Today – Born this day

today, might be the day
today, slightly tilt my idea of a day
today, clock the time of discovery, a time of delivery
today, I claimed the world to be mine
today, I slew a sacred bond
today, I gave welcome to the sky that drew my lungs
today, drenched me with tears
today, songs and whispers were tuned in my ears
today, was the day i dreamt of nothing
today, presently saved me the ultimate pleasure
today, was a gift
today, were gifted
today, challenged me my relations
today, I braved my worthlessness
today, I played
today, I was loved
today, I embraced the darkness as the good
today, I prayed
today, numbers worth nothing, and it worth everything
today, my legs danced
today, my hands flapped
today, fire were friends
today, friends were friendly
today, games were boring
today, the TV showed something
today, I sat on chairs
today, I dined in complete signatures
today, I was spoilt
today, regret threatened me from beneath my scars
today, I felt alone
today, hunger pleased me in streaks
today, ice cream filled me
today, imagination settled between me
today, my ambition was none
today, my dreams are fulfilled
today, my dreams failed me
today, I pledged my oaths
today, I wished for nothing and i wished for something more
today, I framed my words carefully
today, I thread my ways blindly
today, I was mad
today, they were angry of me
today, I was stupid
today, I was surprisingly smart and clever
today, I failed
today, I still am happy
today, I was going to confess my love to her
today, I didnt go
today, they said I was a loser
today, I became one
today, they followed me like I was their leader
today, I caught something up the ladder
today, I was mocked and discriminated
today, I fell
today, I was raised from beneath, from under
today, I climbed higher
today, I jumped higher
today, I flew
today, I drenched myself
today, I bathed in a pool
today, I was afraid of the waves
today, I am not anymore
today, I cut my hair
today, the authorities acted more than they should towards me
today, I was blamed for my negligences
today, I fought back
today, I learned how to heal my wounds
today, I healed other wounds
today, I taught people something
today, I decided
today, I resided
today, I slept
today, I would say I liked you
today, I might say I like you
today, I said I love you
today, she rejected me
today, I bought a pen and a pencil
today, the clouds clouded my vision
today, the sky bare witness to my mortality
today, a picture sketched a different protrait of me
today, I was bald
today, I counted the lightning distance
today, I fast
today, dictates that I lived
today, I was sulking
today, the view turned lively
today, I saw shooting stars
today, no one believed my green moon story
today, I saw full moon
today, I remembered nothing
today, I pictured everything
today, might be the day

OR IS IT D-DAY (maybe it’s B-DAY instead)


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

Posted on 5th December, 2011, in birthday. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. oi happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! xlama lak birthday aku pulak nti ko nyanyi utk aku tau 😛

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