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a subtle oath

i claimed our title
remember what we said
from the oath of the unbroken ambition
a resolution, a memory
that binds us like ice
glittering like the flowers of the evenings

the day had passed
where the nature had whistled
when the wind will dance
and while we contemplate
we replace baggages of streams
with the undying gravity of certain solitude

we cried for a moment
and we wept for a second
still we stand above the sky
a sky we stood upon
with a ground made of air
with hills made of water
and the chill that came with the dazzling moon

i remember my oath
a cancerous delicacy i prayed for
slowly it crept out to me
and slowly i avenged the feeling of gloom
but to no avail
until the placement would see
that a horrible honour
was more than one of us can brag upon
more over clapping to shine his own oath

so i play for another century
hoping the years would turn to hundreds
and the hundreds became a day
an hour upon hours of time
a time of light
weighing the mountain from the East
lifting the march that let out a might
and cursing what memories that lied
under the blanket of truth
for tomorrow lies
and yesterday lied

may we be free of ourselves
and may we deliver what we promised
for the sake of the undying time
and the eternal land

and shall we see to it
that we begin our journey to happiness
not until tomorrow
but for eternity
and forever more




do i look like a rapist to you? how dare you!!! aarrgghhh! RAGE!!!

its time to go back home and as usual.. i used the back entrance of the KWSP building. its a parking entrance/exit and its a bit dark there.. but the time was still below 7pm.. so it was still fairly bright. as i was passing the huge disposal tank. a 40 years-ish old woman.. (she may be 25-35 but she had that 40 years old look and make up.. plus.. im not gonna give her any credit).. from UOB bank building passed the disposal tank at the same time.

just as i stepped about 3 meters from the woman. the disposal tank made a sound. i was a bit surprised. but im pretty sure its the sound of a rat or mouse scavenging for something. but what i was really shocked was that the woman stopped, made a scared sound like ‘hyuh’, looked straight at me and covered her cleavage and her short skirt. like i was moving to rape her. WTFuck wei!! how fucking rude?!!! muke macam MILF.. SERIUS TANAK AKU!! (oh! i dont like MILF. there may be a lot of guys out there who likes MILF.. but i dont. just to make clear of things. haha).. plus there were like 10 people all around the exit to the car park. siap ade pak guard KWSP 2 org jage pintu car park tu. WTfuck u’re so scared about a rapist anyway.

if she got raped. then i blame her not the rapist (well, actually.. i blame both). sporting that unbutton cleavage casual tight shirt and a short tight skirt. dah la gemuk. muke dah kedut2 ade hati nak sexy2 lagi. ko pakai sexy2 tuh bukan nak sruh laki pandang ke? itu tujuan utama ko pakai sexy2 kan? ko sendri tau muke ko dah tua. kene la pakai sexy kan? lelaki yg tanak tengok muke ko. tengok tetek ko pulak kan?

so kalau ade lelaki gemuk pakai baju keje lalu tepi kau.. ko terus ingat dia rapist? WTFuck?!!!! kalau lelaki tuh macho cam Leonardo DiCaprio tapi mmg rapist.. ko tadah je badan ko untuk kene rape? bodoh!! fuck kau!! i curse u!!! double standard gile.

arrggggghhh! marah gile aku!!! demn.. i should at least ask her if she thought that i was gonna rape her. ni tak. aku just senyum kat dia then blah. i turned my head once to look back if she had been over it and jalan terus. yg buat aku paling marah was that she eyed me all the way to the next car. tu paling aku marah. haram tul.. AARRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!

lenkali dia buat camtu kat aku lagi.. aku nak tumbuk ulu hati dia. haha..

ps: aku suke Hentai ok (hentai yg tade MILF).. MILF is just kotor. hahaha.

Weekend of plans

now that was an interesting weekend i had. made me realize one thing. Im young and I’m getting old. actually i realized it a lot sooner than this.. but this weekend.. these last couple of days.. i can actually feel it in my bones how fragile age can bring to ones life.. how young i am and how old I’ve become.

it started on Friday. futsal at 7-8pm then 9-10pm.. a bit tired but i survived the night.

and then Saturday came. there was supposed to be a football game that morning. but bile bukak facebook group page, Kelab Pop’s Captain, Jo, said the game was cancelled because the referee didnt replied. i thank God for that. because the game would end at about 11.30am and i have another schedule to meet that evening. Rock Away Fest 2012 at Sepang International Circuit. jeng jeng. jenggg.. sambung tido la aku pagi Sabtu tu.

bangun2 je dah pukul 2 petang. lol. mandi2 siap2 sembahyang2. lunch2. oh! dah pukul 3.30 petang. event start kul 12. its ok. awal2 fest band tak femes je. so tak rugi kalau dtg lambat. kalau tak datang terus pun tak rugi pape kecuali tiket RM141. tu je. haha. Rock Away Fest 2012 kali ni featured some bands i never knew about. well.. the bands were mostly popular rock bands and their songs are(not were.. still are) popular too.. but it is just because i never bothered knowing band names along with their song titles. unless the media(mostly from the TV i watched and on radio i hear every weekday mornings/evenings) babbles for months about them. if not. i wont know anything about any band names or any song titles. japanese songs are exceptions though aaannd.. some really famous songs sang by famous people. haha! tak kisah la tu. the only bands i knew there were Hujan, OAG and Soulfly. Soulfly was the main event and the most popular rock band in this fest. but heck. i never heard any of their songs pun. err.. i shud say ‘never bothered’. but yes. i’ve heard of Soulfly and that’s it. haha. but there are others and that night i grew to like Koffin Kanser. marvelous reggae rock song. oh! and i met Hanie Hidayah ok.

Saturday evening till midnight. i set to rock my heart and body. i also decided to save my strength until Soulfly. so i did not join the mob of heavy rockers in front of the stage.

not until after Maghrib that is. something changed my mind. OAG made a comeback at the second stage, a closed stage. heck! OAG riled me up so bad i had to change my mind to rock in front of the stage. haha! kudos to OAG, still rocks if u ask me.

thinking i could actually do this(haha). later after hearing OAG, there’s this one rock band called Unearth came on the main stage. i know nothing of them or their rock songs. but they rocked. that’s just about it to get me rocking the night. i joined the rocker’s mob and rock until Unearth rocked their 3rd song. my hands were sticky from my sweat and others in the mob. my shirt was crazy wet. one time i thought i lost my favorite topi komunis. and then i felt beat. i looked around me. the young’ns are still full of energy, still rocking, still jumping, banging, shouting, swearing, fisting and syaitanning.. shit! i wanna do that more.

when Unearth set ended and Hujan came on the stage i was really beaten and i think, the meleis love Hujan. there would be less humans at the food court behind. so i went for my dinner at the Burger Bakar. plus i could save my energy for Soulfly later. i dined that night with Hujan rocking at my background.

When Koffin Kanser came on before Soulfly, i joined-in the silent background mob. the mob that felt content with just standing silently and shouting once in moments, banging their heads lightly and occasionally show the rock sign when they felt like it. this is where most of the girls would be. hehehe!

it’s 11.30 and the main event were about to start. they test mics and other electrical stuff until midnight. and i am concern about my health. haha! feeling that it wont end so well. i decided against joining the rocker’s mob. haha! good decision it was. it’s late and i have a football game on Sunday at 9am. 3rd song through.. my legs were throbbing like hell.. been standing there like since 4pm. so i decided to go back home. not that i know any of their songs anyway. doesnt feel right either.

i took a wrong guess. so i had to walk extra 2 miles to the car park. made a very long detour. and it felt as far as a long walk can get. but it kinda worth the effort, the walk and that i decided to go back early. i managed to hear about 4 more songs up on the hill when i walked that extra 2 miles around the helipad circuit hill. the drum beat, the guitars.. man.. they were rocking the hill. the people in the gas station opposite the hill were listening to free songs the entire night. lol.

got to my dad’s car around 1.30 a.m. and i drove like crazy fast that night. dont know what got into me. its like i’m on rock drugs or something. lol. and my foot wont stop throbbing the entire way until i reached home.

sampai rumah. mandi2.. checked facebook. played World of Tanks a couple of rounds. download Lord of The Rings – Uncut Version, set my alarm, it was already 3am and then i blacked out. hehe. TIDO!!!

i woke up at 6am.. demn my legs hurt. yes. the entire leg throbbed. tapi disebabkan nak main bola sangat. aku BANGUN! tapi untuk semayang je. hehehehe. siap2 pakai jersi ngn seluar pendek. then tido balik. miahahahahaha! 8.30am alarm kejut lagi skali. aku stretch sane sini. then terus keluar umah pegi padang INSPEN, Bangi. peergh! miraculously, my legs not throbbing anymore. takpe. aku pakai jugak minyak panas. oh.. ini bukan game Kelab Pop. this was Petrovars FC. sampai padang. aku stretch lagi skali. sebab last 2 weeks. aku tak stretch badan aku. terus terseliuh pinggang lepas 3 minit main bola. demmit.

got bad news that morning. goalkeeper tak ada. so we played on with a substitute goalkeeper who doesnt know how to goal keep.. miahahaha! I played brilliantly that morning. game ended with our lost 11-1 to Mendung FC. gahahahahahahaha! referee said we conceded 9.. but i counted.

the good thing about playing friendly match is that not once we faltered even though we know we cant win the match. we played on like we always had. we pressed on. we defended like we always do. fun. always trying our best to touch the ball. passing. no one was hurt. no one feeling guilty of their own mistakes. i like this kinda game. no hard feelings. only soft feelings. hehe. the most important thing is not winning. not at all.. the most important thing is that we get to play football. that’s all that matters.

it actually is a big progress for me. to think that i ONLY know how to receive a ball up until i was 18 years old. thats like missing 10 years of football practice. i started learning football when playing with my college friends every evening. my friends already know how to dribble gracefully at 18. but i ONLY know how to touch a ball pass. and then slowly i made my way up.. slowly.. at 19 i was praised to be a good defender. at 20 my friend said i could be a good defensive midfielder. 12 years later.. i can now play a part in some positions. even attacking positions. i can at least dribble while maintaining my eye on the football field. but i’m not a student anymore. i dont have every evening to play football. i imagined i had more time or i imagined i started learning football early. what a wonder i wouldav been. *sigh*

game ended at 11am.. we had our brunch at a cendol stall sebelah UNITEN. then head back home. i got home and slept until i woke up this morning. i know. WTHell? my sister said it was raining heavily last night with terrible lightnings.. but i never heard a thing. i slept all day and night. and woke up with a heavy ache on my neck. i have to skip gym today. well. i practically had been exercising all weekend. i need my rest today.

all and all, i collected: a bruise on my left knee. Pattela Tendinitis on both of my knees. a heavy ache at the back of my neck. stiff muscles all over my body. depleted stamina. and a huge amount of fun this weekend. i may not walk properly today. but i think its kinda worth it. i wonder what this week-end will bring for me.
i hope for another adventure. yes sir. i sure hope so.

Celoteh pagi Jumaat by BCI

BCI stands for Baharom Che Isa.. and my name is AHBCI.. hehe. Abdul Halim Baharom Che Isa. he taught me. “Ilmu itu Allah yang punye! dan Dia bagi ilmu pada manusia” – knowledge belongs to God and He gave it to us humans. so Knowledge is Free. and it belongs to us all. sebab tu aku tak letak copyrights untuk segala yg aku share.

this is an email i got from my dad. he published his own writings to his friends and families so that they will know how he thinks and what truth accompanying his thoughts. i know this is his writings and not copied from others because he’s been repeating the same thing about misconception of ‘Orang Islam’ and ‘Melayu yg Mengaku Islam’ for over a decade now. he is not an ustaz or anything. but he is a good Muslim who likes to read. especially the Holy Bible of al-Qur’an. and if u have a mind for it. i implore you to

stay a while, and listen
-deckard cain-

read it slowly. there may be some sentences that need thorough understanding before you continue reading the next line. its quite long, but it is a good read. if u dont understand anything. you can ask me. i’ll have the answers ready. insyaAllah.

Salam semua rakan2.

Dilampirkan satu komen dari Dr Dzukifly Ahmad – link disini.

Lama dah dok fikir2 perkara yang sama.

Mengapakah ada sesetengah orang melayu terlalu sensitif dengan komen yang di hadapkan kepada mereka apabila disindirkan umpama ada golongan bukan melayu lebih baik dari melayu. Bila terjadi keadaan begini, selalunya orang melayu tersebut akan menyanggah dgn ungkapan “adakah orang bukan Islam lebik baik dari orang Islam?”. Kononnya orang melayu tu Allah sudah kurniakan Islamnya secara otomatis walaupun dengan jelas kejahilan, kesombongan, kejahatan, kezaliman dan kekafiran yang diperlakukan. Orang bukan melayu pula yang sesetengahnya menunjukkan kehalusan, keperihatinan, keadilan dan kehormatan akan tetap dianggap KAFIR walaupun perlakuan mereka menunjukkan penuh dengan intipati Islam.

Dr. Dzulkifly memberikan contoh seperti didalam article yg dilampir:
“Sehubungan perkara ini saya suka mengungkapkan apa yang disebutkan oleh Imam Ibn Taimiyymah: (InnalLaha yansuru daulatun ‘Adilah, walau kaanat Kafirah, wa inkaanat Kafirah, wa La yansuru daulatun Zolimah, wa lau kanat Mukminah) “Allah membantu negara Adil, walaupun Kafir, dan Allah tidak membantu negara zalim walaupun mukmin”.

Kita mesti faham bahawa dari segi fitrahnya Islam adalah keseluruhan ciptaan Allah dan ini selain manusia termasuklah binatang2, batu2, tumbuhan serta lain2. Ini kerana semuanya datang dari Allah dan dimaktubkan sedikit sebanyak didalam alquran. Iman adalah target yang perlu dicapai untuk mendapatkan keredhaan Allah. Seperti apabila sekumpulan orang badwi datang kepada Rasulullah SAWS dan mengishtiharkan bahawa mereka beriman, Allah mewahyukan kepada Nabi SAWS supaya mengatakan mereka cuma Muslim kerana iman belum lagi menyerap kedalam hati mereka (surah al-hujurat). Iman dihati kitalah ciri yang membuatkan kita membezakan diantara keadilan, kehormatan dan kebaikan dengan kezaliman, kesombongan dan kejahatan.

Allah berfirman: Sesungguhnya mereka yang beriman kemudian kufur, kemudian beriman (semula), kemudian kufur dan bertambahlah kekufurannya …. (surah al-kahfi). Maknanya disini, seseorang itu menjadi KAFIR setelah beriman dan bukannya dari keturunannya. Samalah juga dgn Islam dan Iman bukan terletak diatas keturunan seseorang mahupun perlembagaan malaysia.
Ada juga khilaf pendapat ulama’ tentang samada lafazan shahadah menentukan keislaman seseorang seperti yg kita pelajari. Diingatkan dimana Iman Ibn Taymiyyah memberi fatwa orang mukmin boleh memerangi penjajah mongol walhal orang2 mongol sudah pun memeluk Islam (lafaz shahadah lah gamaknya) tetapi tidak berkelakuan seperti orang Islam. Disini kita kenalah berfikir sejenak tentang persamaan yang ada dikalangan kita. Ini adalah berbeza dengan peperangan diantara Ali bin Abi Talib dan Mu’awiyyah bin Sufyan dimana didalam alquran telah di naba’kan pertembungan diantara dua kumpulan dan kedua2nya adalah benar.

Orang bukan Islam yang kita senang2 melabelkan KAFIR pula. Adakah mereka kafir atau pun JAHIL? Sebab itulah Allah memerintahkan kita berda’wah supaya mengajak semua kepada jalan Allah dengan hikmah, senario yg baik dan jika berbalah dengan mereka, juga dengan cara yang baik. Mereka juga seperti kita, takut kepada benda yang baru. Didalam alquran banyak memberi cerita2 kaum yang kafir berpegang kepada ajaran datuk-moyang mereka. Allah hanya membinasakan mereka apabila semua da’wah ditolak sekeras2nya dan mereka memusuhi, menzalimi dan membunuh orang2 yg beriman.
Allah berfirman: Telah Kami (Allah) jelaskan didalam alquran ini semua bentuk perumpamaan (tetapi) kebanyakan manusia ini suka berbalah. Surah alkahfi.

Hendak dibangkitkan disini bahawa kita orang melayu pun terikut juga dengan ajaran orang tua2 kita yang ada sesetengahnya jahil juga dalam Islam dan kita akan mengikut apa yang diperkatakan tanpa usul periksa seperti “maaf datuk cucu nak lalu” & sebagainya. Banyaklah juga ustaz2 yang mengajar kita yang masih berpegang kepada unsur2 yang bukan dari Islam. Pernah saya mendengar soal-jawab agama IKIM dimana bila ditanya adakah siput babi itu haram dan jawapan diberi semua benda yang bernama babi adalah haram. Walaupun kita tak makan siput babi, tahu ke ustaz tu siput babi dalam bahasa lain takde nama babi? Pernah saya menegur seorang Imam yang mengajar dimasjid tentang batalnya puasa apabila memasukkan sesuatu kedalam rongga. Contoh yang diberi apabila seseorang buang air besar dan terjadi kejadian yang terkeluar tu masuk balik, batal puasa nya!!! Astaghfirullahalazim.

Jadi kesimpulannya, janganlah kita orang Islam dari segi perlembagaan malaysia menganggap apa yang keluar dari mulut kita dan kelakuan kita itu semuanya selari dengan Islam dan orang yang kita labelkan kafir pulak langsung tidak mempunyai Islam. Itu kan semuanya dari Allah. Ada hadith yang dipetik dari Abu Hurairah yang menceritakan bagaimana Allah menghantar Iblis untuk mengajar manusia tentang fadhilat ayatulkursiy. Semua makhluk Allah samada yang Mukmin, Muslim dan kafir tidak akan terlepas dari apa yang Allah telah tentukan. Jadi kita fikirkan lah.

Allah berfirman: Wahai orang2 beriman tegakkan keadilan dengan bersaksikan Allah. Janganlah kerana kamu bencikan satu2 kaum itu kamu tidak berlaku adil. Berlaku adil lah kerana itu adalah lebih dekat dengan taqwa. Bertaqwalah kepada Allah. Sensungguhnya Allah mengetahui apa yang kamu kerjakan. Surah Al-Maidah.

Anggaplah mereka yang belum Islam sebagai suadara dan rakan2 kita yang sakit dan memerlukan pertolongan. Kerana mereka ini seperti yang Nabi Isa AS sebutkan sebagai “prodigal son”. Yakni anak yang liar yang ingin mengembara keliling dunia kemudian ingin kembali kerumah. Takkan kita nak halau dia pulak kan?

Astaghfirullah li wa lakum
Wassalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

sedarlah. hanye orang Islam yg boleh jadi kafir. orang yg tidak mengetahui apa2 tentang Islam itu adelah orang jahil. so patut ke cina/india/omputih itu dipanggil Kafir?

not so important

AH! i really wanna go play dota.
but obligations.. demn u obligations.

need to follow up with my loan lawyers,
need to send my brother his reading materials,
need to finish my work,
need to check my outstanding bills,
need to check my eyes,
need to cut my hair,
need to buy shampoo and bread and toothpaste,
need to go to a dentist..

I have to go to Bangi tonight. the traffic’s not gonna be easy. i know.

then tomorrow, i’m going to play futsal at 7-8pm then 9-10pm.. then go to sleep early because on saturday, i have to wake up early to play football. then i have to confirm my friends attendance for a football match i set up on Sunday morning. demn. too many responsibilities. i hate this. if i wanna have fun. but none leading to games of dota.

i just wanna go to the Cyber Cafe.. and play dota for the rest of the night. aaaaaahhh!

ah! tak kire. malam ni nak pegi jugak. malas anta reading materials kat adik. pandai2 la dia carik reading materials dia sendiri.

3 blogs

I’ve been blog walking for what?.. more than 15 years kot. tapi I’ve found so few interesting blogs out there that makes me wanna come back and read again and again.

if anyone ever read this. let me introduce to you the 3 most interesting blogs I’ve ever set my.. err. foot.. no err.. OpenID upon. and i never failed to open their blogs every time i log on to the internet or ever since i found their blogs.

first would be
i dont remember how i got to her blog. but thanks to her i found Hanis Zalikha. lol. her blogs are full of knowledge. well.. medical or doctor stuff kinda knowledge. she has a open-dirty-minded but in a clean way, and she’s creatively knowledgeable on this matters that it makes it easy to understand what I don’t actually understand anything about doctor’s stuffs.. she’s funny too. it’s fun to read her blog.

then i found this one commenting in Hanis Zalikha’s blog kot.
this one i could never get enough of. if she was listed in a Batman movie cast, she’d be Joker. she’d be like ‘lets put a smile on your faces’ and i would just laugh like she’d put drug in my Ribena. she’s a real joker i tell you.. the jokes are funny and creative, i cant stand laughing about it.

and then there’s the love of my life. eh.. tak.. mane ade. lol. tak.. then there was the third blog
i knew her from a schoolmate. well. not that i know know her. but I’ve known about her from a schoolmate who befriended her during their college years (kot). she’s totally my type. don’t know if she met the height requirement but yes, she’s cute. lol. the only thing is that… err.. she’s from Penang (kot).. ergh! hahaha!
OK! her blog. i dont wanna sound like i like her. tho i do. but she got an interesting blog too. i like how she writes.. somehow it felt ‘kemas’ and every paragraphs have their own set of points. creative. and sometimes can be funny too. Penang jokes are not that funny. but yeah.. i like her.. so kene listkan blog dia kat sini. lol.

there.. 3 interesting blogs i like to visit every time i log on to the internet. i ought to learn from them. from being knowledgeable, funny and kemas. and most importantly… Creative. i need that. though I’m a lefty and lefties are known for their creativity, somehow it feels like I’m a normal right handed person. demn!

or maybe aku just malas. hmm.. yeah.. that’s most likely to be it.

hmm.. sume blog pompuan je kot. well. bias gile. sebab mostly blog lelaki slalu bagi too much info. and most of the info’s, are the ones I’ve already known or ones I’m not interested in. tak best bace blog laki. best bace komen lelaki je.

lagipun apehal nak masuk blog laki? aku single dan available weh.. kene lah carik awek. eh.. bace blog awek je. yg comel2 je la. yg tak comel aku tak rase nak bukak pun. haha! tade la. aku bace sume ok. demmit. I’m a reader!

p/s: baru ade org komen sket dah prasan cam ade ramai visitor/reader.. cheit! padehal dia komen sebab obligatory comments je sebab aku dtg dan komen blog dia. haha!

Dinner malam ini

Salmon, tuna, mashed potatoes

ade kuah

mashed potatoes rasa cam kat Chili’s ok

Chili’s Mashed Potatoes (hehe)

4 biji potatoes (tak tau la jenis ape.. tapi yg penting potatoes.. lol)
6 cloves garlics
3 button mushroom
3 sudu besar butter
cauliflower (aku amik sebesar penumbuk aku)
susu full krim setengah cawan
garam and black pepper
parsley (cincang)
chives (dicincang)

1. buang kulit kentang, potong in large chunks (utk senang rebus)
2. sedia kan periuk ngn air, salted
3. rebus kentang, garlic, kobis bunga dlm salted water tu
4. keluarkan kobis bunga lepas 5 minit..
5. lepas lebih kurang 20 minit (kot) keluarkan kentang yg dah lembut beserta garlics yg lembut
6. masukkan kentang, garlic lembut dan butter dlm mangkuk dan lenyekkan mereka guna garpu.. season ngn garam n pepper.
7. blend kobis bunga, button mushroom ngn setgh cawan susu
8. campurkan blended cauliflower ke dalam kentang lenyek
9. letak parsley secukup rasa

serius mashed potatoes rasa cam mashed potatoes kat Chili’s.. bile aku sruh adik aku rasa mashed potatoes tu, aku tanye “macam Chili’s punye tak?”.. dia angguk.. yeah! hahahaha!



olive oil
2 cloves garlic cincang
suku bawang besar cincang
garam dan pepper

1. preheat oven (saye preheat 180 derjah Celcius je)
2. panaskan pan ngn olive oil
3. tumis garlics ngn bawang besar
4. letak salmon atas bawang
5. goreng sebelah isi salmon sampai nampak cam dah garing.. hehe (jgn sentuh selagi tak garing) seminit-2 minit
6. then terbalikkan salmon goreng belah kulit dia pulak (bawang tumisan dah melekat kat isi salmon) seminit-2 minit
7. season ngn garam n pepper
(slalu tengok dlm TV derang mesti letak dills kalau masak ikan. tadi lupe letak)
8. brenti goreng salmon dan masukkan salmon dalam oven


Sos Salmon (cam tak jadi.. tapi rase cam ok je)

1 cawan susu full krim
olive oil
2 cloves garlic (cincang halus)
stgh bawang besar (cincang halus)
3 button mushroom (cincang halus)
chives (cincang halus)
stgh bijik buah lemon (lemon kuning tuh)
garam dan pepper

1. panaskan olive oil dalam periuk kecik
2. tumis bawang sampai brown
3. masukkan mushrooms
4. masukkan susu
5. season ngn garam n pepper
6. masukkan chives
7. perah lemon juice
8. stir
9. panaskan sampai pekat ala2 sos..

10. (optional) kalau dalam TV, derang mesti blend sos tu so nampak jadi cam betul2 sos.. tade chunks sane sini.. tapi aku malas. so.. hehe

setelah makan. aku merasa puas ati dgn ape yg aku masak.

Wordy Wednesday Movies

and so i went to watch 2 movies last night. “Tai Chi 0” (“Tai Chi Zero”) and Stolen..

Tai Chi Zero is a funny kung fu story. i like it because its totally different from any other movies, its kinda like the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”.. they made a game based funny kung fu movie. the problem with the movie is that the movie is not finished.. they left the end of the movie hanging.. but before the end of the movie during casting/credits, the production team advertised their sequel to this movie. which would be called “Tai Chi Hero”.. do you get it? Tai Chi Zero to Tai Chi Hero.. Zero To Hero. haha! and yes. im gonna wait for their sequel.. i hope it’d be just as interesting.

then came the movie Stolen starred by Nicholas Cage.. the plot of the story certainly could be interesting, but dulled by their casts. i dont know what’s wrong with Nicholas Cage, ever since that movie where he acted as an assassin working in Bangkok.. what was it.. hold on.. i’ll Google it up.. ahhh.. Bangkok Dangerous. or was it before Bangkok Dangerous. his acting has been off the dirt.. if i can say that. his play in ‘Con Air’, ‘Face Off’ and ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ was totally off the chart. i even liked his character in Kick Ass. but other movies.. blearggh! he didnt actually delivered. in this movie, along side other not so good actors (tho popular, but still not so good actors). they managed to finish this interesting movie with a loud thud. yeah.. i think it was just a thud.. certainly not a bang. lol. maybe he can find another ‘National Treasure’ to protect. that’ll surely be interesting.

all in all. if u’re gonna watch these two movies.. i advice you to watch them on Wednesday when the price is RM6-8. certainly worth THAT price (i think)

it’s logical..

like i said.

aku TAK PERCAYA Yahudi ngn Nasrani sedang cube MENJATUHKAN orang Islam..
tapi aku PERCAYA mereka sedang cuba BUNUH orang Islam..

orang yg cube menjatuhkan orang Islam adelah orang yg mengaku menganut Islam itu sendiri.

siapa yg menakutkan2 kite tentang Yahudi dan Nasrani? (al-Qur’an suruh kite banteras.. bukan suruh takut dan jauhi daripada mereka)
siapa yg menyebarkan khabar2 propaganda mereka?
siapa yg mengikut cara kehidupan mereka?
siapa yg menyukai kehidupan mereka?
siapa yg menyatakan tuntutan Allah itu kejam dan tidak adil?
siapa yg mengatakan tuntutan Allah itu tak memadai zaman sekarang?
siapa yg tidak memperjuangkan jalan Allah?

siapa lagi kalau bukan Muslim itu sendiri?

demi Allah, aku mendengar suatu kisah dimana Neraka dipenuhi orang2 Islam kerana mereka inilah yg kufur dan diseksa seteruk-teruknya. sedangkan Yahudi dan Nasrani itu hanya jahil.

nuff said..

ayam double, mayonis kurang, tanak black pepper

aku agak benci mayonis.

selalu (err.. hari2) aku gi beli beger Ramly. mase tengah tunggu beger aku siap. mesti ade mamat datang dan mintak beger lebih mayonis. ini terjadi kat semua beger stand dalam Malaysia ni. kawan aku pun ramai yg suke mayonis. siap kalau ade mayonis tertumpah sikit kat burger wrap tuh, dia calit and jilat sampai licin. aku rasa dalam Malaysia nih, aku sorang je kot tak suka mayonis. err.. bukan la aku tak suke mayonis. tapi tak suka mayonis tu byk sgt. macam orang lain makan mayonis byk2.

camni bunyik order berger aku.

“bang. ayam double, mayonis kurang, tanak black pepper”.. dan aku paling tak suke berger special.

sebab berger special mesti lagi byk mayonis dia letak. walaupun aku kate mayonis kurang. kang nanti, kat atas berger dia letak mayonis, atas telur pun dia letak mayonis.

mayonis ngn telur nih sebenarnye menghalang rasa daging berger ayam or daging lembu daripada mempesonakan ruang2 rasa kat lidah aku. nanti kat dalam mulut penuh ngn rasa2 lain. padehal aku nak makan beger ayam tu. nak rasa kemanisan beger ayam Ramly yg terbaik tu. bukan nak rasa mayonis. or rasa telur. or rasa black pepper.. itu semua rasa sampingan yg tak best. semua tuh aku boleh rasa sendiri kat umah. yang paling penting tentang beger adelah patty beger itu sendiri. bukan rasa2 sampingan ia. dan aku paling tak suke kalau jenis makan beger sos melimpah-limpah. nanti makan beger rase sos je. pastuh sos melimpah2 kat tapak tangan. kalau makan kat dalam krete. nanti susah nak basuh tangan.

sayur pun jgn byk sgt.. banyak boleh.. tapi jgn byk sgt.. bawang takpe, sebab bawang crunchy n juicy. lol.

aku ingat lagi masa beli beger ayam harge seringgit je. sekarang. beger ayam RM2.50 wei. mahal nak mampus. tapi disebabkan sedap. aku terima.
alah.. penjual2 nih nak untung cepat. pastuh membazir. padehal kalau dia kurangkn letak mayonis.. sos jgn melimpah2.. sayur pun letak dalam lingkungan roti.. tak payah letak timun byk2.. tak payah letak buah tomato. tak payah letak nenas ape bagai.. sume tuh dah boleh menyumbang kepade keuntungan. letak semua pade kadar yg betul. so tade la nampak kedekut. tak jugak membazir.

ini semua research beb. sebab tu la McDonald’s, KFC, Carl’s Jr semua boleh untung banyak. ini semua sebab portion perasa2 sampingan yg derang letak dalam beger derang adelah stabil.. atau balanced. cube ko pegi McDonald’s dan beli Beef Burger sahaja. ko akan lihat.. sos dia ckup2 atas berger dalam lingkungan roti. tak melimpah pun. ko makan itu je dah ckup sedap. zaman dedulu derang letak mustard sket, aku suke. tapi sekarang dah tak letak dah. sekarang leh nampak derang letak lebih garam ngn pepper atas daging tuh. kire ganti mustard tuh la.

dan sebab tuh la aku slalu mintak “ayam double mayonis kurang, tanak black pepper”.. sebab mayonis ngn black pepper tuh la yg merosakkan rase beger dan membuatkan sos melimpah-limpah.

tapi papehal pun. mmg beger Ramly adelah yg terbaik dalam dunia. aku bercadang nak bukak restoren satu hari nanti. bukan beger stand.. tapi restoren yg jual beger Ramly. insyaAllah. dan aku bukak siang je. sebab berger sepatutnye makan time siang. pagi or lunch.. beger nih adelah sandwich. sandwich tak seswai makan untuk dinner.