iDont Deserve

“i don’t deserve this. I deserve to be happy. I deserve someone who loves me… Banyak sangat ke permintaan aku ni. Besar sangat ke keinginan aku ni”

ini quote dari blog salah sorg manusia kat luar sane.

well. byk je blog camni.

what makes u think that u deserve anything from God anyway? why must God give u something He Himself does not approve? (oh! i think u know what ‘does not approve’ means) ko nak cinta manusia. kalau cinta nak kahwin takpe jugak. cinta dating2, pegang2, poking2, liking2. i know you want that..

i too prayed. tutup aurat. menjauhi perkara mungkar (well, obviously not all of it but still i work hard to avoid perkara mungkar). and then aku doa utk dapat satu date je (which i know dating tu haram btw), coz i never experienced any.. prayed to love someone. but yeah. i didnt get any. and still i dont think i deserve anything from Him.

i read about Abu Bakar As Siddiq? he said amalan dia bagai setitis embun atas lautan kalau nak compare ngn Rasulullah. and by God, kalau setitis embun Abu Bakar tu seluas lautan. i know my own amalan tak sampai setitis embun pun compared to amalan Abu Bakar As Siddiq. Umar Al-Khatab, Uthman bin Affan, Ali bin Abi Talib, Khalid al-Walid, and even Ummayyah..
and Abu Bakar As Siddiq said what? he said “i dont even deserve Syurga”.

sedih. why cant i be like them?

u see… the right question is that ‘why cant i be like them’.. not ‘why cant i deserve something.. anything’

so why must i think i deserve anything? why must u think YOU.. deserve anything? who te heck do you think you are to deserve a happy life when others with better amalan than you, are suffering and enduring hard lives?

i know i dont even deserve Syurga.. tho i want to be in it. i dont think one bit that i deserved to be in a Syurga. masuk Syurga je pun. “besar sangat ke keinginan aku ni?” Tuhan boleh je tolong aku jejak satu kaki dlm Syurga. “banyak sangat ke permintaan aku?”

no.. to want something is not selfish.. but to want something, you have to earn it. what makes u think you’ve earned to deserve things?

so u think u dont deserve Syurga, then u deserve perkara mungkar? and u think God will help you achieve that? u’re f****** twisted. and i curse you for it. or not.. heh!


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. nice entry! hee. couldn’t agree more. especially tang wish for something that we do not deserve it. even we didn’t have the right to wish for.n couple poking liking bagai tu la. trying so hard to avoid it. sesungguhhnya couple itu haram =’)

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