cerita Arsenal

nih mase Arsenal menang 5-2 ngn Spurs ari tuh..

Van Persie then sent the Emirates into raptures, pouncing on a loose Benoit Assou-Ekotto clearance, and turning onto his left foot before curling deliciously beyond Friedel.

Arsenal stage rousing rally

i watched the game.. and true. it was damn delicious! the goal that was.. mase gol tuh aku jerit2.. tapi mase slowmo replay.. “delicious” should be the right word described for it. biarlah aku rase cam Arsenal nak kalah.. tapi gol tuh mmg nampak lawa.

Arsenal have come in for heavy criticism in the wake of the Champions League thrashing at AC Milan and FA Cup exit to Sunderland, with many feeling the club have failed to adequately replace the likes of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

Wenger defends Arsenal approach

nih pulak satu.. cemane la nak replace Fabregas ngn Nasri? yang same level atau on par ngn derang berdua nih sume kat club2 power yg lain.. stok mmg tanak pindah club mcm Arsenal dah.. kat club derang skang leh menang byk cup. kalu dia pindah Arsenal.. tak dapat cup pulak. hadui.

tapi tapi.. ramai jugak yg power2 macam.. Clint Dempsey (Fulham), Gamst Pederson (Blackburn) pun power jugak.. derang dah tua je la.. tapi ok la.. experience banyak. nape Arsenal tanak beli ar? beli Stephen Ireland (Aston Villa) pun ok gak.. sub kan je Walcott tuh.. dia tak power kalau tade element of surprise dia.

ape pulak yg akan terjadi kalau Podolski masuk Arsenal?


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