i freakin hate this.. im a lefty person. and if i cant use my left hand of my left leg, i am considered “immobilized”.

and now I AM IMMOBILIZED. my left knee was already injured 3 months back.. now i’m recuperating. but yesterday i managed to injure my left shoulder too. damn that massage parlour, i said i want only to do the foot massage.. those foot reflexology thing. when i was seated, they put this warm water in a bucket and said i have to put my feet in there for 5 minutes. they didnt say why.. well.. not because they didnt want to. but because they cant speak Malay.. or English.. only Chinese language. they’re from the mainland ( China ). not from around here (or from any part of Malaysia ). so anyway. they didnt say why i have to put my foot in the bucket full of warm water. but i figured it must be to clean-off the germs and musk and whatever bacteria sticking on my foot. so i did what i was told.

they insisted that I should have a warm up massage. a free back massage while waiting the warm water to do what it supposed to do. and so a woman started massaging my back.. it was damn good i tell you. until she started massaging my left shoulder with her elbow. she accidentally pressed the part with the old injury and wallah! i got my left shoulder injury again. nice of you to come again.

oh. but the foot massage was ousem! yeah! i’ve been feeling tired this whole week. but since after the massage, i got myself a quick good night sleep yesterday. and a good refreshing morning to begin today. i felt fine, refreshing and strong. so this feeling of doing a push-up thing came. and guess what? i damaged my left shoulder even more! NICE!! it hurts.. badly. i thought i broke my shoulder or something.

i took the morning off from work, and drive myself to the nearest medical center. screaming in pain each time i shifted my car gear. parked my car, got out of my car in great agony.

a really cute nurse (she is really very very cute) called my name to see the doctor. just when the doctor asked me to show where the pain was. miraculously, the pain went *fffuuusshh!. GONE. pain no more. i wiggled my shoulder in and out.. no pain. i said “aik, dah hilang”. and the cute nurse started giggling. dammit! now i looked like i was only trying to make an excuse to not go to work. damn you injury. come back to me this instance so that i can show the doctor where the pain is coming from!!!

the doctor said “takpe! takpe! biar saye test”, he stretched my arm, pushed my shoulder, flexed my elbow.. still i felt no pain. but it was there just before i entered the doctor’s office. the cute nurse still giggling. damn!. i look like a fool now. and then the doctor opened my medical history folder. and he asked “owh awak pernah datang dulu ye dengan shoulder injury”.. and i saw my medical history, there, written in blue, ballpen i think, and *haaaaaaaaaaaaa the light of hope shine brightly on the desk behind my medical records. i could swore i saw my medical records floating for a moment. tahun 2007 punye rekod tuh. that’s 5 years ago. but the same shoulder problem la kot. i dont think there are any other complications to my left shoulder.

*SAFE!!!!* (if u watched animes or japanese drama comedy.. u’ll understand why i said ‘safe’ instead of ‘saved’)

but the nurse was still giggling. hehehe. but i’ve regained my dignity. no more feeling like a fool. doctor said that most probably the same shoulder problem from 2007.. “tendon terkoyak je. and mungkin ni terkoyak lebih sket sebab tuh sakit sangat”..

“owh! so will i get an MC then?”. now there were giggles.. there were 2 nurses now.. where or when the other came in pun aku tak perasan. demmit! time aku nak tanye soalan crucial pulak tu. demmit! demmit!.

“kamu nak mc ke?” doc asked.

“kalau doc bagi, saye terime je. hehe”. external giggles again. keje nurse nih giggle je ke? go help a grandma or something please. malu dah aku nih.

“takpe lah. awak dah amik this morning off kan ? lagipun kejap lagi nak semayang Jumaat. then lagi 2-3 jam balik keje. tak payah bagi MC la. awak amik ubat yg saye bagi ni. ubat sapu and ubat tahan sakit. then rehat for 2 weeks. jangan buat keje berat with your left hand. awak keje ape?”

“saye programmer” i said that with a bit of pride. considering how i actually hated the job. hope the cute nurse find me ouhsem! a malay programmer. lol. no more giggles though. hehe.

“alah. tak keje berat pun. tak payah MC pun. okeh”

“okay! thanks doc. Assalamualaikum”

“Waalaikumsalam” serentak 3 org bersuara. hehe.

waited for my medicines. paid. i got out of the medical center screaming. again. the pain came back DEMMIT!! and i heard at least 5 people giggling when the door close-up behind me.

macam drama. tapi betul2 berlaku. *sigh!*.. oh! and i typed this entry using ONLY my right hand.. okay.. tipu. yg sakit shoulder aku.. bukan fingers.

About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. patut doc tu bagi ko cuti 2 minggu la.

    programmer tu keje berat apa… menaip pon gune left-right shoulder kan… alasan utk kurangkan risk kene carpal tunnel syndrom akibat cuma gerak2kan hand wrist untuk menaip. amacam? best tak idea aku? lol.

  2. Salam, singgah dr bloig mantot. Tulisan entry ni mmg kaler kelabu ke? Sangat menderita mataku nak membaca.

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