hmm.. what a weekend

started off kinda lame this week.. get to play futsal after everyone gone hiatus for 2 weeks.. it wasnt that good.. but enjoyable lah.. like always.. Janggut “made my day” by chipping the ball to my balls. i hate it when that happens.. i’ve been hit by the balls so many time, i am now traumatized. i cant even be a good goalkeeper anymore. i’ll just fling away my body every time anyone made any goal attempt.. even if its a lazy attempt.. shit lah! now i have to work hard to neutralize my trauma.
but its official.. every one who ever played futsal with me had officially nicked my balls. yes nicked. at least thats what i felt every time the ball struck my balls. saket, pedih, nyilu, senak.. everything!

off to another topic. watched Kung Fu Panda 2.. happy sad story. yeah.. I love you Dad! Jack Black usual rant can be funny.. but yeah.. the usual funny stuff.. its funny.. but its the USUAL funny stuff…
but the graphic work was damn awesome.. and the moves of course.. i like it when they made the “The Inner Peace” movement.. i was holding my hands back to not imitate the movement in the movie. haha! but i got to do it after i went back home. after i had my shower, wearing my towel.. it felt refreshing.. and i think The Inner Peace movement healed my balls too.. haaha!

then it was time.. THE TIME.. i was 4 minutes late to Wembley, Flora Damansara [umah Arep, Mapitt, Fizi].. haha! nah.. watching football ramai ramai in front of a mamak stall or any other stall doesnt feel right.. somehow that kinda environment always makes me sleepy.. i dont know why.. even during World Cup final.. i was trying so hard trying to fight the urge to doze off on the table..
so i went to my friends house up on the hill of Damansara Damai instead.. on the highest floor of the apartment.. the breeze were just fine.. and the pillows were soft.. beyond imagining.. hahahaha! luckily i was awake every time somebody scored a goal.. pedro, rooney, messi and villa.. and BYE BYE ManCHEATER United.. fuck the referee for giving Valencia just 1 yellow card.. the chap was terrorizing the field with his unfriendly body contacts, like 7-8 times.. and the ref seems to gave him warning after warnings.. only.. how many warnings u gonna give him? until u’re satisfied? stupid ref! macam kene bayar je. he shudav been given a red card after the 3rd “warning”.. nasib baik Messi ngn Xavi power.. tengok possessions la wei.. power tak power Barca.. “tries” jangan kate la.. MU takleh wat pape.. hahaha! MU sucks!! tade fight langsung.. hahahahahaha!

then aku tak tido malam tuh.. ingat nak gi jadik cameraman areep jap kat Putrajaya pagi esoknye.. the plan: go back home. konon nak refresh badan. mandi, tuka baju, then head out to PaintBall Competition kat Putrajaya tuh.. snap photos sikit2.. afternoon.. balik lah tido..
tapi jadik lain.. i got back home after Subuh. turned on the AC.. had a refreshing shower.. got into my boxers.. the air was cool and the bed was waving.. i swear it waved at me.. i couldnt resist her [the bed].. then the pillows whispered to me.. “Hug me baby”.. and i totally lost it.. hahahahaaa! demn you bed! give back my plans for Sunday!

and i opened my eyes at 7.. PM.

woke up at 10pm coz i felt hungry.. went out for dinner and because i realized i havent picked up my laundry from Laundry center. yet. esok nak gi keje pakai hape kalau tade baju? nasib baik kedai dobi bukak lagi. went back home.. watched the TV.. surfed the internet.. and watched Glee New York… Season Finale [i think].. when i downloaded the latest episode.. i was thinking just like a director would.. i thought the Glee Club would lose in New York.. and it would kinda feel sad.. yeah.. but to make an excuse to continue the Glee series to season 3.. right?!

and i was right.. they placed 12th in the competition.. kalau menang, abis la cerita. lagi sad..

oh! main topic? onion? haha.. tade la, tadi mase lunch aku gi lunch kat.. Manhattan Fish Market. derang buat Cream of Mushroom.. but bila raku asa.. rase cam Onion Soup dia yg sebelum nih.. aku bajet.. dia buat Onion Soup dia.. then dia tambah cream of mushroom.. then give it a name Mushroom Soup.. so nanti resepi Onion Soup dia tadelah terbazir cenggitu je.. demmit! rase nak muntah.. 1st sip rasa sedap… masuk 5th-6th sips.. dah rase pelik.. perut aku kembung.. tekak kembang.. and now.. tak habis2 sendawa rasa onion.. cis! macam makan udang hari tuh je.. but i like onion.. cume kalau dah byk sgt.. tak best laaa…

oh! aku tak tido since bukak mate kul 7 semalam..


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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