Today – Birthday (not yet)

its 11.39am n im at my desk in my office.
yeah. im turning 29 today at 10.50pm. so im still 28 la kan? hehehehe.

i lied to everyone. saying im playing futsal tonight. but truth is. i just dont care. this wont be my first or second or third time i spent my birthday alone. fact is, i’m kinda looking forward to this. celebrating alone. haha. i wonder what’ll i do today. ice skating? movies? hmm.. tengok lah. today is my day. and my day alone.

*updates for Yeah!!*

currently i get to chat with her in facebook. everyday. that’s all. gyahaha! its a positive improvement. usually, i’d be the one who started any conversation (everyday).. but these last few days. it seems like she responded to my ‘conversation’. haha. she began to start conversations instead. almost like she’s interested (ok. i dont know that. thats just me assuming things)
maybe she felt guilty. or she’s testing how things gonna go from here. but heck. i dont care as long as she showed some interest.

not sure how things will go from here on out. i dont think i’d go asking her out tho. i really think that its not right. well. unless she wants to meet. then i gotta man up. should i someday ask her out?

currently. im waiting if she’d notice that its my birthday today. hehe. not that im wishing for it. it’s like a test. to see if she’s interested. gyahahaha! im not giving my hope a leap out of no where. but lets just see.

well. that’s the update. i guess.


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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  1. Sanggup kot aku malas nak wish sbb nak bagi laluan bakal awek ko wish deluan… Hahaha

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