First Complex

i was having my moment outside of Sogo yesterday. biting my McD Cone Sundae when i saw 3 seishun walking about searching for something. they kept pointing to the CIMB tower next to Sogo and discussing something. and at one point. i heard one of them voiced her opinion about asking someone for directions. they saw me and the girl came closer..

“assalamualaikum, bang”, she gave her greetings.

still biting my ice cream. i could just nod and answered the salam with a mouth full of ice cream. err.. yes.. i bite my ice creams.. i dont like licking ice creams.. it’s time consuming.

“Pertama Kompleks kat mane ek?”

i made the ‘WTF! tak tau Pertama Kompleks kat mane!’ face. we were at the South side of Sogo. so i pointed to the North. “kat sebelah sane dik”. i continued “korang nih orang luar bandar eh?”

the nearest boy answered. “eh tak la. kitorang duk Ampang.”

i made that WTF face again.

“Ok. Terima kasih, bang”

“same same”

you’re from KL and u dont know where Pertama is?

ok! serius aku tak leh terime.
aku terpikir.. 11 years had past since the new millenia.. Pertama Complex is now an ancient history no youngsters wants to know about. Sogo is the current landmark for Jalan Raja Laut. Sogo is much cleaner and futuristic compared to the old Pertama Complex.

dulu.. Pertama la tempat budak2 sekolah ponteng sekolah. it is where we wanted to be when we ditched school ground. Arcade heaven. it is the place we search for our clubs uniforms, sports attire, and bunch of other stuff. and i always visited the best this restaurant called ‘The Golden Jet’ where they served the best ever Mee Sup and Nasik Goreng. sadly they’re closed now.

i wonder if those youth know where Medan MARA is.. well.. there’s a new bangunan MARA next to the old Medan MARA. maybe they know about the new building.




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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. dont you realize that i wrote there “dont you degrade your step mom” it means, no matter who she is, i have to respect her. i do proud of my parents and even myself. it’s just that i found it quite difficult to accept the marriage at FIRST. maybe i was too emotional back then. however, i manage to deal with all my emotion with the help of my parents and ALLAH. i’am proud of everyone. am not yet married. still single. but if my future husband is going to get married, AM NOT GOING to stop him. insyaAllah i’ll be as strong as my mom. what am i trying to say in that entry was just that, SHARING. i want others to be open minded. i want them not to blame anyone if their father got married with other woman.

    DEAR YOU! please. am begging. read properly. dont jump into A CONCLUSION. saya bangga dengan ibu and ayah saya…tolong jangan underestimate. saya tak pernah menghalang ayah. plus! saya sngt rapat dengan bekas ibu tiri saya.! awk tolong baca betul2 and faham betul2 ya apa yang saya tulis. assalam 🙂

  2. ahhaahh..i’ve understood. dont worry..i didnt said marriage is all about love.. there’re such thing about love after marriage..and that is all what will bring us to jannah. i let everything to Allah. who’s my future one, i dont even have a clue. with love or without love, Allah’s faith is the most wonderful thing in my life..redha, syukur trus doa pada Allah. yes!indeed! there are no such thing about TRUE LOVE…cinta sejati kita hanya pada pencipta kita.. anyway, thanks sbb sudi singgah blog saya. and it’s good to argue about this. 🙂

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