The Step Cousins

I blame the humans.. and I also thank them for it.

Yesterday, I got news from Aisyah (my cousin) saying that she got news from her mom (Mok Su) saying that Abang Alish (also a cousin.. not Mok Su’s son tho) was in a coma and warded in the ICU. kenape? a blood clot in his brain. was all the answer i got. Then this morning, I got news from Ayah Long saying that Abang Alish survived the surgery and now warded in Neuro ward in GHKL.

So I planned on visiting Abang Alish in GHKL in the evening after work hour. when i arrived, no relatives were there, I guess they must had gone to the pasar utk beli makanan bukak pose sat lagi. Abang Alish was unconscious, or asleep (that’s what the nurse told me).. kesian jugak tengok dia, with the blacks around his eye lids, all I could think was to blame him sebab merokok!.. hish! tu laa.. merokok lagi..

so I stood there for a while thinking what to do.. what to do.. after a while, all I could manage to think was to sedekahkan al-Fatihah to him, so i did and i added the 3 Kuls with it. and may Allah restore his health for all eternity. and hope this doesn’t happen to me in the future.

I asked the nurse if he’d already gain consciousness before i visited. she kept telling me the doctor said to give him ubat tidur. i didnt understand her so i asked her again. “dia dah bangun ke sebelum ni?”, she kept telling me the doctor instructed her to give him ubat tidur. i asked for the third time. “maknenye dia tak pernah bangun la selepas surgery tadi?”.. she answered, “belum pernah bangun lagi”.. i had a little LOL in my mind.

Apparently, Abang Alish was given the sleepy dosage so that the doctor could monitor his brain condition until tomorrow.. aku tak paham sangat… but i guess i wont be having a chat with him today. I stood there for another minute, looked around at other patients. Thinking that all the other relatives wont be here either before or after Maghrib. it was 6 o`clock anyway. I just excused myself out of the ward. Terserempak ngn Pok Su, showed him where Abang Alish was and excused myself again.

Now, how do i explain my relationship with Abang Alish. yes, he is my cousin. but I guess i can call it “Step Cousin”.. you see.. Arwah Nenek Zainab (dad’s mom), were married once before she married my grandfather, Che Isa.. she had 2 sons (i think), PakCik Seng, short for Hashim, and PakCik Heng, short for Ibrahim. dont know if she had any daughters with her first husband tho..then arwah Nenek got divorced.. and married my grandfather and obtained, Ayah Long, Ayah Ngah, Ayah Chik (my dad) and Mok Su.. 

so yeah! PakCik Seng and PakCik Heng were my dad’s step brothers.. but being Kelantanese or maybe just because they just lived under the same roof, they shared bonds like true brothers. oh! they’re both deceased now. Innalillah wa inna ilaihirojiun. PakCik Seng was a chronic diabetic, and PakCik Heng was a diabetic too but still maintaining his blood sugar. they were both heavy smokers. err.. I guess all Arwah Nenek Zainab’s offspring are diabetics.. and I may have a big chance of inheriting this disease in the future. but not yet, Alhamdulillah.

I personally liked PakCik Seng and PakCik Heng, PakCik Seng would always entertain my siblings and I with his gigi palsu. kelakar weh!.. but i was so little to notice how gross it actually was. haha!

and PakCik Heng was my favorite Pakcik, every now and then, we would visit PakCik Heng at his Rumah Pangsa in Cheras.. arwah Mak Nah (Pak Cik Seng’s wife) would always serve us food she got from Johor. and she always cook delicious food. She cooked all the food in her son and daughter’s weddings (Kak Cha, Kak Nora, Kak Adek and Abang Alish). people all around the village would hire her to cook in wedding ceremonies. of course I always liked her Laksa Johor the most.

PakCik Heng would always welcome us, and he would tell us stories. about when he became a ketua kampung once in Kampung Baru during the bloodied 13th May.. he told us he jumped and bashed a chinese until the chinese cried , “Allahu Akbar”, PakCik Heng would cupped his mouth with his hand and say “Allah, orang kite rupenye”.. LOL.. then stories about how he defended his village during communist occupation.. and dirty jokes about marching bands. and so much more. 

What i liked the most when visiting PakCik Heng’s house was that he had this Sega game or was it Micro Genius.. lepas makan sedap2, trus aku carik2 bawah meja TV.. and then turn on the game masa dia tengah start bukak cerita2 zaman dulu. heheh. he would often say that it was for his children or his grandchildren.. but we all know he likes to play Super Mario. lol. he was over 50 years old at that time.

Abang Alish would often come back home late. “keje”, kate dia. but he’ll often layan kitorang adik bradik. the one thing that made my siblings wanted to hang with him always. dia pandai layan budak2. their whole family would layan kitorang, sampai la kitorang balik umah.. and that would be around 1 to 2am in the morning (slalunye)… hehe..

well.. that’s the issue kalau anak2 cucu2 arwah Nenek Zainab berjumpa.. mmg tak balik awal la. 

sampai je umah sesape.. “pung pang pung pang”,

lepas makan, “pung pang pung pang” sampai 12 tgh malam.. then kate nak balik..

mase pakai kasut/selipar, “pung pang pung pang” depan pintu rumah..

hantar kat krete.. “pung pang pung pang” sampai pukul 1-2 pagi.. lol.. baru balik umah.


and that’s a little bit of my family history.. sekarang.. Abang Alish terlantar kat hospital.. may he preserve. I’ll go visit again this Saturday. InsyaAllah.

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