The Evening – Usual

what’s the point? just sitting there making faces. just when the eye lids failed to strenghten what left of its composure. he decided to walk a path brighten by the warmth of the day. yes. it may brighten what anatomy of energy that filled his soul. but it did no cause for the day he told himself to endure. no. none of it were to be true if it came off a dream. but it was not meant to be a dream. not even for the stock of a single grain. shish! how he long for a deep rest. rocked by the swing of imagination. dug silently by a hot massage on his back. man. he dreamt of what difficulty he might furnished his mind with. so the clock goes ‘tick‘. and every time he glanced away, the clock stop its ‘tocks’. and time seem to just grow slowly. as if it might get old enough and die before it reaches the designated number. he frowned. clicking and punching what buttons may heed the need to show current level of the day. huh! the longing grew longer. the soul kept whining and whining in his head much to his dismay. but damn, the hour kept it slow paces. unrelenting towards the need of his body. when? how he felt his tongue shivered between his gritting teeth. a pang of cool water may keep the endurance to some higher limits. but how can it be done? it cannot be done. insane? for the revealing of much truth. so what is the point? sitting in his red chair joining fingers and plastic buttons. blazing what his mind wants him to do. arguing the logic of the whining soul. misrable!

and then she came. “Hi!”, how he longed to preach that into her ears. meeting her pretty sharp eyes. her slender figures draped away in a fashion of how some might include in its most beautiful form. but she stop her steps just wide away from him. just enough for him to lust over her utter figure. but far enough to not be noticed by him. he knew the view she presented was never meant to be for him. her stance show how shyness overwhelmed her dignity. and she was talking to somebody else. not his department. he lust to be in that department. he would give his olden time a boost of super energy. just to feel the gaze from her. even it wasn’t meant for a lovely relationship he dreamt the night before. even without lust. shesh! just another imagination. she glanced up just when he was looking. shit! kantoi. flicks of eyebrows stationed. filling the space between the gap. and it ended! she turned her head towards the black gate that separated the surge of power for him. again. she mesmerized him by way more than he could ever presume to imagine. and the gate beep the ending of her sight. haaaaaaaa! he sighed. what dream he must overcome.

he glanced back to the clock. and the clock says ‘tock‘.


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

Posted on 4th October, 2010, in blog, boring, my life, people. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. omg! adakah itu anda di dlm cerita ini? bertuahnya bdn!

  2. err.. aku rase cam x bertuah je

  3. bertuah lah sbb anda di dalam perasaan itu.. aku dah lama xadmire sape2 ni.. dulik la kena reject ke x…wkwkwk

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