i make it a habit to observe people when ever, where ever i stood idle at one place. i don’t think much when i stood idle somewhere. i usually do the thinking during my idle time in the toilet. haha.

i just got back from lunch at Sogo. from my observation. i concluded that school holidays brought out a lot of school kids together with their beautiful sisters. haha. bersih mata aku ari ni. bersih.

oh! i summarized my conclusion when i ‘stood’ idle at the toilet before i went back to my cube.

well. that’s not all that i have concluded. as i was observing. i noticed that there were more left-handed people at Sogo today. i even had the privilege of eating my lunch beside a family of left-handed people. there were 5 of them and they all wore their watches on their right hands.

i finished my lunch feeling satisfied because there was a very very beautiful girl sitting in front of me. she’s so beautiful i wanted to ask her to marry me that instance. but i refrained myself from doing so because i know it was futile.

then i queued behind a left-handed girl at the ice cream booth. and as i was finishing my ice cream. i stood at the back entrance of Sogo. watched people went in and out of Sogo. and paid very close attention to where people wear their wrist watches. like i said. there were more left-handed people today in Sogo.

even if i cant see their wrist watches or they don’t wear any watches. i imagined what i would do as a left handed person myself if i wasn’t wearing any watch. i usually slung my bag at my right shoulder. and if i have another bag (let say a grocery bag). i would have held it with my right hand. always keeping my left hand free so that i could do something without feeling the awkwardness of using my right hand. and so.. and my imagination were brought to life when i saw left-handed people everywhere. you can distinguish right-handed and left-handed people with ease. if u know how to pay attention that is.

when i finished my ice cream. it started raining. so sudden. and i walked in the rain as though it wasn’t raining, to the nearest covered side-walks (that is) while other people started running. i was a bit wet. but it’ll all dried up in 15-30 minutes. so i wouldn’t mind being drenched for a bit. but this created another chance for me to observe people. if anyone is reading this. i know you are like other people who would run when it starts raining. you don’t like being drenched by the rain. so that was what happened today after lunch.

Sogo is about 300 meters away from my office. i walked the 300 meters from Sogo to my office observing people during rain. normally the covered side-walk would now be filled with people walking. of course, why would you want to be drenched to the core of your skin if u wanna go shopping or go to work? that i could understand. so the side-walks were crowded with side-walkers, trying their best to not let the rain touches them. not even a drip of rain. but you can see holes on the roof. that’s normal. and there are drips of water every where along the side-walks. not surprisingly though, people will still avoid that one.. one drop of water from the drip holes. as though that one drip of rain water will get their shirts or dresses drenched to the inside. haha. why are people so afraid of one drop of water? that’s beyond me. i can understand if they’re afraid of the rain. but one drop of water? why wont everybody be like me. i like the rain. i usually took any chance i can get to walk in the rain. but not today though. i have reasons.

ah! but that’s all i think. just finished a briefing. damn it. i feel so low. my team leader is like a genius in programming. i know he’s not a genius. but heck.. that’s how i feel. its a matter of measuring my ability to his. aaaahh!~


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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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