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ni la masalahnye kalau duk sorang sorang. if i were to live with someone.. anyone: parents ke, adik bradik ke, even friends. i may even have a simple idea to write something here in my blog. serius beb. blogwalking and runnin aint helping at all. i need my own experience to write my own blog. but i guess i’m runnin out of ideas. so… lets just indulge in what ever im thinking right now.
i’ve been avoiding this one method for harvesting readers. it is called trolling. or “asking open-ended questions”. if you read all famous and popular blogs. the celebrity-blog-authors already knew they have readers. so they’ll ask these open-ended questions so that readers will reply them a comment or two. or in case of really famous argumentative open-ended questions, readers, bloggers fell in a heated debate in the comment columns. makin ramai pembace. mungkin ramai nak mintak share. ramai nak link back lah. hape sume. TROLLING sume tuh.
then celebrity-blogs always come with informative articles. believe me. you start being popular when you write informative articles. and other things lah. malas pulak aku nak tulis panjang panjang.
banyak lagi sebab nak jadi femes blogger nih. tapi aku cam dah makin malas menulis sebab lunch break telah tibe.. nanti lepas break aku sambung..

–===lunch break===–

so the point is. i’ve been trying to avoid being that kinda blogger. well. not that i could be anyway. mostly because i’d like to remain being secretive or mysterious. lol. mysterious la sangat.
i had this stupid notion back from my childhood. that i am going to be someone mysterious. someone no one knows. maybe with some superpower [hey. dont tell me u never imagined or wished u had some kind of a super power when u were a child]. lol. cam superman lah. two different identities. but Superman works for the better placement of human kind. yeah. and i just wanted to remain neutral. normal. just with two identities. one known to others. and another known to myself. only.
lets just say. i’ve achieved such beginning. heheh.

okay.. cerita di atas adelah tipu semata2. aku cam tulis je ape terlintas kat dalam kepale aku sekarang. back to the blogging method.

did u know. BLOG came from the word ‘Web Log’? try saying “Web Log” 10 times in one breathe. instead of “Web Log”.. it turned out to be “Weh-Blog”.. last2 sume malas nak sebut “Weh”. hence where the word Blog came from. pelik ngape tak jadi “we blog”.

jap jap! ape aku merepek nih? bukan ke aku nak tulis blog sebab nak berlatih english aku je ke? and. kenape aku tulis dalam Bahasa Tanah Melayu nih? well. it’s not like i cant change it. wait. what’s this?

ok ok. bos dah panggil.. deng! haha! not my fault u read thru. hahahaha!


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. blogging sekarang tak sama macam dulu. dulu, it’s an online journal. sekarang, yang so-called professional bloggers tu, mostly cerita macam mana nak traffic tinggi.

    5 years ago, most people blog whatever the hell they want. tak fikir pun pasal traffic jadah ni semua. kalau dah blogging long enough, you don’t give a fuck pun pasal traffic ni.

    i miss the good old days.

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