Weekend of plans

now that was an interesting weekend i had. made me realize one thing. Im young and I’m getting old. actually i realized it a lot sooner than this.. but this weekend.. these last couple of days.. i can actually feel it in my bones how fragile age can bring to ones life.. how young i am and how old I’ve become.

it started on Friday. futsal at 7-8pm then 9-10pm.. a bit tired but i survived the night.

and then Saturday came. there was supposed to be a football game that morning. but bile bukak facebook group page, Kelab Pop’s Captain, Jo, said the game was cancelled because the referee didnt replied. i thank God for that. because the game would end at about 11.30am and i have another schedule to meet that evening. Rock Away Fest 2012 at Sepang International Circuit. jeng jeng. jenggg.. sambung tido la aku pagi Sabtu tu.

bangun2 je dah pukul 2 petang. lol. mandi2 siap2 sembahyang2. lunch2. oh! dah pukul 3.30 petang. event start kul 12. its ok. awal2 fest band tak femes je. so tak rugi kalau dtg lambat. kalau tak datang terus pun tak rugi pape kecuali tiket RM141. tu je. haha. Rock Away Fest 2012 kali ni featured some bands i never knew about. well.. the bands were mostly popular rock bands and their songs are(not were.. still are) popular too.. but it is just because i never bothered knowing band names along with their song titles. unless the media(mostly from the TV i watched and on radio i hear every weekday mornings/evenings) babbles for months about them. if not. i wont know anything about any band names or any song titles. japanese songs are exceptions though aaannd.. some really famous songs sang by famous people. haha! tak kisah la tu. the only bands i knew there were Hujan, OAG and Soulfly. Soulfly was the main event and the most popular rock band in this fest. but heck. i never heard any of their songs pun. err.. i shud say ‘never bothered’. but yes. i’ve heard of Soulfly and that’s it. haha. but there are others and that night i grew to like Koffin Kanser. marvelous reggae rock song. oh! and i met Hanie Hidayah ok.

Saturday evening till midnight. i set to rock my heart and body. i also decided to save my strength until Soulfly. so i did not join the mob of heavy rockers in front of the stage.

not until after Maghrib that is. something changed my mind. OAG made a comeback at the second stage, a closed stage. heck! OAG riled me up so bad i had to change my mind to rock in front of the stage. haha! kudos to OAG, still rocks if u ask me.

thinking i could actually do this(haha). later after hearing OAG, there’s this one rock band called Unearth came on the main stage. i know nothing of them or their rock songs. but they rocked. that’s just about it to get me rocking the night. i joined the rocker’s mob and rock until Unearth rocked their 3rd song. my hands were sticky from my sweat and others in the mob. my shirt was crazy wet. one time i thought i lost my favorite topi komunis. and then i felt beat. i looked around me. the young’ns are still full of energy, still rocking, still jumping, banging, shouting, swearing, fisting and syaitanning.. shit! i wanna do that more.

when Unearth set ended and Hujan came on the stage i was really beaten and i think, the meleis love Hujan. there would be less humans at the food court behind. so i went for my dinner at the Burger Bakar. plus i could save my energy for Soulfly later. i dined that night with Hujan rocking at my background.

When Koffin Kanser came on before Soulfly, i joined-in the silent background mob. the mob that felt content with just standing silently and shouting once in moments, banging their heads lightly and occasionally show the rock sign when they felt like it. this is where most of the girls would be. hehehe!

it’s 11.30 and the main event were about to start. they test mics and other electrical stuff until midnight. and i am concern about my health. haha! feeling that it wont end so well. i decided against joining the rocker’s mob. haha! good decision it was. it’s late and i have a football game on Sunday at 9am. 3rd song through.. my legs were throbbing like hell.. been standing there like since 4pm. so i decided to go back home. not that i know any of their songs anyway. doesnt feel right either.

i took a wrong guess. so i had to walk extra 2 miles to the car park. made a very long detour. and it felt as far as a long walk can get. but it kinda worth the effort, the walk and that i decided to go back early. i managed to hear about 4 more songs up on the hill when i walked that extra 2 miles around the helipad circuit hill. the drum beat, the guitars.. man.. they were rocking the hill. the people in the gas station opposite the hill were listening to free songs the entire night. lol.

got to my dad’s car around 1.30 a.m. and i drove like crazy fast that night. dont know what got into me. its like i’m on rock drugs or something. lol. and my foot wont stop throbbing the entire way until i reached home.

sampai rumah. mandi2.. checked facebook. played World of Tanks a couple of rounds. download Lord of The Rings – Uncut Version, set my alarm, it was already 3am and then i blacked out. hehe. TIDO!!!

i woke up at 6am.. demn my legs hurt. yes. the entire leg throbbed. tapi disebabkan nak main bola sangat. aku BANGUN! tapi untuk semayang je. hehehehe. siap2 pakai jersi ngn seluar pendek. then tido balik. miahahahahaha! 8.30am alarm kejut lagi skali. aku stretch sane sini. then terus keluar umah pegi padang INSPEN, Bangi. peergh! miraculously, my legs not throbbing anymore. takpe. aku pakai jugak minyak panas. oh.. ini bukan game Kelab Pop. this was Petrovars FC. sampai padang. aku stretch lagi skali. sebab last 2 weeks. aku tak stretch badan aku. terus terseliuh pinggang lepas 3 minit main bola. demmit.

got bad news that morning. goalkeeper tak ada. so we played on with a substitute goalkeeper who doesnt know how to goal keep.. miahahaha! I played brilliantly that morning. game ended with our lost 11-1 to Mendung FC. gahahahahahahaha! referee said we conceded 9.. but i counted.

the good thing about playing friendly match is that not once we faltered even though we know we cant win the match. we played on like we always had. we pressed on. we defended like we always do. fun. always trying our best to touch the ball. passing. no one was hurt. no one feeling guilty of their own mistakes. i like this kinda game. no hard feelings. only soft feelings. hehe. the most important thing is not winning. not at all.. the most important thing is that we get to play football. that’s all that matters.

it actually is a big progress for me. to think that i ONLY know how to receive a ball up until i was 18 years old. thats like missing 10 years of football practice. i started learning football when playing with my college friends every evening. my friends already know how to dribble gracefully at 18. but i ONLY know how to touch a ball pass. and then slowly i made my way up.. slowly.. at 19 i was praised to be a good defender. at 20 my friend said i could be a good defensive midfielder. 12 years later.. i can now play a part in some positions. even attacking positions. i can at least dribble while maintaining my eye on the football field. but i’m not a student anymore. i dont have every evening to play football. i imagined i had more time or i imagined i started learning football early. what a wonder i wouldav been. *sigh*

game ended at 11am.. we had our brunch at a cendol stall sebelah UNITEN. then head back home. i got home and slept until i woke up this morning. i know. WTHell? my sister said it was raining heavily last night with terrible lightnings.. but i never heard a thing. i slept all day and night. and woke up with a heavy ache on my neck. i have to skip gym today. well. i practically had been exercising all weekend. i need my rest today.

all and all, i collected: a bruise on my left knee. Pattela Tendinitis on both of my knees. a heavy ache at the back of my neck. stiff muscles all over my body. depleted stamina. and a huge amount of fun this weekend. i may not walk properly today. but i think its kinda worth it. i wonder what this week-end will bring for me.
i hope for another adventure. yes sir. i sure hope so.


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