Scuba Junkie – Mabul

as usual. Friday is the best day to start a new lousy entry. i cant call my writings as articles anymore cause there are no art in it.

its been what? 4 days since Mabul? today im gonna miss futsal again. yeah. family comes first. sending my parents to KLIA tonight. derang nak balik Saudi. ceh! it sounded as if we’re actually living in Saudi. ah! nevermind that. Mabul was goddamn Awesome! if Mabul was awesome.. i cant begin to imagine how Sipadan would be like. People who visited Sipadan said Sipadan is 1000x more beautiful than Mabul. and to me Mabul and Kapalai was extremely beautiful. easily spotted 5-6 turtles at any snorkeling point around Mabul and Kapalai. I had the experience to watch a turtle just centimeters away from me. as it ascend to the surface of the ocean to take some breather. very cute. damn awesome. and saw a turtle resting place. great thing was, i snorkeled without a life jacket and every snorkeling point was at least 20 meters deep. gile ar. kalau kat Pulau Perhentian ke, Redang ke, Tioman ke. mesti guide paksa pakai life jacket. padehal dalam laut tak sampai 5 meter pun. ceh!.

at night, they put a spot light at the jetty. and u can see all kinds of life in the ocean surrounding the jetty. lion fishes, barracudas, illuminating crabs [yes.. crabs raised by the Illuminati..] .. etc etc.. and in the morning, there was literally hundreds or maybe thousands of starfishes around the shallow water. gile ar!! definitely gonna go again. terpakse ar aku amik lesen Scuba Diving nih. hmmm.. tapi lepas amik lesen Sky Diving dulu.. hehe!

bile aku dah umo 40 tahun nanti kot baru dapat sume nih. demmit! I WANT BONUSSES!!! nak duit lebih wei! demmit employer!!

anyone wants to experience good guides untuk pegi Mabul. nah.. masuk sini:
orang putih je yg datang tempat nih. selambe grup aku je melayu kat hotel derang nih. haha! yg len sume foreigner. Mabul dont have Ikan Bakar or Sotong Bakar or Kerang Bakar or wutever seafood bakar. they have strict protocols concerning seafoods:

We Dont Eat Fish. Fish are Friends!

okay. skang kene pi semayang Jumaat. kalau ade pape aku nak cerita nanti.. aku update lepas semayang Jumaat. heh!

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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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