrenaline rush..


i’ve been meaning to post this. 2 minggu lepas. aku gi lepak ngn Faiz. dia baru balik keje. dia keje weekend. and i was just wrapping up my DotA hours. so we went for dinner at The Curve. Faiz belanja. so after dinner. mase lepak2 tengok awek tuh la. kitorang start bukak cerita pasal sejarah manusia, theories, malaikat, energies, syaitan.. and in the end. topik2 macam nih mesti akan masuk bab agama.
so Faiz told me, he’s been going to this class. kelas agama. where the ustaz would teach how to ‘Read’ the Qur’an. if you know what i mean. it’s not reading the Qur’an but.. reading the purpose of the creation of Qur’an. so Faiz told me the first lesson that actually opened his eyes. truly. it opened my eyes too.

note that every book in this world have its own authors. if u buy novels, textbooks, bibles and so on so forth. you’ll notice that they will imprint the name of the author on the cover. or if not on the cover. it will be in the introduction page. and with the introduction, came some words from the author him/herself. telling them who they are. to whom the book are written for. so we began our curiosity by the author’s name. and the content would tell us of how good the author is.
here’s some point Faiz pointed out to me. do the al-Qur’an have any authors name imprinted on the covers? or inside? NO? go find you Qur’an….

if you ‘read’ the al-kitab carefully. the first line in every Qur’an would be read “Bismillah”. it is translated “In the name of Allah”. Dengan nama ALLAH.. aint that a surprise. think deeply. would you be curious if among the first words you read in a book. tells you. “In the name of Allah”.. wouldnt you agree that someone who read it would want to know who is Allah? who is this? is He the Author? is God the Author of this book we read? wow! God is the author? we wouldn’t be surprise if a mere human wrote a book, would we? but the first name we read in a Qur’an is Allah. our God! gile kau. Tuhan punye ayat dol dalam Al-Qur’an tuh. ko tak rase cam nak tau lagi ke?
but then the sentence didnt even ended there. it is read “Bismillah hirrahman nirrahim” : “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”. now tell me you’re not curious. who is this Allah? not only He is the MOST Gracious.. He is the MOST Merciful too.. aint that a Wow!?
and He sent the Qur’an as a guide for humankind, not Muslims.. but Human-Kind. it is the ultimate guide to live on this world. on earth. and He said human-kind will not falter, will not be lost if they read and follow al-Qur’an and Sunnah. if you have doubt that this book will mislead you. Allah gave His assurance. You, 100%, will not be lost if you follow the guide He set in the book. HIS assurance wei. haduuii!

is it our mission to understand. not just read. to understand this guide sent to us human-kind. it doesnt matter if you read it wrong so long you understood the meaning of the words. and if we we given to doubt. read and understand the al-kitab. for Allah had gave us His assurance that we will not be lost. so long we ‘Read’ the guide. gile ar Author nih. setiap ayat dalam kitab tuh. ayat Tuhan dol. power tak power al-Qur’an nih.

setiap kitab atau wahyu yang diturunkan kepada Nabi2 sebelum Muhammad SAW adalah wahyu2 atau kitab2 yg diturunkan khas untuk kaum2 yg diperturunkan. manakala al-Qur’an inilah pelengkap kitab2 tersebut. sebab al-Qur’an diturunkan untuk umat manusia. bukan umat Islam sahaja.
hahaha! magical al-Qur’an nih. ingat dol. signature Tuhan. “dengan nama Allah”. ini baru kelas pertama Faiz pegi. ade banyak lagi session. aku ingat aku nak enroll gak la. cam best gile dengar. kelas tu bukan ajar mengaji. kelas tu ajar ‘membaca’ al-Qur’an.

Iqra’. “Bacalah”. sebab tu la Jibrail repeat Iqra’ 3 kali kat Muhammad mase baginda ditabalkan menjadi Rasul. walaupun dia tau Muhammad itu buta huruf. Jibrail bukan datang ngn kertas pastuh suruh Nabi baca ape ade dalam kertas tu. hahaha! mane de cerita cenggitu. tapi Jibrail kata “bacalah” pastuh dia peluk Nabi kuat2 bila Nabi pelik nak bace hape? dah la buta hurup. suruh bace pulak. hahaha! Bace ape??!!!


p/s: oh! aku try buat artikel membina. haha! walaupun aku tak cukup ilmu nak buat entry bagus ber’references’. tapi aku try je la. heheh!

Teka Teki

aku teringat mase kat skolah rendah dulu. darjah 2 Merah. SRK St John (2). heheheh. sebelum loceng waktu habis skolah berbunyik. murid2 kene berkumpul and duduk depan papan hitam. sebagai persiapan untuk balik. u see. loceng balik berbunyik 2 kali. so. 1st bell maknenye sume kene bangun dan beratur kat depan pintu. loceng kedua menandekan kite leh blah. tapi cikgu pompuan slalu pakse kitorang cium tangan dulu seblom boleh balik. adab wei. bagus cekgu zaman dulu kala jengking. eh.
tapi aku nak cerita time kene duduk depan papan hitam tuh. time tuh adelah masa bonding antara rakan2. dan kalau cekgu rajin. cikgu pun akan bonding skali. time tuh la borak paling kuat. walaupun cikgu marah suruh senyap. tapi lepas senyap. gradually mesti bising semula. pastuh cekgu suruh senyap balik semula. haha!
i remembered specifically, ade skali tuh. aku buat teka teki kat kawan2 sebelah aku. dalam keadaan berbisik. sebab time tuh cikgu baru marah kitorang buat bising sangat. so nak jadi cerita. aku terkantoi dek cikgu.
dan cikgu suruh aku bangun dan tanye “cikgu cakap ape tadi?”..
rupenye itu rhetorical question kot. aku tak sepatutnye jawab. sebab dia tengah marah. tapi aku kecik2 mane tau. dulu aku lurus kot. so aku jawab la “cikgu suruh senyap”.
“oh pandai kamu menjawab. kamu cakap ape tadi?”
“saye buat teka teki cikgu”
aku ingat specifically muka cikgu aku time tuh. cam muke heran. nak marah. tapi tak marah. dia cam nak capai pembaris kayu kuning kat hujung papan hitam. then dia kata “teka teki ape?”
aku cam patut explain je teka teki ape aku buat. tapi tangan aku terikut2 skali. aku cakap
“ade krete langgar tiang” dan aku sambung sambil buat gesture ngn tangan aku; tangan kiri buat cam krete dan tangan kanan buat tiang. bile krete langgar tiang. “tiang tuh bengkok”. aku bengkokkan tangan kanan.

soalannye “mane bengkok?”

tetibe kawan2 sekelas aku semua start bagi jawapan. hahahahahahahahahaha! padehal cikgu nak tanye ape aku cakap tadi. lol. tak pasal2 semua layan nak bagi jawapan. hahahahahahah! ade yg betul. sebab aku baru bagi teka teki tuh sblom kene berdiri. ade yg tunjuk tangan aku yg bengkok tuh. wahahahahahahahaha!
cikgu cam tak jadi marah lepas tuh. dia siap kate “lagi. lagi?”. lol. then aku keluarkan semua skill teka teki aku. aku tak ingat teka teki ape lagi yg aku bagi. tapi aku ingat part tuh jek.

Puan Samsiah name cikgu tu. cikgu paling aku sayang dari darjah satu sampai habis sekolah. salah satu sebabnye adelah sebab cikgu ni la yg bagi aku gune pen bile sumorang gune pensil sebab dia kate tulisan aku cantik mase darjah 3 [time awal 90an dulu tade cikgu benarkan murid pakai pen kot]. lagi satu. she recommended aku dapat Anugerah Nilai Murni mase darjah 4 walaupun dia guru kelas lain. dan aku dapat. heeee.. sronok aku. naik pentas. mase rehearsal cikgu yg bertanggungjawab kate kene salam tunduk cam orang Jepun sebelum amik anugerah. so bile aku amik anugerah tuh aku hampir tertanduk perut guru besar. wahahahahaha! dah la Anugerah Nilai Murni.. tak pasal2 kene tarik balik anugerah tuh kalau aku tanduk Guru Besar. wahahahahaha! banyak lagi jasa Puan Samsiah. takyah cerita ar. aku nak cerita pasal teka teki tuh jek. heheh

p/s: ape jawapan teka teki tuh?

isu menara 100 tingkat

re-post comment aku dari blog AlexiaAqram [LensaRosak] article Isu Hari Ini 5: Bina Bangunan Tinggi 100 Tingkat. sile bace blog beliau dulu.

jadi PNB ade RM5 billion untuk bina menara 100 tingkat tuh? jadi kenape menara tu nak dinamekan Warisan Merdeka? bukan menara PNB? ini bukan projek UMNO? kenape UMNO luluskan? mane PNB nak cekau RM5Billion kalau bukan dari pertolongan kerajaan? macammane kerajaan nak tolong bayar separuh RM5billion tu? UMNO ade 3-4 billion dalam tabung? macammane pulak ngn projek lain? UMNO tak gune duit taxpayers untuk tolong kroni2 dalam projek2 UMNO yg lain?

itulah yg main dalam pale otak aku. and then. ade soalan lain. tak kisah la dia nak bina bangunan tuh. tapi DIMANA dia nak bina bangunan tu?
dalam KL? Putrjaya? kenape tak bina kat WP labuan? kenape tak bina kat kuantan? kenape tak bina kat perlis? KL ade byk ruang lagi? kalau tade ruang macammane nak besarkan jalan? jalan tak jem? projek besarkan jalan sape pulak yg nak tanggung? projek flyover tinggi besar? bawah tanah? setau aku bangunan MOF kat putrajaya tuh byk opis kosong. kenape PNB tak duk sane?

BINA bangunan tuh TIDAK dikira pembangunan wahai meleisian. pembangunan tuh dikira dari segi efficientnye proses seharian negara tertentu. pembangunan tuh dikira dari segi taraf hidup KESELURUHAN penduduk suatu negara. bukan dikira dari bangunan-bangunan tinggi. duit 5 billion tuh dia boleh buat macam2 daripada buat SATU SAHAJE bangunan tinggi. kalau duit tuh dia buat tolong buat universiti untuk org fail SPM ke. tolong subsidize hospitalization and clinical fees ke. buat better public transportation ke. turap jalan ke. sume tuh lagi bagus dari open opprtunity for better office environment. naikkan taraf pendidikan semua orang. ppl will get better. ini tidak. kecik2 dah ajar mende2 tipu. mende2 tak rasional. nak jadik nationalist cemane?

kalau rakyat negara ni kerajaan jage betul2. maka rakyat pun boleh jadi lebih produktif. tak payah carik company2 luar negara sewa opis. bukak opis kat meleisia pun. most profit dia pegi negara dia jugak. cume dia kene bayar tax je la.

so instead of gaining profit from taxes. ape kate gain profit by production. tapi kene la start bagi pendidikan kat SEMUA budak2 kat Meleisia nih. supaye tak jadi bahlol cam pemimpin sekarang ni.

so najib tak pernah tanye ke soalan2 nih sebelum dia luluskan projek nih? mesti la tertanye2. dan membentangkan plan nih bermakna dia amat konfiden dia akan terus menduduki kerusi PM dan kerajaan sampai 2015 atau 2020. well. kalau kerajaan bertukar tangan atau dia mati before 2015.. then semua responsibilities jatuh kat successor dia. ape dia kisah. kan?

yg si najib tuh luluskan projek nih sebab dia nampak. kalau ade bangunan tinggi. ramai lah investor2 luar negara tengok cam meleisia konon negara maju. dan ade tempat kosong dlm bangunan tuh leh dia sewa. boleh duk Malaysia nih. jadi penuh la meleisia nih ngn org2 Arab. orang US. org Franchis. cheap labor pun makin ramai la dtg dari laut naik tongkang haram, nak tolong bina bangunan 100 tingkat tu. pastuh dia bantai jadik permanent resident skali. kalau derang tak dapat keje. derang carik rumah2 yg senang pecah. org meleisia kaye dol. kalau rumah kene rompak. duit ASB ade byk lagi. so. ape nak kisah kan?

bina SATU bangunan tuh SERIBU lagi masalah datang. cube tekel satu persatu masalah kat malaysia nih dulu. KL ngn Selangor nih dah pack sangat dah. bawak2 la mulakan proses halau orang dari tarik orang lagi. serius bosan aku masuk KL asik jem je keje manjang. kate dulu nak pindahkan kerajaan ke Putrajaya. pelik aku Putrajaya tuh stil kosong. kat KL nih makin padat.

well untuk isu menara nih. PNB menolong la sangat. tolong org dapat duit byk je. org dapat duit byk. pastuh? lantak la korang nak buang anak ke. tanak blaja ke. PNB ape kisah? yg penting bangunan dia siap. yang penting orang meleisia boleh buat duit. dia pun leh buat duit. itu la kepentingan satu syarikat : PROFIT. bukan environment. environment tuh kerja kerajaan. kerajaan pulak dah dapat duit tax dari pembangunan menara tuh. derang gi melancong la. jage environment buat hape? melancong lagi best kot. beli kapal selam takleh selam lagi 2 bijik. hantar ‘Space Guest’ [oh.. takleh panggil ‘space guest’. kene panggil astronaut] lagi sorang. sorang je.

kenape pemimpin2 UMNO tak berfikir dari persepsi rakyat? sebab derang TAK PERNAH jadi rakyat.

projek-projek besar dalam malaysia nih mane yg tak berkaitan ngn UMNO?

ini semua mmg salah mak bapak. datuk nenek dulu2 tak belajar betul2. asik vote UMNO je keje. asik nak keje ngn UMNO. sebuk ngn ketuanan melayu. bodoh!!

aku jadi Otaku lagi bagus lah!

Going Back – Beautiful Guy

today. after i went off from my workplace. i decided to go to KL Sentral. for a brief dinner. or should i say pre-dinner. haha! and i went there because i have to take the KTM to go back home. and i dont have my car with me. the Proton sales person needed my Blue Demon [Satria aku] to search for a buyer since my dad gonna trade it for the new Saga he bought. nak buat duit muka. demn! if it wasnt because ayah was hasty to sell the Satria. maybe we could have booked the new Inspira. and i could just change the 16inch tyres to the 17 or 18inches later when i got the car. deng!

after a brief count of red papers in my wallet. i decided that a grand pre-dinner was off the decision poll. so i went for a simple small Mcvalue Meal at McDonald’s. boleh lah. i paid for the McValue Meal. sat at the table near the counter. so that i could observed beautiful chickas buying McD. so i sat there. alone. eating my fries slowly. cause it’s the small fries set. need to eat it slowly so that i can sit there longer to observe girls. heh! i always try hard to re-work my flirting skills in my mind whenever a beautiful girl passes by. i dont actually have any guts to go and flirt though. deng it!
i finished my Meal. took my time hearing songs from Ipod. ObSERVE! and ObSERVE!

after a few moments of girl observing bliss. a guy came set next to my table. and i was like haleh. kacau daun la wei. but when i turned to watch him sit. i tell you. and i gotta admit. that he was the most beautiful. most handsome guy i’ve ever seen. not that i’m turning gay. but seriously. bapak hensem ar mamat tuh. nabi Yusuf incarnate ke hape? the oh-not-so-interesting-girls yg duduk depan aku dah start bisik2, senyum2, gedik2 sambil jeling kat mamat tuh. dah la hensem. badan macho-desu. dia pakai jersey italy biru ketat tuh. god demn! six pack wei. dah la hensem. katang. tinggi. gile babeng la haku terpikir “Tuhan mesti saje takdirkan mamat nih duduk sebelah aku yg hudoh lagi gemuk ini supaye aku sedar yg aku kene kuruskan badan dan cepat ngorat awek”. one glance at him. dia pun tengok haku. sekilas aku tertengok tu. WTFUCK!! gile perfect la. rambut panjang alun. mate tajam. bibir merah [tande tak hisap rokok]. macam pakai mekap lah. siap sparkle-sparkle lagi. lagi sparkle dari Twilight dol. GOD! i was so jealous.. i wanna be him. tak penah2 aku jeles tengok laki. tetibe aku ade prangai cam pompuan lak bile tengok laki hensem nak mampus nih. bidadara nih. wahahahahaha! dia senyum! hui la. mesti tertib dia pun bagus jugak nih. aku angkat kening. senyum. then toleh kiri kanan. konon nak observe awek lawa. well. kalau ade awek lawa pun. mesti dia tak pandang haku. mesti la pandang mamat lawa sebelah aku nih. dalam entry nih aku panggil mamat yg duk sebelah aku tu Beautiful Guy [BG].

and then came another surprise. someone came to BG and asked him what he wanted to eat. so i glance away to the other person. that’s when i realized i knew the voice. it was my friend from high school.

so my friend was also surprised to see me. we shook hands. asking how are you? keje mane? duduk mane? and then i was introduced to mr.BG –nama beliau terpaksa dirahsiakan sebab nanti tak pasal facebook dia flood ngn msg tak diundang– BG was smiling along and i thought mr.BG was normal enough. i asked them where are they from? and where are they going?
they both are waiting for other friends. to go to Paramore concert tonight. someone drop em in KL Sentral and they’re going to take the Putra LRT to Masjid Jamek. then catch the Star LRT to go to Bukit Jalil.
aku bajet. mesti mamat BG nih mesti ade awek hot gile babeng nye ikut gi tengok Paramore. demn! my heart ached knowing all the hot sexy girls watching, jumping, bouncing all night long in front of the stage and i couldnt go. sebab aku tade duit nak beli tiket. huhuhuhu! simpan duit pegi Sipadan maaaa..

my friend said they’re stopping to eat some snack before heading to the concert. oklah. then i kinda heard my friend said “B, u nak makan ape?”. BG said “nugget sudah” and added “6 ketul cukup. tanak set”. and my friend went to the counter.

BG asked me if im not going to Paramore concert. i told him the truth nothing but the truth. bukan aku minat sgt pun. kalau L’Arc~en~Ciel datang Malaysia baru aku gi. and BG said he never heard of L’Arc~en~Ciel. “cih! loser! itu pun taktau. they’re the best Rock Band in Japan kot”. ok. not the exact words. but you get the idea. haha! then tanye2 pasal skolah aku dulu ngn kawan aku tuh. bagus BG nih. dah la hensem. friendly pulak lagi.

my friend came back with little-to-eat McD snacks. and they digged in. and bcoz my friend is sitting right beside me. i decided that observing time had been killed.

sebelum aku blah. I saw my friend starting to get a little gedik in front of BG. its just a glance. but i saw he tried to SUAP BG with a nugget. and BG was giggling. at which at that time i realized. they were actually a couple. so sweet eh?

to the one actually reading my blog carefully. four ‘noktah’ behind. i actually described my friend as a ‘HE’. yes. i went to an all boys school. and that’s when i remembered a couple of years back. this friend of mine, changed his relationship status in Facebook from “single” to being “in a relationship with (mr.BG’s Name)”. i remembered particularly mr.BG’s hair was the same as then. and i thought. this was that guy. and still is! SHIT! DAH kapel 2 Tahun wei! GILE AR! and i dare say. my friend was the ugliest bapuk now and then. how te heck that BG got hooked with my friend. i do not know. i seriously do not have any idea of how and why mr.BG boleh kapel ngn kawan aku nih.

so i picked up my bag. i said my goodbye to them. and off i go. hei. he’s still my friend weyh. dan aku friendly weh. tade la aku nak blah cenggitu jek. tapi aku blah cepat2 jugak la. hahahaha! mr.BG is a GB[GayBoy]! shit man! well BG’s lips may be red. but i know BG’s dick must be black. demn! kotoq wei!

aku carik lagu Cromok dalam iPod. max volume. head bang to the song while hoping to forget what i have just experienced. i touch-n-goed KTM ticket lane. and wait for 1 and a half hour for the Rawang train. dah laa penuh tren tuh. lembab pulak lagi. this is SHIT MAN! seb bek aku makan sikit jek. tekak aku sampai sekarang kembang.

18th the 10th

what i want to do.
what i want to feel.
has nothing to do with your dream.
may you dream what you remember.
may i breathe the dull air.
second may come third.
third may fly first.
and the last shall not know end.
but the first.
the first originated from the deep.

i was rescued.
but she was no healer.
i was listening.
but she sang no melody.
i was pretending.
but she was in her sacred role.
i was in love.
and so does she.
though not to me.

so i laud.
and i applaud.
using only my left hand.
and i applaud.
i clapped and clapped.
till my veins sore.
till my heart cried.
till tears ran down my spine.

i gave it up.
more that anyone could ever believe to imagine
i make myself a pity beyond musical
so f*ckin much!!





aku ade bad habit. aku suke gigit kuku. serta gigit kulit2 tepi kuku. tiap kali aku terase cam kuku aku rasa kasar sket. aku mesti akan gigit kuku itu sampai dia jadi rata. dan resultnye. kuku takkan jadi rate. dan aku akan terus gigit dan gigit sampai pendek dan nipis lah jadinye kuku-kuku aku. tah gile hape mane datang habit nih. dari skolah rendah kot rasenye lah.
so now, i have these set of crooked finger nails. serius buruk. takleh aku nak buat manicure sebab aku slalu gigit kuku. nak manicure pejadah? habis kene kikis kang pulak jari aku. WTF manicure?

aku akan terus gigit dan gigit kuku. sampai jari aku berdarah. baru aku stop. jari aku berdarah sebab bahagian kuku yg digigit itu sebenarnye bersambung ngn kulit jari aku. bile mase aku gigit dan cabut kuku tu. kulit itu tertanggal skali menyebabkan pendarahan. EEWWWW!! i know. pastuh aku hisap darah aku. dan aku bertukar jadi werehuman bile bulan mengambang dan bile bulan tak mengambang, bile bulan tade kat langit pun aku stil jadi werehuman. hahaha! aku lagi hebat dari werewolf. nyahahahaha! tapi bukan ke hisap darah synonym ngn vampire atau dracula. mungkin aku dah terlupe tadi. takpe lah. werewolf pun minum darah gak. hahaha! kire aku nih sebenarnye movie Twilight itu sendiri! nyahahahahaha! aku lah Twilight Saga sebenarnye. ape ke name heroin dia? tak kisah la. heroin nye adelah kuku aku. dan hero nye adelah gigi aku. sparkling gile gigi aku. sampai kuku asik mintak kene gigit. ok.. dah jauh sangat aku bercerita. mungkin aku kene pulang ke pangkal jalan.
so bile jari dah berdarah. aku akan hisap jari yg berdarah. supaye tade la darah tuh meleleh jatuh ke bumi. takde la kotor bumi nih. dan bile darah dah tade. akan tinggal luka yg nyilu2 rasenye bile di sentuh [atau digigit lagi]. dan disitu datangnye bad habit kedua aku. aku suke main2 ngn luka tuh. suke bukak luka tuh. well. rasa saket jugak. tapi rase best pun ade gak. serius! rase saket yg best. aku SUKE!!
kedua bad habit nih aku ade sampai sekarang. bad habit ini nasib baik tak di apply pade kuku jari kaki.

aku dah control sket. bad habit stil ade. cume. aku akan slalu biar kuku aku panjang. kalau aku biar panjang. maka akan ade satu period dalam 2 minggu aku tidak akan gigit kuku. [kire slow2 la brenti gigit kuku] dan aku beli ketip kuku banyak2. letak kat setiap ceruk tempat aku akan duduk atau tidur. tepi meja makan [kat umah] ade. kat ruang tamu ade. kat meja opis aku ade. kat sebelah katil aku ade. dalam kerete pun ade ketip kuku. aku tak nak buat key-chain dan bawa ia pergi ke mana saja sebab rase yang amat tidak selesa letak ketip kuku dalam poket. rase pelik. so aku tak penah bawak ketip kuku kat dalam poket. so bile aku ade rase tak selesa sket kat kuku2 aku. aku akan cepat2 ketip kuku aku. atau kulit2 keras. dengan itu bad habit aku dapat dikurangkan.

tapi kalau dah name habit. mmg takleh brenti la.. mesti la ade tempat2 yg aku tak leh nak ketip kuku. atau bile pegi lunch ke. tengah dengar khutbah Jumaat ke. time tuh time yg paling best untuk gigit kuku. dalam kretapi. SHIT!! mase mandi semingpool ke. mandi laut ke. mandi sungai ke. time tuh la bad habit aku bergembira.

HABIH RABAK KUKU JARI JARI AKU!!! demmit!!! mane datang habit nih? pelik aku!! HISH!

dan ye.. aku pernah gigit kuku kaki mase kecik2 dulu kalau tak jumpe ketip kuku. sebab tu aku beli ketip kuku banyak2. tanak dah gigit kuku kaki. lol! kalau tak jumpe ketip kuku. aku try korek kuku kaki yg berlebihan ngn jari aku. kuat dol jari aku. haha! lepas aku korek kuku kaki tuh. sah2 kuku jari aku akan robek. dan aku akan gigit kuku jari. yeah!!!

and it goes round and round!!

Pokok Buluh di Sungai Buloh

oh! pokok buluh on our garden cam dah mati. lame sangat tak siram. i dont have pictures. nyahahahahahaha!

ps: pendek tak?

Web Log

ni la masalahnye kalau duk sorang sorang. if i were to live with someone.. anyone: parents ke, adik bradik ke, even friends. i may even have a simple idea to write something here in my blog. serius beb. blogwalking and runnin aint helping at all. i need my own experience to write my own blog. but i guess i’m runnin out of ideas. so… lets just indulge in what ever im thinking right now.
i’ve been avoiding this one method for harvesting readers. it is called trolling. or “asking open-ended questions”. if you read all famous and popular blogs. the celebrity-blog-authors already knew they have readers. so they’ll ask these open-ended questions so that readers will reply them a comment or two. or in case of really famous argumentative open-ended questions, readers, bloggers fell in a heated debate in the comment columns. makin ramai pembace. mungkin ramai nak mintak share. ramai nak link back lah. hape sume. TROLLING sume tuh.
then celebrity-blogs always come with informative articles. believe me. you start being popular when you write informative articles. and other things lah. malas pulak aku nak tulis panjang panjang.
banyak lagi sebab nak jadi femes blogger nih. tapi aku cam dah makin malas menulis sebab lunch break telah tibe.. nanti lepas break aku sambung..

–===lunch break===–

so the point is. i’ve been trying to avoid being that kinda blogger. well. not that i could be anyway. mostly because i’d like to remain being secretive or mysterious. lol. mysterious la sangat.
i had this stupid notion back from my childhood. that i am going to be someone mysterious. someone no one knows. maybe with some superpower [hey. dont tell me u never imagined or wished u had some kind of a super power when u were a child]. lol. cam superman lah. two different identities. but Superman works for the better placement of human kind. yeah. and i just wanted to remain neutral. normal. just with two identities. one known to others. and another known to myself. only.
lets just say. i’ve achieved such beginning. heheh.

okay.. cerita di atas adelah tipu semata2. aku cam tulis je ape terlintas kat dalam kepale aku sekarang. back to the blogging method.

did u know. BLOG came from the word ‘Web Log’? try saying “Web Log” 10 times in one breathe. instead of “Web Log”.. it turned out to be “Weh-Blog”.. last2 sume malas nak sebut “Weh”. hence where the word Blog came from. pelik ngape tak jadi “we blog”.

jap jap! ape aku merepek nih? bukan ke aku nak tulis blog sebab nak berlatih english aku je ke? and. kenape aku tulis dalam Bahasa Tanah Melayu nih? well. it’s not like i cant change it. wait. what’s this?

ok ok. bos dah panggil.. deng! haha! not my fault u read thru. hahahaha!