The Noon – Despair of Truth

day by day

it was not the day that you cherished. it was never the day you dreamt all day. but the one you see beyond your views. a false day you believed could never be imagined. black keys blasted separately. black pen held a horizontal pose. more black. more flash. but lies beside them the blue that meant no harm. I brought back a short memory. a stain I could just wipe off once. and cleanse twice. so that I would bore myself to my reality. a divine concept none would accept. a feline state one should have elected for the sake of the misjudged. I would care for none that will not accept. but I will show them until they find the way to caress their own dignity. and should the sky decided to interrupt. and should the ocean whisper the tangled wind. but would i be able to linger more than a mere fraction of a splinter. I know not the truth. it is an activity. a sacred event. a special occasion. a beloved party. but when you see more than you see before. when you see none what you seek after. when you eyed your future lost from your interest. I will help you find it. the love that would alter. after you present your past. and may I fall along the way. so I would seek my own love. true to your kindness. shallow by your standard. and lovely as the garden that grew beyond the East and the West, upon the North and the South. and within what you enticed to be your flowing blood into your pumping heart. that resides along your feeling under your mind.

raised beyond true heart.

I deliver most that I could achieve. I set my world to live nearby the estate we broke together. I tamed the beast where it resided. I even dug a lake so that you would believe it is the ocean. but I was careless to my own feelings. I… am no one to be up there. I.. loved you. the least I could remember. the most i could redeem. I..


its not that i am not interested. its just me.. i just feel like i don’t want it.. every time i got her. what te fuck’s wrong with me? why te heck did i engaged then? WHY?!!!



About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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