Wordy Wednesday Movies

and so i went to watch 2 movies last night. “Tai Chi 0” (“Tai Chi Zero”) and Stolen..

Tai Chi Zero is a funny kung fu story. i like it because its totally different from any other movies, its kinda like the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”.. they made a game based funny kung fu movie. the problem with the movie is that the movie is not finished.. they left the end of the movie hanging.. but before the end of the movie during casting/credits, the production team advertised their sequel to this movie. which would be called “Tai Chi Hero”.. do you get it? Tai Chi Zero to Tai Chi Hero.. Zero To Hero. haha! and yes. im gonna wait for their sequel.. i hope it’d be just as interesting.

then came the movie Stolen starred by Nicholas Cage.. the plot of the story certainly could be interesting, but dulled by their casts. i dont know what’s wrong with Nicholas Cage, ever since that movie where he acted as an assassin working in Bangkok.. what was it.. hold on.. i’ll Google it up.. ahhh.. Bangkok Dangerous. or was it before Bangkok Dangerous. his acting has been off the dirt.. if i can say that. his play in ‘Con Air’, ‘Face Off’ and ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ was totally off the chart. i even liked his character in Kick Ass. but other movies.. blearggh! he didnt actually delivered. in this movie, along side other not so good actors (tho popular, but still not so good actors). they managed to finish this interesting movie with a loud thud. yeah.. i think it was just a thud.. certainly not a bang. lol. maybe he can find another ‘National Treasure’ to protect. that’ll surely be interesting.

all in all. if u’re gonna watch these two movies.. i advice you to watch them on Wednesday when the price is RM6-8. certainly worth THAT price (i think)

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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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