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The Step Cousins

I blame the humans.. and I also thank them for it.

Yesterday, I got news from Aisyah (my cousin) saying that she got news from her mom (Mok Su) saying that Abang Alish (also a cousin.. not Mok Su’s son tho) was in a coma and warded in the ICU. kenape? a blood clot in his brain. was all the answer i got. Then this morning, I got news from Ayah Long saying that Abang Alish survived the surgery and now warded in Neuro ward in GHKL.

So I planned on visiting Abang Alish in GHKL in the evening after work hour. when i arrived, no relatives were there, I guess they must had gone to the pasar utk beli makanan bukak pose sat lagi. Abang Alish was unconscious, or asleep (that’s what the nurse told me).. kesian jugak tengok dia, with the blacks around his eye lids, all I could think was to blame him sebab merokok!.. hish! tu laa.. merokok lagi..

so I stood there for a while thinking what to do.. what to do.. after a while, all I could manage to think was to sedekahkan al-Fatihah to him, so i did and i added the 3 Kuls with it. and may Allah restore his health for all eternity. and hope this doesn’t happen to me in the future.

I asked the nurse if he’d already gain consciousness before i visited. she kept telling me the doctor said to give him ubat tidur. i didnt understand her so i asked her again. “dia dah bangun ke sebelum ni?”, she kept telling me the doctor instructed her to give him ubat tidur. i asked for the third time. “maknenye dia tak pernah bangun la selepas surgery tadi?”.. she answered, “belum pernah bangun lagi”.. i had a little LOL in my mind.

Apparently, Abang Alish was given the sleepy dosage so that the doctor could monitor his brain condition until tomorrow.. aku tak paham sangat… but i guess i wont be having a chat with him today. I stood there for another minute, looked around at other patients. Thinking that all the other relatives wont be here either before or after Maghrib. it was 6 o`clock anyway. I just excused myself out of the ward. Terserempak ngn Pok Su, showed him where Abang Alish was and excused myself again.

Now, how do i explain my relationship with Abang Alish. yes, he is my cousin. but I guess i can call it “Step Cousin”.. you see.. Arwah Nenek Zainab (dad’s mom), were married once before she married my grandfather, Che Isa.. she had 2 sons (i think), PakCik Seng, short for Hashim, and PakCik Heng, short for Ibrahim. dont know if she had any daughters with her first husband tho..then arwah Nenek got divorced.. and married my grandfather and obtained, Ayah Long, Ayah Ngah, Ayah Chik (my dad) and Mok Su.. 

so yeah! PakCik Seng and PakCik Heng were my dad’s step brothers.. but being Kelantanese or maybe just because they just lived under the same roof, they shared bonds like true brothers. oh! they’re both deceased now. Innalillah wa inna ilaihirojiun. PakCik Seng was a chronic diabetic, and PakCik Heng was a diabetic too but still maintaining his blood sugar. they were both heavy smokers. err.. I guess all Arwah Nenek Zainab’s offspring are diabetics.. and I may have a big chance of inheriting this disease in the future. but not yet, Alhamdulillah.

I personally liked PakCik Seng and PakCik Heng, PakCik Seng would always entertain my siblings and I with his gigi palsu. kelakar weh!.. but i was so little to notice how gross it actually was. haha!

and PakCik Heng was my favorite Pakcik, every now and then, we would visit PakCik Heng at his Rumah Pangsa in Cheras.. arwah Mak Nah (Pak Cik Seng’s wife) would always serve us food she got from Johor. and she always cook delicious food. She cooked all the food in her son and daughter’s weddings (Kak Cha, Kak Nora, Kak Adek and Abang Alish). people all around the village would hire her to cook in wedding ceremonies. of course I always liked her Laksa Johor the most.

PakCik Heng would always welcome us, and he would tell us stories. about when he became a ketua kampung once in Kampung Baru during the bloodied 13th May.. he told us he jumped and bashed a chinese until the chinese cried , “Allahu Akbar”, PakCik Heng would cupped his mouth with his hand and say “Allah, orang kite rupenye”.. LOL.. then stories about how he defended his village during communist occupation.. and dirty jokes about marching bands. and so much more. 

What i liked the most when visiting PakCik Heng’s house was that he had this Sega game or was it Micro Genius.. lepas makan sedap2, trus aku carik2 bawah meja TV.. and then turn on the game masa dia tengah start bukak cerita2 zaman dulu. heheh. he would often say that it was for his children or his grandchildren.. but we all know he likes to play Super Mario. lol. he was over 50 years old at that time.

Abang Alish would often come back home late. “keje”, kate dia. but he’ll often layan kitorang adik bradik. the one thing that made my siblings wanted to hang with him always. dia pandai layan budak2. their whole family would layan kitorang, sampai la kitorang balik umah.. and that would be around 1 to 2am in the morning (slalunye)… hehe..

well.. that’s the issue kalau anak2 cucu2 arwah Nenek Zainab berjumpa.. mmg tak balik awal la. 

sampai je umah sesape.. “pung pang pung pang”,

lepas makan, “pung pang pung pang” sampai 12 tgh malam.. then kate nak balik..

mase pakai kasut/selipar, “pung pang pung pang” depan pintu rumah..

hantar kat krete.. “pung pang pung pang” sampai pukul 1-2 pagi.. lol.. baru balik umah.


and that’s a little bit of my family history.. sekarang.. Abang Alish terlantar kat hospital.. may he preserve. I’ll go visit again this Saturday. InsyaAllah.


Ramadhan al-Mubara’ raka…

Ramadhan al-Mubara’ rakan-rakan! may we be blessed.. not for this month only.. but for our entire eternal life!


First Complex

i was having my moment outside of Sogo yesterday. biting my McD Cone Sundae when i saw 3 seishun walking about searching for something. they kept pointing to the CIMB tower next to Sogo and discussing something. and at one point. i heard one of them voiced her opinion about asking someone for directions. they saw me and the girl came closer..

“assalamualaikum, bang”, she gave her greetings.

still biting my ice cream. i could just nod and answered the salam with a mouth full of ice cream. err.. yes.. i bite my ice creams.. i dont like licking ice creams.. it’s time consuming.

“Pertama Kompleks kat mane ek?”

i made the ‘WTF! tak tau Pertama Kompleks kat mane!’ face. we were at the South side of Sogo. so i pointed to the North. “kat sebelah sane dik”. i continued “korang nih orang luar bandar eh?”

the nearest boy answered. “eh tak la. kitorang duk Ampang.”

i made that WTF face again.

“Ok. Terima kasih, bang”

“same same”

you’re from KL and u dont know where Pertama is?

ok! serius aku tak leh terime.
aku terpikir.. 11 years had past since the new millenia.. Pertama Complex is now an ancient history no youngsters wants to know about. Sogo is the current landmark for Jalan Raja Laut. Sogo is much cleaner and futuristic compared to the old Pertama Complex.

dulu.. Pertama la tempat budak2 sekolah ponteng sekolah. it is where we wanted to be when we ditched school ground. Arcade heaven. it is the place we search for our clubs uniforms, sports attire, and bunch of other stuff. and i always visited the best this restaurant called ‘The Golden Jet’ where they served the best ever Mee Sup and Nasik Goreng. sadly they’re closed now.

i wonder if those youth know where Medan MARA is.. well.. there’s a new bangunan MARA next to the old Medan MARA. maybe they know about the new building.



Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

sile pegi tengok Ice Age 4: Continental Drift sekarang jugak.. adelah amat rugi kalau tengok lambat2.. nanti orang lain cerita-cerita kelakar ape yg Sid or Scrat buat.. kite setakat gelak sambil membayangkan sahaje.. tak tau ape sebenarnye yg terjadi..

paling kelakar part Scrat.. squirrel yg slalu keja kacang tuh.. 


respek kat production team.. idea derang mmg best.. from 1st Ice Age sampai 4th ni.. idea kelakar derang makin menjadi-jadi.. tak macam movie2 lain. muvi lain slalunye 2nd or 3rd muvi mesti dah bosan or dah kurang kelakar.. tapi Ice Age nih makin kelakar.. so amat best…

well.. bagi aku la makin kelakar.. 

Selecting Freedom

let the bringer of fun come forth
from the reality of the bold truth
upon the singers of the stunning freedom that travels the entire line

set upon them the treasure of time
a century of history and millenia of weeks
so that they may sling a product of smileys
between the experienced children of the moon
and the learning old man of the seconds

blabbering the words of false but understanding even the stars
speaking the words of truth but living on the very lies of the others
seeking out perfection yet stranding their effort to ease
woe them the truth of smiling fallacy that were inbred from the smileys
for forever they must understand
that the eternal will come
and that forever will be for naught

let there be friends that come for their aid
let there be neighbors giving good wishes
let there be parents to show them the true path of darkness
and let there be us

that jumped from the sacred ocean unto the vast sky
that learned from the teachers and grew up by our own cart of scrolls
that framed our experiences and passing it out into the time machines

from the will of none but The One
shall we receive more and travel together
to the undying land
to the forever eternal age
so we may be blessed with all
for the sake of
more learning
more experience
and more fun

to eternal darkness!

a place of the beginning
a place more beautiful
a place where even lights can be touched
a place we came from.. truly


Friday – Datamation

i woke up this morning in a cold room. bagus. misrable as it is cold. i bangun early sebab hari ni orang from Datamation are coming in for a presentation kat opis. it is a preparation for POC next week. so they came in today to give us a heads up on the current technology and show us the rough idea of the technology and the process flow. and cost estimation.

tapi aku bukan nak cerita pasal mende nih sebenarnye. when i walked out dari rumah aku today. the sky was clear. cantik dia MashaAllah. Subhanallah lah. though aku bangun awal. aku tetap pegi keje lambat. cam bese. haha! aku cepat2 kuar rumah bawak laju2 pegi opis. so aku tade mase nak brenti amik gamba.

sepanjang perjalanan dari rumah sampai opis tak nampak jerebu pun. asap lori ade. tapi asap lori quickly dissipated. so cam tak kisah la.

pastuh ari nih cam tade keje. aku praktikkan hikmat tido duduk sambil dengar iPod. lagu Payphone by Maroon 5 yg aku ulang ulang ulang even semase tido.. haha! aku set repeat 1 song la. akhirnye aku tetap tak hapal lagi lahu nih. hahaha!

tapi lagu nih best. aku paling suke tang bile lirik dia.. “if happy ever after did exist” tu.. haha!

Kawan Baik or BFF aku.. lol

aku ade 2 kawan baik. Elfi ngn Faitz.. well.. sebenarnye ramai lagi kawan baik aku. boleh kate sume pun kawan baik aku. tapi aku slalu lepak ngn Faitz ngn Elfi je. kalu tengok wayang ke hape.. ngn budak 2 eko nih je. sebab derang nih je yg slalu kate ‘OK’ or ‘Boleh, no hal’ bile aku ajak lepak.

tapi dedua dah kawen. haha! Faitz kawen tahun lepas.. aku jadik pengapit dia. Elfi pulak kawen minggu lepas. tinggallah aku sorang single. dah la stil tade awek. lol. kene ar cepat2 kuruskan badan. hehehe

kalau masuk facebook. dan bile aku stalk fb awek2 cun.. or mane2 awek lah. mostly akan letak gamba kawan dia.. and then ade description.. Best Friend Forever kat description gamba. or BFF.. and then siap tulis kat info ‘takleh hidup tanpa BFF’. or something like that.
and then kekadang.. ade yg aku stalk bertahun-tahun lamenye.. kekadang ade yg aku jumpe buat status.. “hmph! BFF konon.. suke tikam belakang.. mmg dasar perempuan jalanan”.. or “susahnye nak jumpe kawan sejati sekarang..”

padehal dulu sebok BFF BFF.. pastuh kawan backstab sket.. dah putus kawan.. kawan mengumpat blakang sket.. dah putus kawan. kawan curik boyfren sket.. putus kawan (kalau curik suami lain la cerite).. BFF pejadahnye cenggitu?

kalau ekau masuk mane2 social network lelaki.. even yg metroseksual or yg gay sekali pun… korang takkan jumpe status2 bodoh macam ‘putus kawan’ sume tuh.. kite cakap depan2.. or kutuk depan2.. then bile masalah settle.. kite stil kawan. biar ar ko curik girlfren aku pun. aku ingat lagi housemate aku kat UTP dulu. dah la duk blik sebelah2 je. tapi yg seko nih suke curik girlfren kawan yg duk bilih sebelah lagi satu.. gaduh mmg gaduh. tapi lepas seminggu dua.. elok je kawan. main bola same2. main futsal same.. pegi kelas same2.. buat projek same2.. score same2..
tade pulak status kat Friendster or facebook.. or myspace.. kate ‘kawan tak gune, curik girlfren aku’.. tade pun tulis status ‘susahnye dpt kawan sejati’.. tak komplen pun kat kawan2 lain pun. pastuh bile bercerita ngn kitorang.. dedua eko kene kutuk same2. elok la. tade pulak derang putus kawan ngn kiterang yg lain.

aku boleh curik makanan kawan2 kat pantry aku mase duk satu rumah.. aku boleh curik porn.. aku boleh curik duit.. and then aku bile bebudak tanye sape curik.. aku ngaku. and then bayar balik ape yg aku curik.. settle.. kalau dah mmg tak mampu bayar balik.. derang bengang.. pastuh derang halalkan je.. tade pun aku putus kawan. gamba2 facebook yg kitorang amik gamba same2 tade pun yg hilang.

aku paling tak suke masuk blog pompuan2 yg ade so called ‘BFF’ nih.. derang harap, BFF tak tikam belakang.. derang harap their BFF are perfect humans.. dia boleh bangga sebab jumpe perfect human utk jadikan BFF. and then bile BFF tunjuk kelemahan sket.. terus putus kawan.. kutuk sane sini.. terus tak bercakap.

ini la sebabnye kalau berkawan setakat mulut.. bukan dekat hati.. tak payah cakap ko berkawan dekat hati la.. sebab tuh ko sedih bile kawan ko tikam belakang. bodoh namenye tuh… mmg sah2 berkawan setakat mulut je. konon nak tunjuk the world yg dia takleh dipisahkan ngn BFF.. bullshit!
berkawan tade kene mengene sikit pun ngn hati.. even berkawan jadi boyfren girlfren pun tade kene mengene ngn hati.. semua tuh nafsu je. takyah nak sangkal. aku mmg betul. nafsu bile dah GAH!.. cenggitu la.. senang je putus kawan.

aku nak tanye….
Sape lagi yg nak tikam belakang kalau bukan kawan2? musuh tikam depan2!

Sape lagi nak mengumpat belakang kite kalau bukan kawan2 kite? sumpah tade sape yg tak mengumpat belakang.

Sape lagi yg nak menghancurkan jiwa ko kalau bukan kawan2? itu bukan yg derang carik. tapi dah terjadi.. ape nak buat?

Sape lagi yg nak gelak bile kite sedih or saket kalau bukan kawan2? kalau stranger yg gelak.. lagi awkward kot. kalau musuh yg gelak, dah mmg saket ati pun..

Sape lagi yg ko nak gaduh pasal ekonomi or pasal politik negara kalau bukan kawan2? well.. orang lain pun boleh jugak. tapi ngn kawan2 ko boleh sangkal depan2. dengan orang lain. ko kene carik fakta betul2 baru boleh sangkal. heheh..


sedarlah.. Tuhan bagi ko berkawan tuh dah cukup bagus ko tau tak? silaturrahim tuh kene kite eratkan.. bukan putuskan.. silaturrahim tuh bukan ngn keluarga kite je. dengan semua manusia.. sekalipun manusia tuh cube bunuh ko. tak salah pun ko berkawan ngn pembunuh ekau. malah tak salah langsung kalau ko berkawan ngn Yahudi sekalipun. sebab musuh kite hanye satu.. Iblis/Syaitan je.

Evening Calm – Kit Kat

I love Kit Kat.. opismate baru blanje Kit-Kat.
did you know? Kit-Kat was a luxurious chocolate once upon a time? dulu2.. dapat makan Kit-Kat nih rasa cam makan Ferrero Rocher sekarang.. luxurious.

aku ingat lagi. bile mak or bapak aku balik dari keje bawak Kit-Kat.. aku akan masukkan dalam peti sejuk dulu. jangan makan. makan hanye bile waktu sesuai sahaja. macam lepas dinner sebagai sebentuk dessert. atau makan mase supper.. masa tengok X-Files or McGuyver kat Tv2. yeah!

time dedulu.. kalau nak tengok crite omputih. kene tengok Tv2 je. Tv1 mesti drama melayu. tv3 pun.. cume Tv3 ada Muvi Hindustan time wiken or Muvi Cina KungFu malam Jumaat.. best jugak tuh. and kekadang ade la movie2 best dia tunjuk. tapi Tv2 nice sebab aku tengok series omputih byk kat situ. sekarang hampeh, dah ade Astro.. aku tak jengok walau sekali pun tv1,tv2 or tv3.. hahaha!

ok ok! cerita Kit-Kat. so lepas dinner or mase supper or mase tengah iklan time tengok X-Files.. aku mesti pegi amik Kit-Kat kat fridge. kalau hilang. mmg nak tengok aku mengamuk la. abang aku or adik aku je yg mencurik Kit-Kat nih. well. aku pun slalu curik gak. kire fair la. tapi tak kire.. aku nak mengamuk jugak. Kit-Kat kot!

like i said, Kit-Kat nih amat luxurious. setiap kali aku masuk 7-Eleven, (masuk 7-Eleven nih bagai masuk Mark & Spencer sekarang ko tau?) mesti aku pegi seksyen cekelat dan berfikir 40 kali untuk beli Kit-Kat. tapi memandangkan aku lebih suke Chicken Curry Puff 7-Eleven.. aku tak jadi beli Kit-Kat. 7-Eleven made the best Chicken Curry Puff and Chicken Pie ever.. 18 years ago lah.. atas Chicken Pie ade huruf ‘C’ and atas Curry Puff tade pape. so senang nak distinguish mane satu. aku suke dedua Puff and Pie.. tapi Chicken Pie slalu mahal lagi. lagi satu makanan luxurious.

so bile aku dah beli Chicken Curry Puff. tak jadi la beli Kit-Kat. sebab kalau aku beli 2 Curry Puff.. baru boleh beli satu Kit Kat. so aku rasa tak berbaloi. tak kenyang. so kene tunggu later bile aku simpan duit byk2 or dapat duit raya baru aku leh beli Curry Puff and Kit Kat sekaligus. selalunye Curry Puff menang. heheh. skali skale aku bagi Kit-Kat menang la. kempunan nak Kit-Kat.

duit curik simpan sendiri ok. tak mintak mak bapak. aku pandai curik simpan duit.

bile dapat Kit-Kat.. paling best adelah memotong kertas aluminium tuh. sumorang pun buat mende tuh. itu mmg signature nak makan Kit-Kat.. potong kertas aluminium guna kuku or jari. and then bile saat mematahkan Kit-Kat pun best jugak. dulu aku suke jilat permukaan atas cokelat sebelum makan. n then kene makan pelan-pelan. jgn terus telan.. kene savor each and every moment. manis cokelat. crunchy wafer. uuuh! terbaik. ada 4 batang pulak tuh. dulu tade yg 2 batang kot. aku rase la. tak ingat. sebab aku ingat makan 4 batang je.

tetibe tengah makan kat depan Tv tuh.. baru je abis satu batang. ternampak muke Abang tengah buat muke berharap adik dia nih share Kit Kat ngn dia, 1 batang pun jadi la.

aku terus buat muka “no way!”. aku kedekut Kit-Kat. tanak share ngn sape2.

tetibe Ayah bersuara. “share la dengan Abang tu! ade 4 tu. share la sorang dapat 2”.

aku buat muka “alaaaaaaa”.

“hai, kedekut betul anak2 aku ni. lain kali Ayah tak beli dah cekelat untuk kamu”.

okeh! aku bagi 1 batang je. Abang aku hepi dapat share dia yg pertame. aku tak bagi 2 terus. dia paham kenape aku kedekut. sebab dia pun kedekut bile dia ade Kit-Kat. tapi lepas aku bagi 1 batang kat dia. aku terus gigit 2 batang Kit-Kat sekali gus.. hyahahahahahaha! dan terus habiskan.. aaahahahahaha!

Ayah geleng kepale. dan kembali tengok X-Files. “dah! len kali ayah beli untuk Fadhli, jgn share dgn Halim. Kedekut betul”. ketuuk! Ayah ketuk kepale aku. sakit wei!

time nih la “2nd Child Syndrome” menyerang. teringat bile aku mintak Abang share. Ayah mesti kate “dia abang kan, ikut suke dia la nak buat ape”.. bile aku mintak share ngn Adik pulak, Ayah slalu kate “bagi la Adik makan sorang2, Halim kan abang.. tahan la sikit”. muncung aku mesti naik time nih. tengok cerita X-Files pun penuh ngn rase benci kat Abang n Adik. Ayah pulak asik backup Abang ngn Adik je. tak pernah backup aku. mmg rase seperti di’anak tiri’kan. pastuh buat2 pandang dapur, padehal mate dah berair sebab tahan nangis. pastuh kesat2 mate konon mengantuk or ade habuk masuk mate. lol. paling tak best bile kantoi sobbing… haha! sib baik lepas Form 3 “sindrom anak kedua” aku hilang. lambat jugak. tapi hilang none the less. Alhamdulillah.

begitulah penangan The Luxurious Kit-Kat. ade lagi satu cekelat exclusive.. mak aku suke cekelat tuh. Zip chocolate wafer. Mama suke. slalu makan bile dia kat opis. aku pun terikut mak aku suke (sebab mak aku slalu bawak pegi opis dia). tapi Kit-Kat tetap di hati.
cekelat bar paling agong skali adelah Snickers. itu stok 3 bulan skali je dapat makan. haha.

sekarang dah lain. Kit-Kat nih macam setaraf cekelat wafer Apollo yg murah dulu2. orang tak pandang pun Kit Kat bile pegi 7-Eleven. ade cekelat Dove.. Ferrero Rocher.. dah tah ape lagi tah yg mahal tuh. pergh! bebudak kecik masuk selambe amik letak kat counter.. bayar sendiri.. tade pikir 40 kali pun.. aku pun camtuh skang. haha!

p/s: seronok bergaji nih.