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Hansel & Gretel 3D

it’s Sunday, 1.34am on the 27th January 2013. and i just got back from watching a nice 3D movie.

Hansel & Gretel really was a nice movie to watch.. and if there’s a film worth watching in 3D.. it is without any doubt would be this movie. why? haha. pegi tengok. banyak kali aku terkejut. gyahahaha! demmit. siap tepis2. gyahahahaha!
there’s a trick.. and a good one at that on how one should watch a 3D movie. and that is, you have to pick the right seat spot. yes. the right seat spot.
i watched a midnight movie. and for some reason, there were not that many viewers today. maybe orang Malaysia think this is just another boring action flick. but it wasnt. it is not as they think. its gruesome and its interesting. Why?
i’ll tell you why… BECAUSE THERE ARE NO VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES IN THIS MOVIE. only Hansel & Gretel battling bad ass witches. new types of antagonists are always refreshing.
eh.. yes. the picking-the-seat-trick.. i always believed you have to watch 3D movies closer to the screen. too far.. you’ll watch a boring screen and sometime you ought to think, “oh, if i was closer. it might pop-up in front of me”. too close to the screen and you’ll have a head-ache.
so i chose a seat 3 rows below the center row seats. i was at the “K” section.. you know A,B,C.. until K.. i’d say. just nice for a 3D movie. and wallah.. it did the trick. i tried to flick a splinter out of my eye when something exploded in that movie. demmit. good thing there was no one sitting besides me. i was the only one in K row. gyahahaha!

there’s a lot of movie that adopted 3D animation. but this one just hit the mark. their 3D animations were good.

best weh! rase cam nak tengok lagi skali. went to watch the movie at The Curve. Cathay Holdings changed their policy on loaning 3D Glasses to the viewers. instead of loaning it to the viewers. they now selling them with the tickets. so the next time you forgot to bring your 3D Glasses.. you’ll have to buy ’em again. but if you brought your glasses along. you’ll save between RM5-7 on the ticket price. but being Malaysian.. i know for sure people will not bring their 3D Glasses.. so the cinema can make extra bucks by selling them.


p/s: oh.. in case anyone’s wondering.. Hansel is diabetic. he injected himself with insulin shots. to neutralize the high glucose rate in his blood. at the beginning of the story, the witch fed him too many candies.. that’s why he loses energy sometimes in the movie. the symptom’s called Hyper. i know, coz my dad’s a diabetic.



aduh. aku tak paham la. sume mende nak buat masalah. dah la dah lame aku takleh bukak blog aku. bukan la takleh bukak. cume aku slalu masuk blog masa waktu keje. kalu kat umah cam sekarang nih, aku mesti sebuk main game or bace manga.
tapi hari ni especially.. dia lain sket. pc aku membuat aku marah hari ni. dah la kat opis internet tak dapat. ni kat umah main game nak lag sane sini.. mau tak buat aku marah? bukak browser. lag.. bukak game. lag.. nak bukak notepad pun lag. tak paham aku. dah la pc baru ni. baru beli bulan April tahun lepas kot.. aarrgghh!!! tak sampai setahun pun. dah la resit ngn warranty dah hilang. haaaduuu!!!! aku tak tau la ape yg dia run kat background tu. memory usage tinggi la sket bile bukak chrome.. aku cek processes ngn services.. pc performance sume ok je.. so ape penyebabnye nih?
marah la ni pukul 1 pagi takleh continue main game. terpakse ar aku gi tido..
nasib baik khamis nih cuti. aku dah plan macam2 dalam kepala otak aku nih. nak panjat Broga la. nak masak itu ini la. nak gi marathon wayang la. nak shopping.. macam2 la. hish!
papehal.. aku nak tido la. malas dah ar nak bukak game.

kisah lain…
oh! dah lame tak dapat chat ngn ‘dia’… nih susah dedua tak slalu bukak fesbuk nih. adekah patut aku mintak no tepon dia?


like the span of the entire view from the Southern Space
I remembered incidentally a memory of my past
weighing, flying momentarily
questioning the stand they brought from their own path
I remember the taste of candy
I never forgot the sweet air of the blue
taught to me to always remember the color
but something came from the sky
a color that blazed under the iron cloud of thunders
rumbling, threatening the very existence of my rugged memories
so I defended that color like it was the path I myself created

but truth
truth is more than a mountain of water
truth is more than stars of galaxies
what lies I imagined beyond my head
diluted with dreams of illusion and delusion
like the white air that blows from a chimney towards the cloud

so truth covered me
drip by drip, brick by brick, step by step
I was drenched by the trail of hope
and darkness reign more from the false light that rain down on me
the lies did not measure to find end
hope grew fatter and slower and sometime consumed a little lie itself
and I was seduced again by the sweet candy

no more is all I can remember now
at a pace of a snail
I began my own revelation
under the banner of an old color that defended and calibrated the truth
resolution meant to have words
transformation from the sight of The Divine
separation of none
and the unity of one thought of truth
the truth they upheld and the truth that can never be forgotten

I screamed with them
so that the future children of the dark may envelope the sky with true darkness
not the false light they clung in that room that claimed boredom
upon the new darkness
there will be new light coming from the East
plenty days before the day we see first light from the West

may the day grow weak so that the world may grow stronger
may the Sun devour all the light so that time may move ever so slow
may the believers be rewarded in the darkness and the light
may the truth eclipse the sky
and may the Earth survives

now tell me your light
would it be the light that came from blackness
or light that came from darkness


Weekend yang Best

i’ve never felt so refreshed in my life! ever!
weekend nih memang best..
went to futsal.. yang biasa..

then main bola padang pagi Sabtu. which was biasa jugak. but. i managed to ran 60 minutes (on/off) without feeling tired.
malam tu picked up my brother from KLIA, dia baru habis cuti di Saudi and Oman. best betul parents duk luar negara ni. senang nak gi luar negara. hahaha.

Ahad petang semalam pegi rumah Ayah Long. ade discussion pasal hari perkahwinan sedare aku, Fathi, March nanti. dia nak kawin ngn orang Jakarta. gile kawin foreigner. best jugak nih. tak sangka sedara aku kawin foreigner. walaupun orang Jawa je pun. lol. new experience la ni. so semalam discuss flight itenerary, hotel/apartment reservations, transportation kat Jakarta. macam2 la.

and then there was last night. Sunday.. night. i think that was the peak of my form. lol. though not a very high form.. but i ran whole 70 minutes on the pitch.. and never felt tired.
padang dia masyaAllah. best betul. rata. lembut. tiap kali aku langkah nak lari. kaki nih rasa nak bounce lagi dan lagi. rasa cam nak lari je. best betul. padang KLFA kat Taman Melati nun. serius best. tak kisah la dia mahal sikit. tapi kalau dah padang best cenggitu. wuuuu…
lagi pun 1st time aku lari laju lelame camtu.. nasib baik aku makan sikit je kat rumah Ayah Long. kalau tak mesti aku tak leh lari masa main bola malam semalam.

takpe.. next time. a friendly match again. insyaAllah.


First Friday 2013 – Warm

by Allah, it hurts! my knee. i’ve been trying hard (not my hardest tho) to let my knee rest. to let it heal. but it wasnt meant to be healed in the near future i guess. today my leg slipped from the stairs, i fell and i used my right leg to stop my fall. and my knee. my knee wont stop aching until now. aaaaaahhh! i just know that some tendon ripped when i broke my fall this morning.

aaaah! and i was so looking forward to futsal tonight and a football match this weekend.

oh! i found something interesting.
read “Locating Sita” in

dont u think it has the same drama as cerita Hang Tuah dan Puteri Gunung Ledang? with a bit of mixes and changes. just like how one can change the story of Robin Hood or Batman or Santa Claus. this may also happen to our story tellers. we all know that kisah Hang Tuah may be a myth. might it really originated from this myth? so Hang Tuah was a baboon? lol.

im going home late. i wish i had more time to play World of Tanks at home. but im still at the office writing my blog at this hour. i have 1 n a half hour until futsal. and im wasting my time doing unfinished work. heheh. maybe i’ll come by tomorrow to finish my work (maybe).. now.. gonna go back home n maybe try squeeze a time to play World of Tanks. its a addiction now (for me at least)