a new beginning

First football match in 2012. didnt went for last week match because i had the fever.

its Tuesday and my legs still sore from Sunday football friendly match. the match was held on Sunday morning. there were supposed to be around 20 people coming in for the morning match. but only 10 Kelab Pop FC members arrived when the referee blew the starting whistle. so it was 10 against 11 and we conceded 3 goals in the 1st half. we played against ustaz and imams from Surau FC. game result: we lost 4-1. Elfi came in late, and we were exhausted and we already conceded 3 goals in the 1st half. oh! we played a 3-halved game. 30 minutes each. 3 goals in the 1st half, none in the second half, and 1 from us and another from Surau FC to seal their win on the 3rd half.. lol.

i got a goalkeeper injury. although im not the goalkeeper… yeah. some ustaz tackled me and i fell and dislocated my right thumb. hahaha! it was in the first half. it hurts badly when i tried moving my right thumb. i decided to just grip my thumb in a fist and ignored the pain until first half ended. i tried moving my thumb during half time break. hurts like hell. i dont know what to do. but i just held my breath, pulled my thumb and there was a ‘preppop’ sound along with a grunt. and wallah.. i can move my thumb again. it still hurts tho. but not so much anymore. thats when i realized that my right thumb was dislocated. i dont know if there’s anything wrong with my thumb now, but it felt normal. so i assumed that the bone is already in place. it still hurts when i tried to grip something with my thumb though. or like when i tried to hold my bag like i always do when putting my bag beside my chair after i arrived in office, using my thumb ONLY. saket weh!

when the game ended. everyone were complaining about not having as many substitutes as always. there was only one substitute that day. yg lain x datang. mesti tgh tido pagi ahad. demmit! and there was that funny moment when an imam(i think) directly cursing the referee. lol. and then openly denied he ever said the word. referee said he heard it clearly. but since it was a friendly match and that the man swearing is an imam(i think). no cards we’re given.

i went home (sampai rumah around 12 noon kot) and quickly got into a hot bath. pergh! best gile. then i slumped down in front of the TV. the match was freakin tiring. my legs were like sekejap numb, and then tetibe dapat muscle cramp, then rasa kebas, then it felt hot and then cramp balik semula. aku nak tido pun susah.

sleep came around 3pm kot. bayangkan, betape susahnye nak tido sebab sakit. woke up later at 7 feeling really numb. my legs sore. and i was limping off to the kitchen for a drink. i still limp to this day. even tho i had my sleep/rest the whole 12 hours yesterday(Monday).. remember. today is Tuesday and my match’s on Sunday morning.. on Monday morning, i text-ed my team leader. i lied to Elvin saying that i have to send my car for a service and later text him again saying that it had taken 6 hours for the car service and i had to go to the bank too.. so i’d to take an Emergency Leave for the rest of the day. haha! well. it was half true. i got up around 2pm yesterday after a long deep sleep for 12 hours. went to the bank to sign something (took me 5 minutes only) and sent my car to the workshop for a car service. it took only 3 hours. hehe. see.. i wasn’t 100% lying to Elvin.

oh right. aku tido kul 2 pagi mase hari ahad, lepas tengok Arsenal KALAH lagi. demmit. like i said. derang tak main lawa cam Arsenal dulu2. and Wenger letak Walcott as a starter. sah sah kalah. argh! bengang tul aku.

i woke up early with a back pain (pulak!). tapi everything else seems normal to me. my legs still sore. my right thumb still hurts when i applied any pressure.


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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