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I’ve been blog walking for what?.. more than 15 years kot. tapi I’ve found so few interesting blogs out there that makes me wanna come back and read again and again.

if anyone ever read this. let me introduce to you the 3 most interesting blogs I’ve ever set my.. err. foot.. no err.. OpenID upon. and i never failed to open their blogs every time i log on to the internet or ever since i found their blogs.

first would be http://anisbassaj.blogspot.com/
i dont remember how i got to her blog. but thanks to her i found Hanis Zalikha. lol. her blogs are full of knowledge. well.. medical or doctor stuff kinda knowledge. she has a open-dirty-minded but in a clean way, and she’s creatively knowledgeable on this matters that it makes it easy to understand what I don’t actually understand anything about doctor’s stuffs.. she’s funny too. it’s fun to read her blog.

then i found this one commenting in Hanis Zalikha’s blog kot. http://tiarafazlin.blogspot.com/
this one i could never get enough of. if she was listed in a Batman movie cast, she’d be Joker. she’d be like ‘lets put a smile on your faces’ and i would just laugh like she’d put drug in my Ribena. she’s a real joker i tell you.. the jokes are funny and creative, i cant stand laughing about it.

and then there’s the love of my life. eh.. tak.. mane ade. lol. tak.. then there was the third blog http://nurisfahanishashim.blogspot.com/
i knew her from a schoolmate. well. not that i know know her. but I’ve known about her from a schoolmate who befriended her during their college years (kot). she’s totally my type. don’t know if she met the height requirement but yes, she’s cute. lol. the only thing is that… err.. she’s from Penang (kot).. ergh! hahaha!
OK! her blog. i dont wanna sound like i like her. tho i do. but she got an interesting blog too. i like how she writes.. somehow it felt ‘kemas’ and every paragraphs have their own set of points. creative. and sometimes can be funny too. Penang jokes are not that funny. but yeah.. i like her.. so kene listkan blog dia kat sini. lol.

there.. 3 interesting blogs i like to visit every time i log on to the internet. i ought to learn from them. from being knowledgeable, funny and kemas. and most importantly… Creative. i need that. though I’m a lefty and lefties are known for their creativity, somehow it feels like I’m a normal right handed person. demn!

or maybe aku just malas. hmm.. yeah.. that’s most likely to be it.

hmm.. sume blog pompuan je kot. well. bias gile. sebab mostly blog lelaki slalu bagi too much info. and most of the info’s, are the ones I’ve already known or ones I’m not interested in. tak best bace blog laki. best bace komen lelaki je.

lagipun apehal nak masuk blog laki? aku single dan available weh.. kene lah carik awek. eh.. bace blog awek je. yg comel2 je la. yg tak comel aku tak rase nak bukak pun. haha! tade la. aku bace sume ok. demmit. I’m a reader!

p/s: baru ade org komen sket dah prasan cam ade ramai visitor/reader.. cheit! padehal dia komen sebab obligatory comments je sebab aku dtg dan komen blog dia. haha!


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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