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haha! so many drafts.. but im quite sure i dont want to post them. so here’s another one. maybe i’ll post this one up today.

i dreamt of something strange today. it’s not really strange for some people. but to me. it’s an entirely new experience. i did some bad things in that dream. but somehow i felt like it was what i should have done. i woke up feeling happy about it. and as i was passing the big mirror beside my bathroom. a little glance through the mirrir shot me with reality. my hair. my hair grew thinner. day by day. it’s thinning. and i’ve got nothing to stop it from happening. and then i remembered the dream i had. damn! i gotta act fast. or i will be alone. hmmm.. regrets.. it shouldn’t affect me. in any way. but now. im having doubts. maybe i am getting older. what does it mean when people say “life starts at 40”? i’m beginning to feel the end of me right now. baah! i’m still going to Japan though.
what should i do?!! what am i doing?? really..

on the other note. i went to watch Taken 2 last night. good movie. not so much of a new plot. but heck. i enjoyed the movie. i actually decided to watch it on Wednesday with every movie i deemed not worthy of RM11 or RM12 after i read Taken 2 reviews in the net. lol. the reviewers dont like the movie it seems. but here’s the question. is the movie based on some book? because if it’s a movie based on a book. i could actually understand why it would be a good book to read.

the only problem with the movie is the author (i think). in this movie you’d understand how these Americans view Muslims, unchanged though more detailed. its a portrayal of how mean and bad a Muslim can be. and that a Muslim love their sons and daughters more than they’d love God. it’s kinda frustrating to know how these Americans really view us Muslims. you really have to keep an open mind if you wanna watch this movie. think that this is their movie and they can do what ever they can in their movies. and think that they are ignorant of the truth. well. that’s how i got over it. and enjoyed the movie.


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. going to 40 already? hahaha. pakai la shampoo BAWANG! XD btw nak buat ape g jepun? bestnyeee. nak ikot boleh? wee~

    baru ingat nak tengok taken 2. cancel la cenggini. n yes. tgok movie hari rabu n with student card totally worth it. kekeke =D

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