Daily Archives: 31st December, 2010


owh! tetibe leh bukak lak wordpress nih..

have u ever heard. “be what u wanna be?” well. thats bullshit altogether. in malaysia at least. here. u be what u were told to be. u wanna be an engineer. but the sum of your SPM grades were on top of the list when you turn the list sheet upside down. so they offer you a course u dont wanna do? heck! u accepted because u might get the chance to change back to the course u want to take. who knows?

u wanna be a pilot? yes! u dreamt that all your life [well. at least your entire childhood life]. then your cousin came and taught you life as a computer maniac. but yes! u still wanna be a pilot. but making and selling computer stuffs still makes money. and u dont have to fly anywhere else.

you graduated like others from a decent yet recognized university. you got the job! based on the course you’ve taken. then u decided you dont like the job. what te fuck is a dream job anyway? so u thought of changing career. but u dont have enuf money for it. u’ve been working for what? 1 and half year? how much did u saved from such tiny gap between your “dream job”. how about that car loan? how about PTPTN? so where r u gonna find another loan to support your new dream? nice!

have you ever heard of “those who can. Do. those who cant. Teach” oh! darn. u’ve heard of that. then u’ll know. it might be true. oh and believe me. you cant. do both. in Malaysia that is. u’ll either end up a stupid lecturer or a poor administrator.

but hey. whats that lump of money. that shiny car just like the prince in white shiny armor. look at that grand apartment that girl’s staying. ys! u wished for that. what? MLM? now thats a good career. oh yeah! the money and the cheques! u like! not until u realized. the girl with the apartment had gone from any rumours or even humors. and sttting on a beach sipping cum from a young healthy chiropractic somewhere in the Pacifics..

so you learn how to talk. how to lie. how to live the lie. but u get caught trying and now u’re driving to Perlis to live in a cave full of bat’s shit. now u want another chance to take on life. full of cash.

these theories. these quotes. these lies. they were never meant for us. and yet u believed it does. they quoted. ‘talk!’ ‘say what u want!’ ‘release it all to others’. thats bullshit. who do u think we are? we have been what we were taught from the start. we are full of lies!!!

wake up and dream!!!! stupid!!!! if u dont know how to do that. then u need to open your eyes more. more than the oxygen you counted.

the point is… the point is not the job! and the point was NEVER you. the point is not the world. the point is!!! its the bloody quotes!!!!!!! u live by those stupid quotes!! have you ever heard a quote “live life to the full”? then you were clever. until you heard i said “live life to the full”….

why cant u think of it yourselves?!!! fukkin mind!!!

ps: i know! its a stupid article.. its just me writing something.. oh! and my Dubai and Saudi experience next.. kalau aku tak malas.