futsal was cancelled. man. i hate it when this happens. i wanna kick a freakin’ football. that’s the only physical joy i know that ever pleased me to death. yep. i died before. lol. and yes. i dont have a girlfriend to ever give me a physical joy. lol.
but then Ajaq called me. he wanted to hang out tonight since he wont be able to attend Kachak’s Open House tomorrow. yeah. i think tomorrow would be some #f3vsf2 reunion. or #megalomaniac reunion. whats that? ahaaa. thats the codes only circulated to us UTP friends. outsiders will never know. well. unless u’re a great hacker who knows his/her way among the high level UTP security coded facilities. yeah! i know. bullshit gile. but hey. sucks to not have our own codes. so heniwei. Ajaq called me and being a lazy ass himself. he tried to hypnotized me into inviting other friends while he sat drinking his sirap bandung back home. inviting me only. fuck no. i wont fall for that. mission failed no.1.. so he changes his strategy. Ajaq called Elfi. whom also feeling a bit down because of Futsal cancellation tonight. but Elfi fell into Ajaq’s trap. while Ajaq is sitting leisurely on his family’s sofa, crossing his legs upon what seems to be a bag of feathers. he got Elfi to do his dirty job of inviting other people to the gathering. lol. poor Elfi have to decide where and when should we meet. but here’s where Ajaq’s plan would know utter failure. problem to Ajaq: Elfi called ME first. and i told Elfi all about Ajaq’s plans. herherher! so Elfi’s going to tell Ajaq to do his own dirty job by himself. wahahahaha! yeah! some friends we are.
ye lah. ekau yg ajak. ekau yg malas plan. WThell?

ah biarkan je. itu 30 minit lepas. it has already been decided.. we’re gonna hang somebody.. eh.. hang out at the majestic One Utama. yes. hail to One Utama for harvesting beautiful chicks and hot mamas. around 9 pm tonight.

yes! pretty ladies. please come bundling your beautiful curves and light our night with your white skins in OU tonight. please please. we might ask you to hang out with us.


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. arghh…kulit aku itam dan aku sudah tidak menetap di sana T_T

  2. Lah kau student UTP ke? Aku student UiTM Seri Iskandar je.. Slalu datang UTP pulak tu.

  3. Lol, datang nak makan sebab kat UTP choice makanan lagi banyak & murah, takpun layan blues kat tasik UTP.. Btw yep, batch baru2 banyak comel baka baik lol..

  4. Elfi mane nie?? Elfi Panjang ke?? dem… its a small world.

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