the days – damn it’s snowing

if only if it were snowing right now. I know Malaysian would be thrilled if they ever get a chance to experience snowy weather. while it might be a miracle to have snow in Malaysia. i know for a fact that snowy weather deteriorates the mood. it is how i feel today.

the days set to be less and less interesting. as christmas is just around the corner. not that im complaining about the holiday. but the journey seems to be dull. at least for me that is. when christmas holiday comes. i’d be attending my best friends weddings. it’s vexing, these weddings on holidays. people should plan their weddings on weekends without public holidays. so that other people can enjoy the 3 days leave to the fullest. ah. well. not like im saying ‘i wont go to their weddings’ but more like ‘i have to go on my precious day off’.. yes. in Malaysia. we have to go to our friends weddings. unless you have good excuses for not coming to their weddings. then it is most likely that you ‘must’ go to your friends weddings. it is to show how close you are to a friend. yes.

weddings these days a very demanding. since you, as the wedding planner, are concerned about others talking behind your back. you limit the invitations on each sides of weddings. just like the kafirun. we somehow managed to adopt their wedding style into our own traditions. in which Malays look up to.. higher than anything in this country. if i dont follow Malay traditions, then im not fit to be a Malay. thank God i’m a Muslim. so it’s OK if they(the Malays) dont like me to be one of them. im content to be just a Muslim. there’s nothing special being a Malay Muslim or a Chinese Muslim or and Indian Muslim.. Eastern Muslim or Western Muslim or even a Caucasian Muslim. they tend to mix traditions and Sunnah. which is wrong… Muslims should only have al-Qur’an, Sunnah and Hadith…. well.. and the Principles of Islam, of course..
ok.. dah nyimpang cam bese..

what im trying to plague this post is about: why should there be any constraints to whom ever visits which sides of your weddings? privacy? not enuf budgets? no.. this is the problem we’ve had since people started playing with traditions. we are too dependent of the idea that we will have our wedding once in our life time. meaning, people are convinced that they wont get a divorce, they are convinced that one of them might not be dead tomorrow, they are proud beings that knows little.. not even consequences will judge their idea of a perfect wedding. so they make plans for the wedding of their life. while limiting the number of guests and throwing away what rezeki they could have saved with grandeur.

well. rezeki is not something we save anyway. we either get rezeki. or we dont get any. God determines if we get any.

alah. it’s all excuses. not that we must limit our budget. its just we wanted to spend more on the colorful dais than on services for our guests. u know. the-grander-the-wedding-is, the-more-people-look-up-to-you kinda thing. what nonsense. if it was me. i’ll invite everyone to my wedding. be it your friend that i dont know or the pakcik cina yg selalu jalan kaki turun bukit at 9am.

ah. ape aku merepek hari nih nih?
it must be this snowy feeeeelings.. its like the weather outside are geting colder and colder.. and i cant do anything outside.. i remembered, staring out of the window when the snow fell. and i thought i’d open the window a little bit so that i can play with the snow and let the chilling wind cool the room. but i realized instantly that it was a mistake. the cold.. it bit my bones. and slowly.. my mood swung away.. bit by bit.. until at one time.. the snow were not beautiful anymore.. but a hindrance.. a force i cannot overpower with my will alone. and i sat there, watching something boring on the TV. it deteriorates.

kalu ade keje sket2 pun takpe lah. ini tak buat pape langsung…. demn!

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