weird dream


i just had the weirdest dream ever.

i dont really have any idea when it started. but i think i remembered shutting down my alarm clock at 6.30am.. being a good malay that i am. i continued my sleep. haha! shit. terlepas subuh. it’s now 7.30am and i kinda feel like i want to remember what i dreamt just now. so here i am trying to write something. i think i was in the REM mode when this dream happens, that’s why i could remember clearly. what? what is REM? it’s called the Rapid Eye Movement. it is when you’re in a sub-concious mode. your mind’s are actually awake. but you are still sleeping. something like that. i think. google it.

so first came the part which i clearly remembers. the part which i didnt have control over my dream.
i was alone. in my car. driving. somewhere. but i end up in Putrajaya. somehow. located at Solaris, Hartamas. i parked my car just beside the building i went to. and bcoz there were some illegal parkers around. i decided to park my car just beside the building. not in the basement or the car park. i saw car park signs. but somehow i just parked there on the yellow line. i entered the building. it was somekind of a shopping mall. not Alamanda though. and suddenly i arrived at an interesting interview session. it’s kinda like a rock band interview or something [i dont really give a damn about it anyway in this dream]. my mind was somewhere else when i had the interview. i got up. went for my car. and search for a parking in the parking bay. then go back up for the interview. and they said that i failed [lol.thats what u get when you decided to park your car during an interview]. they asked me to wait outside. when i came out. one of the staff there was showing something cool to a boy. and i felt jealousy swelling up and tried following them. only to find myself more jealous since the boy was brought to the secret section. and i dont have clearance to enter that section.

anyway. here comes the weird part. in this part. i totally took control of myself in this dream.

i called a friend to meet up. but somehow i was running down the mall. and i found my mom. she gave me something.

i think this is where mom comes into my room and tell me to do my Subuh.

but i ignored it. then my friend arrived. and mom was gone. i followed my friend to second floor. i asked him if he brought his camera along. and he showed it to me. when we’re on the roof on the second floor. my friend shushed me. and tell me to try and crept away from the security guard. so we did. we crept from second floor onto the first floor. we were trying to fled the mall when suddenly it started to rain. and we were on this thin pipe. i think it was a waterpipe. but somehow large enough to accomodate me and my friend’s body weight. i told my friend it was slippery. i was going to fall. but my friend kept saying that i must try my best to cross the pipe. actually, i could just jump down the pipe and run since the pipe was 2 feet on the ground.

but somehow i knew i was dreaming and it wouldnt kill me to try it in my dreams.

so i keep on trying to balance my body on that slippery pipe during a rain. i managed to put my foots on the pipe. my legs starts to wobble and suddenly someone shouted. “there’s a flood coming”. i was like “holy shit. my car is just beside this building. habis la krete aku.” and we scampered to our find our car. i totally forgot about my friend. and when i arrived at the side of the building. my car was gone. shit. stollen? i walked further ahead and saw a blue car still burning. i got closer and saw the car was torn up. and some of the penyangak were still in the middle of cutting some metal from the car. barang2 dalam krete pun hilang. habis la. all my bank accounts in my bag. all were stolen. i’m thinking that i must make a police report fast. i really thought my car had been banged to crisp. when i suddenly realized. i had parked my car inside the building. in the car park. whew!!

dalam mimpi pun leh lupa dol.. lol.. tak pelik ke?

then my phone rang. someone called. I went to hhis apartment just in front of me. met with the person who called me. we talked and then my roommate in UTP came by. by the time he sat beside me. my toe was bleeding furiously. ??

i was just gonna go and wash my bloody toe in the bathroom when i totally woke up from my dream. dah 7.30 pagi. i logon into [pc on dari malam semalam sebab tengah donlod Chuck season 2]. wrote down the 1st half of this entry and saved it as a draft. continued writing about it in my office.

ade makne ke mimpi nih? hahaha! well. it may have some meaning to it. but from what i wrote i finally understood that all my friends in that dream was the same thing that kept me dreaming. i believe it was the syaitan whispering.. shit man. and i obliged to its will.


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  1. kah2…

    moralnye len kali bangun terus subuh beb…

    aku pun selalu mimpi pelik2 camtu kalo sesaje je sambung tido lepas tutup alarm bunyik untuk bangun subuh… demm… eventho tengah “bercuti”…

  2. hahaha…tekun nye lah aku baca entry ni…xde satu ayat pun tertinggal…pe moralnye pun aku xtau tp mmg aku pun selalu gak kawal diri sdiri dlm mimpi..

    contoh mcm aku mimpi hantu.. dia gigit leher aku, aku tumbuk kepala dia. pastu aku terjaga, sambil aku ckp “tau takut”…pastu aku sambung tido balik. LOL

  3. hahaha… it’s because you are weird as well… No offense…Just kidding..


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