Daily Archives: 20th December, 2010

kinda like an eve.. but not yet

hai! aku kate dah.. mmg makhluk2 melayu mmg tak paham ape aku cube nak katekan. yg tade point di buat point. hadoi…

takpelah. baik aku brenti sblom derang nih betul2 sesat. it’s a freakin simple message. and they want to toss it all around to make it interesting for themselves. it’s like what my brother used to say.. “What are you talking roundabout?” meaning.. “ape ko putar belit nih?”.. the idea came not for them. the idea came for myself. and for others to judge for themselves. it doesnt matter where you get your ideas. it is still a matter of perspectives. and perspectives do come from logic. ah! biarlah. pandai2 la korang pikir.

on the other note,
i went to watch TRON legacy yesterday.. and it was superb. the problem was i watched the 3D version which i think what really matters the most. not much of a 3D in it. better watch it in 2D because the 6 or 8 ringgit you pay for the 3D spec wont really help you enjoy the movie. the movie background were mostly in the dark night. and wearing the 3D specs blackens the background even more. and the game scenes pun tak banyak. kalau banyak mesti lagi best.

esok! hmm.. esok’s gonna be my last day in office this year. im going to Dubai on Tuesday with my brother.. then off to either Dammam or Umrah on the Friday with my mom and dad. which ever my dad decided. i wonder if there will be a lot of people doing Umrah on christmas holiday. and i was told. Makkah is getting colder and colder.. huhuhu! kene pakai tebal.

which reminds me.. i need to go and visit Nenek today after work. dah sebulan tak jumpe nenek wei. hish! cucu derhaka! ok! telefon nenek awal pagi.. insyaAllah dapat makan begedel nenek. hehehehehehehe! and then “karipap paling sedap dalam dunia”.. wow wow! cant wait.. nenek! rindunye nak makan masakan nenek!!! hahahahahahaha!

yes yes! rindu nenek skali la.

urgh! dah 3 pagi.. ok.. nak tido.. kejap lagi nak gi keje kot.. demn! oh! and today is the day my office’s having the monthly birthday celebration.. and i am one of the celebrated employees.. well.. the office surely are improvising on employee’s interactions among each others… a year ago, the office was really dull.. and i hardly knew anyone who sat 3 or 4 tables away from me.. huhu! and at least skang dah kenal separuh opis.. hehe! ok la tuh..