The Friday – usual with straightened objectives.

dah lari dari objektif.
writing and knowing the fact that there are people reading this blog made me conceited. yes. conceited towards my objective of writing a journal. the creation of blog was meant for myself and myself alone. the real objective was supposed to be between me and and this electronic diary. not for the readers. but then again. if i wanted that to be true. then i cant call this ‘my blog’. or ‘a blog’. because a blog is a web log. something you log about every day in the world wide web. a diary is where i would log what i have done so far between my last log and now.

here goes.

finished downloading Mabul pictures in my pc. downloaded glee songs. ate 2 burger ayam ramly and a slice of chocolate indulgence cake. had my medication. the doctor instructed that i gulp down 1 pill per night for my flu. but because the pills are small and tiny. and i thought of fast recovery. i decided to gulp down 2 pills instead. which was stupid of me. there’s a reason why the doctor instructed me to swallow just one. and today im paying the prices. byk gile kahak wei. kering pulak tuh. penat tul batuk nak keluarkan kahak. shish! how stupid can i be?
i fell asleep just now just before lunch break. and even tho my mouth was closed. my jaw wasnt. and i woke up feeling like a dynamite just blown off my jaw. shit man.

its 12.56pm on the clock. and i have to make my way to Masjid Jamek in 4 minutes. i need to remind myself to buy a new pair of slippers or sandals.

not many of my friends replied for futsal today. as usual. seriously la derang nih. habis duit aku nak sms byk kali. dah la sms kat 20 org. kalau 2 kali.. macam sms 40 orang. WTH lah!

okay. its 12.59.. i know.. between typing and thinking it can be a long moment.



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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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