Going Back – Beautiful Guy

today. after i went off from my workplace. i decided to go to KL Sentral. for a brief dinner. or should i say pre-dinner. haha! and i went there because i have to take the KTM to go back home. and i dont have my car with me. the Proton sales person needed my Blue Demon [Satria aku] to search for a buyer since my dad gonna trade it for the new Saga he bought. nak buat duit muka. demn! if it wasnt because ayah was hasty to sell the Satria. maybe we could have booked the new Inspira. and i could just change the 16inch tyres to the 17 or 18inches later when i got the car. deng!

after a brief count of red papers in my wallet. i decided that a grand pre-dinner was off the decision poll. so i went for a simple small Mcvalue Meal at McDonald’s. boleh lah. i paid for the McValue Meal. sat at the table near the counter. so that i could observed beautiful chickas buying McD. so i sat there. alone. eating my fries slowly. cause it’s the small fries set. need to eat it slowly so that i can sit there longer to observe girls. heh! i always try hard to re-work my flirting skills in my mind whenever a beautiful girl passes by. i dont actually have any guts to go and flirt though. deng it!
i finished my Meal. took my time hearing songs from Ipod. ObSERVE! and ObSERVE!

after a few moments of girl observing bliss. a guy came set next to my table. and i was like haleh. kacau daun la wei. but when i turned to watch him sit. i tell you. and i gotta admit. that he was the most beautiful. most handsome guy i’ve ever seen. not that i’m turning gay. but seriously. bapak hensem ar mamat tuh. nabi Yusuf incarnate ke hape? the oh-not-so-interesting-girls yg duduk depan aku dah start bisik2, senyum2, gedik2 sambil jeling kat mamat tuh. dah la hensem. badan macho-desu. dia pakai jersey italy biru ketat tuh. god demn! six pack wei. dah la hensem. katang. tinggi. gile babeng la haku terpikir “Tuhan mesti saje takdirkan mamat nih duduk sebelah aku yg hudoh lagi gemuk ini supaye aku sedar yg aku kene kuruskan badan dan cepat ngorat awek”. one glance at him. dia pun tengok haku. sekilas aku tertengok tu. WTFUCK!! gile perfect la. rambut panjang alun. mate tajam. bibir merah [tande tak hisap rokok]. macam pakai mekap lah. siap sparkle-sparkle lagi. lagi sparkle dari Twilight dol. GOD! i was so jealous.. i wanna be him. tak penah2 aku jeles tengok laki. tetibe aku ade prangai cam pompuan lak bile tengok laki hensem nak mampus nih. bidadara nih. wahahahahaha! dia senyum! hui la. mesti tertib dia pun bagus jugak nih. aku angkat kening. senyum. then toleh kiri kanan. konon nak observe awek lawa. well. kalau ade awek lawa pun. mesti dia tak pandang haku. mesti la pandang mamat lawa sebelah aku nih. dalam entry nih aku panggil mamat yg duk sebelah aku tu Beautiful Guy [BG].

and then came another surprise. someone came to BG and asked him what he wanted to eat. so i glance away to the other person. that’s when i realized i knew the voice. it was my friend from high school.

so my friend was also surprised to see me. we shook hands. asking how are you? keje mane? duduk mane? and then i was introduced to mr.BG –nama beliau terpaksa dirahsiakan sebab nanti tak pasal facebook dia flood ngn msg tak diundang– BG was smiling along and i thought mr.BG was normal enough. i asked them where are they from? and where are they going?
they both are waiting for other friends. to go to Paramore concert tonight. someone drop em in KL Sentral and they’re going to take the Putra LRT to Masjid Jamek. then catch the Star LRT to go to Bukit Jalil.
aku bajet. mesti mamat BG nih mesti ade awek hot gile babeng nye ikut gi tengok Paramore. demn! my heart ached knowing all the hot sexy girls watching, jumping, bouncing all night long in front of the stage and i couldnt go. sebab aku tade duit nak beli tiket. huhuhuhu! simpan duit pegi Sipadan maaaa..

my friend said they’re stopping to eat some snack before heading to the concert. oklah. then i kinda heard my friend said “B, u nak makan ape?”. BG said “nugget sudah” and added “6 ketul cukup. tanak set”. and my friend went to the counter.

BG asked me if im not going to Paramore concert. i told him the truth nothing but the truth. bukan aku minat sgt pun. kalau L’Arc~en~Ciel datang Malaysia baru aku gi. and BG said he never heard of L’Arc~en~Ciel. “cih! loser! itu pun taktau. they’re the best Rock Band in Japan kot”. ok. not the exact words. but you get the idea. haha! then tanye2 pasal skolah aku dulu ngn kawan aku tuh. bagus BG nih. dah la hensem. friendly pulak lagi.

my friend came back with little-to-eat McD snacks. and they digged in. and bcoz my friend is sitting right beside me. i decided that observing time had been killed.

sebelum aku blah. I saw my friend starting to get a little gedik in front of BG. its just a glance. but i saw he tried to SUAP BG with a nugget. and BG was giggling. at which at that time i realized. they were actually a couple. so sweet eh?

to the one actually reading my blog carefully. four ‘noktah’ behind. i actually described my friend as a ‘HE’. yes. i went to an all boys school. and that’s when i remembered a couple of years back. this friend of mine, changed his relationship status in Facebook from “single” to being “in a relationship with (mr.BG’s Name)”. i remembered particularly mr.BG’s hair was the same as then. and i thought. this was that guy. and still is! SHIT! DAH kapel 2 Tahun wei! GILE AR! and i dare say. my friend was the ugliest bapuk now and then. how te heck that BG got hooked with my friend. i do not know. i seriously do not have any idea of how and why mr.BG boleh kapel ngn kawan aku nih.

so i picked up my bag. i said my goodbye to them. and off i go. hei. he’s still my friend weyh. dan aku friendly weh. tade la aku nak blah cenggitu jek. tapi aku blah cepat2 jugak la. hahahaha! mr.BG is a GB[GayBoy]! shit man! well BG’s lips may be red. but i know BG’s dick must be black. demn! kotoq wei!

aku carik lagu Cromok dalam iPod. max volume. head bang to the song while hoping to forget what i have just experienced. i touch-n-goed KTM ticket lane. and wait for 1 and a half hour for the Rawang train. dah laa penuh tren tuh. lembab pulak lagi. this is SHIT MAN! seb bek aku makan sikit jek. tekak aku sampai sekarang kembang.

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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. hahaha! bro, this entry really made me stress-relieved. lega dapat gelak2 sket while mata ni dah letih mengadap lappy duk buat assignment. 🙂

    the way u described him was making me wonder “mamat ni sure ensem gila babeng sbb bro ni describe dia abes “cantik” ah”. unfortunately he’s a GB. kesian perempuan2 kat luar sana.

  2. oh demn hensem sial tapi gay.


  3. haku pun pelik. dah cukup sempurna dah rupe. tapi suke konek. wut te hell? rosak gile hati ngn otak. yg kawan aku tu aku paham la jugak. dari dulu dia mmg lembut. kalau dia bertukar jadi bapuk mmg aku tak heran de.

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