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Rise of the Guardians was interesting. its about mythical guardians; Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and the Sandman, formed up a group call the Avengers; an alliance set up by the Man on the Moon.. or short for SHIELD. and their main objective is to ward off the evil BoogeyMan aka Loki. or something like that. but they cant really ward the Boogeyman off.. so they need the help of a new guardian. so The Man on The Moon appointed a new guardian, Jack Frost, to help the other guardians to repel the Boogeyman’s plan to conquer the world with darkness.

i know. this movie was meant to be watched by children. but hey. i bought and i watched. so it was an interesting movie. with interesting graphics. not like that War of the World – Goliath. WOTW-G should be released 10 years ago at least. not now. now is the time of great graphics. not stupid cartoon where they only shoot one laser beam at a time. and show a Malay Prince fighting aliens with keris. man! that movie sucks.

but u know what. i think Rise of The Guardians had another goal. and that is to introduce Jack Frost as another mythical being. we never heard of Jack Frost. well, because old people never tell about any mythical being called Jack Frost. it never existed. not myth nor legend. or am i wrong. mungkin aku kene google mende nih. malas ar. but hey. old people dont tell legends or myth anymore. they stopped believing in ghost. so they see no ghost. they dont tell anyone anything about ghost. if they’re not sure about what they saw. they just go see the doctors or shrink or google about it. instead of shouting at everyone, “a new ghost came out. a new ghost came out!”. mythical stories are just stories created by the olden people, centuries ago, to entertain anyone hearing them. that’s all. there were no TVs in the year 1000. some stories might be accounted from real experience. but hey, myth is still myth. nothing more. children from the past brought that old myth stories to their children and their grandchildren. until one time. HDTV and IPTV was created. and the myth died.
nowadays, the one thing children will listen to is the movie. so children might actually believe that a new guardian called Jack Frost had risen. maybe a new holiday would come out from America to uphold Jack Frost, the Guardian of Winter or something… call it Frost Day or something. lol.

stayed home last weekend. except only for when i watched the movie. i went to the cinema like at 8 and went back home at 11.. i only went to The Curve for an animated movie. haha.

oh. i sent my Surat Rayuan to PKNS today. that’s all im gonna say. no need to know what Surat Rayuan it was.

and this morning, i got a delightful message. lol. i subscribed to McDonald’s latest info subscription. so this morning, they informed me that Prosperity Burger is back. so i had my lunch at Mcdonald’s today. hehe. boikot hape? mane ade haku boikot.

now. its 7.05pm and im still in the office. got lotsa work to do. hish! kene siapkan cepat.

oh! i found 2 interesting songs. and i’ve been playing it again and again in my iPod for 5 days now. its an old song. which i never bothered finding or never heard of before. first is from Michael Jackson – You Are My Life and the second is by Younha – Kaze .its a Japanese song sang by my favorite most cute Korean seiyuu, Younha. tho i hate K-Pop, Younha is not a K-Pop artist only.. she’s also a J-Pop artist. so i like her when she sings Japanese songs. more over, she’s very cute and she’s not plastic. i mean, she never had a plastic surgery to enhance cuteness. she’s just cute ok. this fact is proven. heh heh.

ok. that’s all folks. err.. me.

oh oh oh! i forgot.. one more thing. Raymond E. Feist’s A Crown Imperiled is OUT!!!! bought it yesterday!!!!! go and get it at Kinokuniya or Borders!!

Author: Raymond E. Fiest

taktau la kenapa ade dua ‘L” on Imperiled, kat buku nih. maybe ini macam perbezaan British English ngn American English kot.. or maybe publisher dia dari Britain or Amerika.. ape ape la. asalkan cerita sama.


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