it struck me. i was thinking something different. related… but different. so i browsed Google and searched for the answer. here’s what i found:

Why A Turkey Is Called A Turkey
and this
Wikipedia: Turkey (bird)

kalau rajin sile bace. basically, articles kat atas menceritakan origin Ayam Belanda. ayam belanda datang dari North America.. we may know them as Canada and Alaska. tapi orang Turki slalu pegi Amerika n beli ayam belanda nih.. untuk didagangkan ke Timur.. so dalam perjalanan pulang ke Turki.. derang singgah lah Great Britain.. org2 Britain taktau sebenarnye ayam2 belanda nih dari Amerika.. tapi disebabkan ayam2 nih dijual oleh pedagang dari Turki.. British pun panggil ayam nih sebagai Turkey Coq (Cock).. dan akhirnye name tuh jadi Turkey jek sebab sume malas nak sebut panjang2.

so soalan aku.
cemane Ayam Amerika yg jadi Ayam Turki leh jadi Ayam Belanda kat Tanah Melayu?
ok.. aku bajet mestilah pedagang dari Holland yg bawak ayam2 nih dari Great Britain or America or Turkey.. tapi……….. pedagang2 Netherland yg datang Tanah Melayu time tuh takkan tak pernah explain kat pedagang Melayu bahawa name ayam nih adelah ‘Turkey’?

haha! kat Mongolia, dia panggil ayam nih ape pulak eh? sebab aku rase ramai pedagang Parsi yg berdagang kat Mongolia. Ayam Parsi?


oh! i learn new things everyday.. iyya is an Arabic word meaning (land of) or (owner).. it is also known that the Latin word –ia has the same meaning. so that’s where most of country occupied by Arabs and Greeks have -ia at the rear of their country name came from. like Russia, Italia, Burgaria, Georgia, Syria, Mongolia, Indonesia, Malaysia. so Malaysia means ‘The Land of Malays’.. apehal bukan Melayuia? nak jugak bahase Inggeris..

oh right.. was Malaya.. Mala-iyya

quoted from wikipedia..

Türkiye in the Turkish language, can be divided into two components: the ethnonym Türk and the abstract suffix –iye meaning “owner”, “land of” or “related to” (derived from the Arabic suffix –iyya, which is similar to the Greek and Latin suffixes –ia).

PS: taksabarnakpegiturkibulandepan


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