there was once tujuan manusia membuka account web log sebab nak menulis sahaje. web log is a term for online journalism. is was created to give the user the ability to report their own activity.. on-line. instead of buying notebooks and pens. someone decided that it would serve the same meaning to write down a report or journal in a computer. on the internet. so that their reports can be viewed, read by others without the writer wasting any time copying the report, making photocopies, and distributing them all around. so someone created a realtime web application so that he/she may share his/her activities with other associates. at first, mende web log nih tade beza ngn notepad pun. they write a report, then were sent through emails or somekind of sharing system. pendek kate. takde beza ngn email pun. tapi penghantaran email ni ade setback dia. sebab.. ko kene type email orang lain. and send. dan tibalah waktu seorang rasa. instead of sending the report one by one.. baik dia buat satu web application yang mana dia hanya perlu publish their reports dan orang lain can view it at the same time. wallah! tercipta web-log.. but since susah benar nak sebut web-log nih laju2.. lame-lame bunyik “we” dalam “web-log” hilang.. orang kate senang panggil “blog” je. maka lahir lah Blog. aku percaya, yg cipta web-log nih mesti keje dalam bidang media masa atau dalam bidang . sebab tujuan blog nih sebab nak share. bukan nak jadi glemer.

hahahahaha! ok! aku tipu! aku tak tau origin web-log.. aku tau gune je. jap aku buat research jap. lol!!!


ok! aku dah tau. online diaries wujud paling awal mungkin pade tahun 1994. orang tulis personal diaries. utk keterangan lain.. sila layari Wikipedia. lol!

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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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