Bourne Legacies (spoilers)

i’ve read Bourne Legacy.. and i’ve watched Bourne Legacy… they are both totally unrelated. but heck! i like reading and watching both Bourne Legacy’s productions.

here’s some spoilers:

The book tells about Jason Bourne and his presumably dead son Joshua.. one left to die inVietnam, and grew up to be an assassin as deadly as Bourne. Bourne’s son grew up and picked up an alias, Khan. later were hired to kill David Webb (Jason Bourne’s real name). later in the book he joins Bourne in the quest to save humanity.

The movie tells about Aaron Cross, a member of Outcome. i think the legacy in this movie means that there were never only one super soldier cum assassin like Bourne. when Bourne went rogue, there are other soldiers, in training, somewhere else. Aaron Cross is one of them. in Bourne Ultimatum (movie), because Bourne succeeded in releasing some information on his black ops to the public. The government decided to stop their operation on training new assassins, and leave no proof behind. so this movie is about Aaron Cross running away from Outcome and surviving the ruthless government. the climax of this film was when the government introduced a new more deadlier and awesome assassin called in from LARX ops. WTF? ordered to chase and kill Aaron Cross.

both got their own stories.. their own plots.. i like them both. and i love all the actions in all Bourne movie productions. they really choreographed good fighting actions.


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