The “One” Verse

Selamat bercuti kepade mereka yg keje kat Wilayah Persekutuan ari nih.. Hari Wilayah wei.. best gile byk cuti nih.. bangun lambat!! lepas bangun tido.. kene berak..

asal aku tengah berak jek.. mesti terpikir mende2 nih. tapi lepas berak kali ni tetibe terpikir nak post soalan2 aku yg telah lame terjawab.


Does the Sun move around the Milky Way?

Yes, the Sun – in fact, our whole solar systemorbits around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. We are moving at an average velocity of 828,000 km/hr. But even at that high rate, it still takes us about 230 million years to make one complete orbit around the Milky Way!

StarChild Question of the Month for February 2000

kalu korang masuk link kat atas dan tengok gamba dlm website tuh.. pastuh korang tengok gamba dlm link wikipedia kat bawah nih pulak..

korang rase boleh visualize tak? boleh imagine tak kite kat mane dalam Milky Way? tengok kat dlm gamba wikipedia.. tengah2 Milky Way tuh terang gile… itu center of our galaxy dol.
dan matahari kite bergerak 13800KM/minit orbiting Milky Way.. diameter Bumi pun baru 12756KM je.

pastuh aku ade soalan lain…


Does the Milkyway galaxy revolve around anything?

The Local Group does have a centre of mass (a “barycentre”) and the Galaxy orbits around that… except that the orbit is not very neat (interference from all the other galaxies within the group).

amik dari sini

hmm.. Milky Way pun tengah orbit mende lain called “BaryCenter”.. bayangkan besarnye BaryCenter nih pergh! aku rase kalau manusia ngn dinosor tak mati pun belum tentu BaryCenter nih boleh penuh.. (well.. Syurga lagi besar kot.. tade penghujung)..

dan aku percaye BaryCenter nih mesti orbit “something-center” yg lain pulak.. dan seterusnye..
and to think that this universe are all made from the same stuff.. atom and molecules.. cemane mende kecik yg kite takleh nampak nih boleh jadi besar cam universe..

nah.. ini untuk indulge lagi kebesaran kuasa Tuhan

and to think we are the most significant creature told in the al-Qur’an ever been created.. in this universe.
significant yet.. insignificant..

i heard (or read) once that God made Earth because of His love towards Muhammad SAW (maknenye Allah cintakan Muhammad even sebelum Dia cipta Adam a.s. or even sebelum Dia cipta Bumi). Wallahualam.
but in order to make Earth, He needs to make the Universe dulu la kan?


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