like the span of the entire view from the Southern Space
I remembered incidentally a memory of my past
weighing, flying momentarily
questioning the stand they brought from their own path
I remember the taste of candy
I never forgot the sweet air of the blue
taught to me to always remember the color
but something came from the sky
a color that blazed under the iron cloud of thunders
rumbling, threatening the very existence of my rugged memories
so I defended that color like it was the path I myself created

but truth
truth is more than a mountain of water
truth is more than stars of galaxies
what lies I imagined beyond my head
diluted with dreams of illusion and delusion
like the white air that blows from a chimney towards the cloud

so truth covered me
drip by drip, brick by brick, step by step
I was drenched by the trail of hope
and darkness reign more from the false light that rain down on me
the lies did not measure to find end
hope grew fatter and slower and sometime consumed a little lie itself
and I was seduced again by the sweet candy

no more is all I can remember now
at a pace of a snail
I began my own revelation
under the banner of an old color that defended and calibrated the truth
resolution meant to have words
transformation from the sight of The Divine
separation of none
and the unity of one thought of truth
the truth they upheld and the truth that can never be forgotten

I screamed with them
so that the future children of the dark may envelope the sky with true darkness
not the false light they clung in that room that claimed boredom
upon the new darkness
there will be new light coming from the East
plenty days before the day we see first light from the West

may the day grow weak so that the world may grow stronger
may the Sun devour all the light so that time may move ever so slow
may the believers be rewarded in the darkness and the light
may the truth eclipse the sky
and may the Earth survives

now tell me your light
would it be the light that came from blackness
or light that came from darkness


About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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