u know what’s frustrating?
it’s Friday and i dont have any task to do (well. even if there’s any. i probably would still be slacking off). i was really pumped up when i arrived at the office today. tade keje la katekan. so i started browsing some internet and manga.
oh! hari ni makan Yellow Cab Pizza for team lunch. sedap jugak.
then just after semayang Jumaat. tade pape nak buat dah. i know u know how i felt today. waiting. with nothing to do. hoping the clock would just strike 5.30 in half an hour.. tapi dari tadi aku tengok jam nih. asik pukul 4. je.. bile tah nak sampai kul 5. and i cant imagine when will it struck 5.30pm.. shit! this really is frustrating.

and u know what is extra frustrating. when you blog walk all day. and all you read is the clever stuff. the right stuff. nothing related to stupidness of malays anymore. sekarang sumorang kalau blogging, semua main sepp. tanak blog mende jahat. atau mende bodoh. so that tade sape lah nak datang condemn blog derang.
aku pun takleh la jadik ustards. takleh bagi komen2 condemning any stupid blog. asik2. bile aku blog walk skang. asik nak komen. “Agreed” or “I Agree” or “oh! sama lah” or “betul2” or “cutenye statement awak”.. and wtf? aku mmg tak komen la mende2 cenggitu. i always try my best to skip that kinda commenting. bosan gile komen cenggitu.
no more stupid blog stuff where i can give nasihat panjang2. try being sarcastic sket2 dlm komen. supaye org tuh cepat menyedari kesalahan beliau sendiri. argh!

it’s frust-fuckin-trating.

dengan office mate aku semua tak abis buat lawak dlm bahasa cina derang. i cant understand what the jokes are all about. all i can do is smile the oh-i-smile-in-hoping-someone-could-tell-me-what-joke-is-all-about while every one in this office are LOL. sigh~~

AH! cepat lah 5.30pm!!

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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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