wada’al 2011

new year’s coming in few hours.. 2011’s ending.

whew! just got back from a football friendly match in Bangi. well.. not really.. i was back like 40 minutes ago. i took the better half an hour taking a hot shower bath. damn! a hot bath after sweaty activities are the best thing one could ever had. and i ended my bath with the coolest water. demn! i went out feeling so refresh i just had to go and make myself a fresh lemon juice. lol! TERBAIK!..

it’s 10pm and i might use the entire hour to write this post. im not the kind to fret to much about new year. but yeah, i think i’m gonna write something lengthy this year. or maybe not. depends on my idea of a good post (that i’d think would make the cut to be posted).

so let me reminisce about my 2011.
i have just now realized. i was in Arab Saudi when the hour struck 12 midnight between 31 Dec 2010 and 1st Jan 2011. guess i didnt really care much about new year then. or was it because i was in a country that only celebrates Awal Muharram as New Years. hehe.

i went to Mabul for the second time. but went scuba for the first time. it was OK for me. it was a good experience. maybe a little great. but yeah. i think scuba’s not for me. i definitely had greater fun this year in Mabul compared to 2010. why te hell not? we went for snorkeling the first day in Mabul and there were these local students (chikas) that came with us on the snorkeling trip. but they were like wearing life jackets and all. getting giddy about sharks and all in front of their boyfriends (who also wore life jackets) but i was the first to jumped out off the boat… without a life jacket. hehe. bangge seh. seb bek tak lemas. kalu lemas.. mmg malu laaa.

oh! i went to Sky Diving class… eh.. was it this year or last year? tak kisah la. but i never did get a chance to sky dive because their parachutes do not cater someone with weight over 100kg and i was like 120kg. i dont know why. but i definitely work-out harder this year. and i felt like i’ve lost some pounds (just feelings tho).. and i definitely felt lighter. but whenever i went on the scaling machine.. my weight will always be 120kg.. i really hate that scale.. but i did weight myself at Fitness First and it too showed 120kg.. fook!! it’s like my weight are fixed to 120kg what ever i decide to do about myself. i remembered when i was 90kg 10 years ago.. and the same thing happened from Form 3 to Form 5.. my weight stayed 90kg what ever i did. and heck.. i could see myself changing (getting a bit thinner.. hehe) when i was in Form 4. ah! no skydiving for me this year.

oh! and i’ve recently unsubscribed my Fitness First’s Platinum membership. lets face it. i paid RM216 per month for the membership and i only went there twice a month. that’s like RM108/day. and i definitely got better exercises going for futsal every week. which only cost me RM10 at most. RM40/month…. less if futsal was cancelled in one of those weeks. so i unsubscribed Fitness First. its for the best. and i’d definite will have more savings to be spent. hehehe. my current target is an iPad2. if i got one. i wont have trouble signing into Facebook or Twitter in my office anymore. i so missed twitting in the office. oh! and a PS3.

i bought my own 32″ LCD TV to replace my dying computer monitor, which i delightfully dump when i bought my new office table. hehe. yes. i have my own office table in my room. and yes. that TV is to be my PC monitor. i know! bad ass big screen for a monitor. imagine.. your 32″ TV in a living room, as a PC monitor! definitely stretch the most out of that Hentaischool.com doujinshi.. ahahahaha! yeah! and u know what? (WHAT?!!).. the table is located beside my bed.. so whenever i feel like watching a movie. i click that movie folder on my PC.. and let the movie run on that ‘bad ass monitor’ of mine.. and i’d just tucked into my oh-so-comforting-comforter and my oh-so-soft-pillows. on my oh-so-err-my-bed.. lol.
there’s a hollow spot on the table where i decided to put my PS3. not yet… iPad2 first.

i bought a telephoto lense for my Nikon D5000. but never used it.. maybe i’ll use it tonight for the Fireworks.

ah! how can i forget the weddings!
for the first time in my life. I was ‘forced’ to be the ‘best man’ for my best friend. lol. yes. i didnt want the job. tapi Faitz kate “tade tade.. ko jadi pengapit aku. aku dah tempat kain untuk ko” lol. what te hell do i know about being a pengapit? takpe lah. dia kawan baik aku kot. takkan tanak jadi pengapit pulak. dah la aku merosakkan majlis belah pompuan ngn pakai kopiah hitam. wahahaha! i didnt know where to buy a songkok. seriously. padehal aku lalu Wisma Yakin setiap Jumaat untuk pegi semayang Jumaat. no.. seriously i didnt know. not until my brother’s wedding. mama said to buy the songkok at Wisma Yakin. lol. i never liked songkok. they held no apparent purpose. i liked my Jeans Kopiah i bought at Tropicana Life in Mid Valley, 8 years ago. but it went missing. and the last time i checked. Tropicana Life dah tak jual kopiah jeans tuh dah. seriusly.. it was the most comfortable kopiah i had ever wore. and wearing songkok (and Baju Melayu) makes me look Melayu! which is one of the thing i hated the most. and that is one of the reasons why i dont want to be a pengapit. and why i dont like mama buying or tailored a new baju raya for every Hari Raya. yes! Rasulullah said to wear new clothing on Hari Raya.. but he didnt say to wear Baju Melayu baru for Hari Raya. why cant i wear new T-shirts and new Seluar Silat?

ah! yes! one thing i like about Malay heritage is Silat. yes. i adore Silat Seni. and heck! i wear and buy New Seluar Silat every year. yes! martial arts pants are always comfy. currently im wearing one. yes. yes. i just said i hated being in malay heritage the most. but MOST is NOT ALL.. so there are some or a little that i could appreciate. and one of them is Silat. OK? Silat is one of the mighty art. i like its gracefulness… how graceful it made me look even though i have this bulky.. fat appearances. well. all that had come to past. I practiced little of the art now. most of the time. i wore seluar silat just because its comfortable. well. i think taekwondo pants or any other martial arts pants are comfy.. but they all are made of light colors. taekwondo’s uniform are white. Silat adopted the black because like the ninjas. black give stealth. yes. Malay likes stealthy looks. why? sebab Malays originally were Pelarian.
oh! didnt u know? Malays were refugees.. they were refugees from all over Asia. they took refuge in the jungle and mountains from their former states. and claimed the jungle or mountains as theirs. until one day they got a bit crowded and eventually needed a representative to offer peace to a neighboring mountain or neighbors across the straits. let say the representatives were heads of farmers or a pirate or a thieves that have control over a land.. and one day.. these heads would turn on each others and plunder the one that lost and demanded their loyalty in exchange for their lives. yes. these are the original Malays… and when their power were known from one mountain to the other..
finally, they would call themselves Kings or Sultans… and their children of their children would be named royal blood. and what they do.. is nothing but have fun while the one they should represents suffered. OH! look.. whats happening now? tell us what Sultan have the power on their states now? even the Prime Minister’s are held higher than the Sultans now.. yes! Prime Ministers or Bendahara were nothing but a slave to their Sultan once.. and now our ancestral might have come out.. and we are about to topple the royals.. out of their palaces… YES!!

ok.. dah lari sangat.. aku cerita pasal seluar silat je. so like i said. thieves and pirates liked the black color so they can do their plunders at night. it gave them stealth. no! Silat is not originally from New Zealand All Blacks. and they are not ninjas. Ninjas are assassins. it is believed Silat came from the original Asian martial arts originated from India called the Kalari Payat. they taught the basics of all basics of Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Silambam, Taekwondo and Silat.. or any other martial arts in Asia. Kalari Payat were created in warring states. they were the origin of power. only taught to those who go to war… to kill their opponents swiftly using raw power and little stamina.
so.. as i was saying again. i like black seluar silat because it hides the kotoran degil. i dont like taekwondo pants because if i spill coffee or tea on my pants.. i’d see the stains.. but not on my black seluar silat. heheheheheheheheh! and like i said. its comfy.. seluar silat is a unisex pants.. men or women can wear them. and seluar silat menutup aurat sepenuhnye! belilah seluar silat NOW! u can wear them anywhere u want. whether u go to that pizza place, or buying fish at the fish market or even when playing football (like i always do).. u can where seluar silat ANYWHERE.. and definitely it came with a bonus.. most people recognize a seluar silat. so they’ll think “oh! budak nih tau silat.. takleh kacau” or pau or gaduh or anything mischievous lah. unless they’re from another silat club and they came looking for a fight.. then u’ll have your trouble.. other than that.. takde masalah pun aku pakai seluar silat pegi One Utama minggu lepas. hehehehe!

gaji naik. obviously. setiap tahun kene la naik.

ah! dekat 2 jam aku nulis.. cis! and i havent gone through everything.. takpe lah! i’ll see you guys next year.. although we’re already in a new year last month. im gonna go and watch the fireworks now.

2011 Alhamdulillah


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