do i look like a rapist to you? how dare you!!! aarrgghhh! RAGE!!!

its time to go back home and as usual.. i used the back entrance of the KWSP building. its a parking entrance/exit and its a bit dark there.. but the time was still below 7pm.. so it was still fairly bright. as i was passing the huge disposal tank. a 40 years-ish old woman.. (she may be 25-35 but she had that 40 years old look and make up.. plus.. im not gonna give her any credit).. from UOB bank building passed the disposal tank at the same time.

just as i stepped about 3 meters from the woman. the disposal tank made a sound. i was a bit surprised. but im pretty sure its the sound of a rat or mouse scavenging for something. but what i was really shocked was that the woman stopped, made a scared sound like ‘hyuh’, looked straight at me and covered her cleavage and her short skirt. like i was moving to rape her. WTFuck wei!! how fucking rude?!!! muke macam MILF.. SERIUS TANAK AKU!! (oh! i dont like MILF. there may be a lot of guys out there who likes MILF.. but i dont. just to make clear of things. haha).. plus there were like 10 people all around the exit to the car park. siap ade pak guard KWSP 2 org jage pintu car park tu. WTfuck u’re so scared about a rapist anyway.

if she got raped. then i blame her not the rapist (well, actually.. i blame both). sporting that unbutton cleavage casual tight shirt and a short tight skirt. dah la gemuk. muke dah kedut2 ade hati nak sexy2 lagi. ko pakai sexy2 tuh bukan nak sruh laki pandang ke? itu tujuan utama ko pakai sexy2 kan? ko sendri tau muke ko dah tua. kene la pakai sexy kan? lelaki yg tanak tengok muke ko. tengok tetek ko pulak kan?

so kalau ade lelaki gemuk pakai baju keje lalu tepi kau.. ko terus ingat dia rapist? WTFuck?!!!! kalau lelaki tuh macho cam Leonardo DiCaprio tapi mmg rapist.. ko tadah je badan ko untuk kene rape? bodoh!! fuck kau!! i curse u!!! double standard gile.

arrggggghhh! marah gile aku!!! demn.. i should at least ask her if she thought that i was gonna rape her. ni tak. aku just senyum kat dia then blah. i turned my head once to look back if she had been over it and jalan terus. yg buat aku paling marah was that she eyed me all the way to the next car. tu paling aku marah. haram tul.. AARRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!

lenkali dia buat camtu kat aku lagi.. aku nak tumbuk ulu hati dia. haha..

ps: aku suke Hentai ok (hentai yg tade MILF).. MILF is just kotor. hahaha.


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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