today is full of surprises..

the first came to me after Friday prayer tadi. i went to Burger King for lunch. after i washed my hand. Jibo.. thought long gone from where ever he came from (he’s from KL actually). an iconic friend of mine from UTP (kitorang satu batch) waved me from the window seat.

iconic?.. yes. he is a living proof of a Sasquatch blending in with humans. heheh. tade la. haha. in UTP, he was the large(very large. not ‘fat large’. just ‘large’) rugger who likes to play rugby all the time. even though when we were actually playing football. ye. aku penah kene tackle ngn dia mase main bola padang. WTF? he was a slow moving man with tonnes of weight. but he can do a tackle i tell you. and he always talks about the days back when he played rugby in his Sekolah Alam Shah. and always belittled my school rugby team. not that i cared much about our school rugby team. i know we had a shitty team that always lose.. but heck rugby was damn fun. we play for the fun of it.

oh jap.. aku nak turun opis jap.. abang aku datang nak mintak signature. dia handle insurance payment aku.

ok.. where was i? oh.. so Jibo, real name aku dah lupe. Saiful something. dia nih anak Dato’ Wira Mazlan Ahmad (Ketua Pengarah Majlis Sukan Negara Malaysia 1993-2005). he can speak properly. but he had this nasty habit of tormenting people with mockeries. there’s nothing nasty about his mockeries. but his words… all we can hear from his mouth were “weweweweweweweewewewwwwewewewe” literally.. kite tau dia tengah cube kutuk kita non-stop.. but we didnt care much for it. the thing that annoyed us were that “wewewe-wewewewewewe” sound. and he keeps on going and going and going.. kite pun naik marah la.. and he thinks we’re annoyed by his O-So-Mighty-Mockery.. but all we were annoyed by was his O-So-Mighty-Mocking-Technique. “WEWEWEWEWEWWEWEWEWEWWEWEWEWWEWEWWEWEWE!”. it’s like he’s murmuring instead of mocking. lol.

so tadi jumpe dia. he didnt murmur. thank God. we talked a bit about our days in UTP and how our friends have all married and ade anak. and kite nih still mencari. WTF? rase cam loser forever alone gile lah aku. well. not that im not one. then he bid goodbye. dia keje kerajaan. kene masuk opis on time.

so i too went back to my office. on my way crossing Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman from Jalan Masjid India. i had my second surprise. it was a Hunter. its like a character in the books. only this was for real. he was wearing a bandana, a ragged but fit dirty green shirt. with hunter boots and pants (u know the one that have pockets from calf to waist). a leather belt with a kerambit and a hunting knife on each side of his waist. but the thing that stood out the most was his long Parang almost as long as a sword and a spear-like thing(im thinking it was a sumpit), strapped to his back. yes.. kat blakang dia. pastuh kalau nak cabut parang tuh.. cabut cam pedang Conan. hahaha! a real life hunter visiting the city. he passed by me on the crossing line… looking as how a hunter would look like in the books.
well, tak tau la kalau ade pertandingan cosplay berdekatan Jalan Masjid India sedang berlangsung. n he didnt have that otaku look in his face. yes.. u can differentiate an otaku from a normal person by their facial expression.

the third came bile aku turun jumpe abang aku tadi (yg aku pause mase tulis post nih). while i was waiting for him at ground floor. a man wearing a singlet, a jeans and a serban came to me. he asked me if i would buy minyak wangi from him so that he can use the money i pay for the minyak wangi to catch the KTM komuter to Sungai Buloh. he asked for RM3 per bottle. quite cheap, but maybe it was a cheap minyak wangi anyway. he said he was just released from jail. he claimed that he was giving dakwah during his arrest. i wasnt inclined to believe the man as someone who would give dakwah so i started to take out RM3 from my wallet to see him walk off. my brother arrived and started asking his ‘carefully planned questions’ as an insurance agent towards the man (damn. i just realized i didnt get his name). but the man didnt go. he really gave us some lecture on some matter which i’d say i cant agree more.

he asked us.. “kamu faham Islam?”

my brother just nodded and i said “faham kot”.

“betul ke kamu faham?”.

doesnt look like he’s going anywhere, so i said, “faham gitu2 je la”.

“Kite takleh buat2 faham je perkara ni. Takpe saya ajar something. Kenape wujudnya agama? Kenapa Tuhan wujudkan agama?”.. he claimed that very few people knew the right answer to this.


he answered, “Kerana ada kehidupan selepas kematian laaa”.

someone came from inside the building and started handing out rokok to the man in serban. by their conversation i’d say this other man was lectured earlier and instead of offering to buy minyak wangi. he offered to buy rokok instead. i think his name was Aziz, he gave his name to my brother when he inquired some insurance policy from my brother.

and so the journey begins. he explained some things with proper ayat and hadith and sunnah as reference. and i learn some thing today. panjang sangat aku nak explain balik. lagi pun dia cakap laju. but there wasnt even a single pause or should i say doubt in his words when he explained those things to us. so i thought. Subhanallah. i’ll search for it later. banyak lagi yg dia ajar. semuanye dalam 15 minit je.

then the man with serban masuk topik ‘amal’. Aziz started giving question.

Aziz said “kalau ko bekerja dan beramal, mesti ko tak jadi macam sekarang nih”

“rude gile” aku rase.

the man with serban said, “beramal tuh bekerja lah”

i nodded.

Aziz answered “bekerja ape macam nih?”

Apparently. Aziz thought berdakwah is not a pekerjaan. it is instead an just an amal yg baik. Aziz thinks that if u dont get any money at the end of every month, it is not considered a ‘pekerjaan’. but the SerbanMan (i should call him SerbanMan.. tade lah nak kene tulis panjang2 like “the man in serban”) didnt explain anything about that because Aziz was trying to inquire something of Prudential policy from my brother after he answered the SerbanMan. lol. selambe bercakap pastuh tak layan. rude abis ar. orang kampung betul. haha. i meant that in a good way.

and maybe SerbanMan sensed that i understood what he meant by ‘beramal itu berkerja’. rexeki itu Allah yg bagi. doesnt matter if u work in an agency that produce profits or a non-profit agency or working as a non-profit pendakwah. rezeki itu Allah yang bagi.
so he continued on another lecture, while my brother and Aziz went to the other side to discuss the prospect of business. yes. insurance whether u’re buying or selling it. is a business prospect.

lepas 15 minit. dia rase aku nak nak masuk opis kot. so he finishes his dakwah while walking away towards the KTM. haha. its like in the movie where the narrator shows himself then plant his last words while walking away. tapi aku bagi dia hadiah sblom dia pergi. he came back and whispered “rahsia kejayaan itu terletak dengan menggembirakan Allah. cemane? dengan mejaga diri. jaga mata, mulut, sentuhan, dan jaga hati.. insyaAllah. al-Qur’an itu panduan hidup dan segala amal itu Sunnah”

although i already knew that. but hey.. its refreshing to hear it again. and so i give back what i received. even tho not to the SerbanMan. but maybe to whoever read this. maybe he really did just got out from jail. huhu. demn u UMNO and permits. this permit thing does have their setbacks. mostly setbacks. tho it can prevent another Ayah Pin.

May Allah bless SerbanMan and his sons and daughters after him and the hunter ..and Jibo too. Amin.

some surprise eh?


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