hape kene kau Faiz?

last friday.. err.. or should i say last saturday. like all Ramadhan before, we friends always agreed to change futsal start time to be later than 9.00pm. konon nak respect kawan2 yg pegi semayang tarawih. but yeah, i know my friends. tarawih konon. lol. well.. sume dah kawen, maybe they really can change.

so we decided to book another slot for Ramadhan. unfortunately, all the slots for Friday are fully booked. yang tinggal hanyelah kul 12 malam.. meaning dah masuk ari Sabtu la tu. haha. sucks!

tapi disebabkan sume nak jugak semayang tarawih serta main futsal. so 12am slot it is.

i went for futsal last Friday.. err.. Saturday, to test out my knee. and nice. my left knee held out the entire night. nice. i was pretty sure the medication did its job. and i’m one month away from playing the great bola padang. heheheh! tido lena aku malam tuh. rase cam fresh gile.
Saturday went well. until i decided to sip some Coffee Bean’s Icy Cappucino that night. at first sip, i remembered the doctor said, “NO Coffee!”. but thinking one cup-a-coffee wont hurt, i finished the ice blended coffee. malam tuh jugak lutut aku saket! demmit! apehal wei??!! demmit!

so sekarang aku tengah rehatkan kaki aku. jalan sikit2, always stretching my knee, always exercising my ligaments. hadui. bile nak baik nih? tomorrow, kalau tak baik jugak. nampaknye aku kene skip Friday futsal. i hate that i have to skip futsal or football. takpe. esok baik la tu. insyaAllah.


Sunday night, i planned a failed gathering again. only Faitz and Ain showed up. lol. but that’s ok, sebab kalau ramai sangat, susah aku nak blanje. disebabkan 3 orang je. aku blanje bukak puase kat Marche, The Curve. nice! blanje 3 org kat situ macam blanje 5-6. lol. tapi ok la kot.

Faitz showed us his new toy. literally, a toy. the new Bat-Mobil he bought at Toy’s ‘R’ Us. lol. one look at him, you wouldnt believe that he’s the kind that buy toys for himself instead of buying one for his child. lol.


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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