another day

baru lunch tadi ade idea nak blog. bile aku ade mase nak blog nih. ilang pulak idea. hish! i’ll just write wutever i have in mind je lah.

okay. starting with saturday [09/10/10],
-planned to hike Broga. Failed! slept all morning. got up at 1pm. dressed up to go to Yani’s Wedding’s Planning Convention. iye. sume sedare mare perlu menghadirkan diri untuk merencanakan pendapat masing2 tentang ape yg perlu dibuat untuk pre- and post-wedding.. visited Elfi untuk try lens canon lame bapak aku. lepak umah dia then went to mamak nearby for late supper.

sunday [10/10/10]
0000 a.m – arrived at Blitzone Damansara Jaya nearby KDU. start DotA-ing. finished DotA at 0500 a.m.
then planned to skip sleeping. and went for the 10!10!10! Hooha Asia marathon run around Bukit Bintang. FAILED. slept after arrival at home. wahahahaha! slept the entire day. woke up at approximately 1900 p.m. downloaded Chuck season 2. went to the laundry shop to pick up Ironed shirts. but upon arrival. the shopkeeper said the apparels i owned never even placed among the irons. wthell. esok keje kot. aku nak pakai ape?
went to nearby ESSO station to fill up full tank of RON95. tho i prefer RON97 for my Blue Demon. but they only have RON95 at tank 5 where i parked my car. bought some groceries. got back home. took my shower of the day. dressed up. search what’s on the midnight movie at Cathay E@Curve.
went to E@Curve. arrived around 2130p.m. bought a ticket for the 2215pm movie titled “Dinner for Schmucks”. movie ended at exactly 0015am the next day.

Monday [today aka 11/10/10]- reminded by luf-kin that today is still binary day. work work work. tweet some more. special secret fb connection for 5 minutes. work work work.


i just wanna go home. damn! i still cant remember what i wanted to blog.


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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