i’ve been meaning to post this. 2 minggu lepas. aku gi lepak ngn Faiz. dia baru balik keje. dia keje weekend. and i was just wrapping up my DotA hours. so we went for dinner at The Curve. Faiz belanja. so after dinner. mase lepak2 tengok awek tuh la. kitorang start bukak cerita pasal sejarah manusia, theories, malaikat, energies, syaitan.. and in the end. topik2 macam nih mesti akan masuk bab agama.
so Faiz told me, he’s been going to this class. kelas agama. where the ustaz would teach how to ‘Read’ the Qur’an. if you know what i mean. it’s not reading the Qur’an but.. reading the purpose of the creation of Qur’an. so Faiz told me the first lesson that actually opened his eyes. truly. it opened my eyes too.

note that every book in this world have its own authors. if u buy novels, textbooks, bibles and so on so forth. you’ll notice that they will imprint the name of the author on the cover. or if not on the cover. it will be in the introduction page. and with the introduction, came some words from the author him/herself. telling them who they are. to whom the book are written for. so we began our curiosity by the author’s name. and the content would tell us of how good the author is.
here’s some point Faiz pointed out to me. do the al-Qur’an have any authors name imprinted on the covers? or inside? NO? go find you Qur’an….

if you ‘read’ the al-kitab carefully. the first line in every Qur’an would be read “Bismillah”. it is translated “In the name of Allah”. Dengan nama ALLAH.. aint that a surprise. think deeply. would you be curious if among the first words you read in a book. tells you. “In the name of Allah”.. wouldnt you agree that someone who read it would want to know who is Allah? who is this? is He the Author? is God the Author of this book we read? wow! God is the author? we wouldn’t be surprise if a mere human wrote a book, would we? but the first name we read in a Qur’an is Allah. our God! gile kau. Tuhan punye ayat dol dalam Al-Qur’an tuh. ko tak rase cam nak tau lagi ke?
but then the sentence didnt even ended there. it is read “Bismillah hirrahman nirrahim” : “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”. now tell me you’re not curious. who is this Allah? not only He is the MOST Gracious.. He is the MOST Merciful too.. aint that a Wow!?
and He sent the Qur’an as a guide for humankind, not Muslims.. but Human-Kind. it is the ultimate guide to live on this world. on earth. and He said human-kind will not falter, will not be lost if they read and follow al-Qur’an and Sunnah. if you have doubt that this book will mislead you. Allah gave His assurance. You, 100%, will not be lost if you follow the guide He set in the book. HIS assurance wei. haduuii!

is it our mission to understand. not just read. to understand this guide sent to us human-kind. it doesnt matter if you read it wrong so long you understood the meaning of the words. and if we we given to doubt. read and understand the al-kitab. for Allah had gave us His assurance that we will not be lost. so long we ‘Read’ the guide. gile ar Author nih. setiap ayat dalam kitab tuh. ayat Tuhan dol. power tak power al-Qur’an nih.

setiap kitab atau wahyu yang diturunkan kepada Nabi2 sebelum Muhammad SAW adalah wahyu2 atau kitab2 yg diturunkan khas untuk kaum2 yg diperturunkan. manakala al-Qur’an inilah pelengkap kitab2 tersebut. sebab al-Qur’an diturunkan untuk umat manusia. bukan umat Islam sahaja.
hahaha! magical al-Qur’an nih. ingat dol. signature Tuhan. “dengan nama Allah”. ini baru kelas pertama Faiz pegi. ade banyak lagi session. aku ingat aku nak enroll gak la. cam best gile dengar. kelas tu bukan ajar mengaji. kelas tu ajar ‘membaca’ al-Qur’an.

Iqra’. “Bacalah”. sebab tu la Jibrail repeat Iqra’ 3 kali kat Muhammad mase baginda ditabalkan menjadi Rasul. walaupun dia tau Muhammad itu buta huruf. Jibrail bukan datang ngn kertas pastuh suruh Nabi baca ape ade dalam kertas tu. hahaha! mane de cerita cenggitu. tapi Jibrail kata “bacalah” pastuh dia peluk Nabi kuat2 bila Nabi pelik nak bace hape? dah la buta hurup. suruh bace pulak. hahaha! Bace ape??!!!


p/s: oh! aku try buat artikel membina. haha! walaupun aku tak cukup ilmu nak buat entry bagus ber’references’. tapi aku try je la. heheh!

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