Hansel & Gretel 3D

it’s Sunday, 1.34am on the 27th January 2013. and i just got back from watching a nice 3D movie.

Hansel & Gretel really was a nice movie to watch.. and if there’s a film worth watching in 3D.. it is without any doubt would be this movie. why? haha. pegi tengok. banyak kali aku terkejut. gyahahaha! demmit. siap tepis2. gyahahahaha!
there’s a trick.. and a good one at that on how one should watch a 3D movie. and that is, you have to pick the right seat spot. yes. the right seat spot.
i watched a midnight movie. and for some reason, there were not that many viewers today. maybe orang Malaysia think this is just another boring action flick. but it wasnt. it is not as they think. its gruesome and its interesting. Why?
i’ll tell you why… BECAUSE THERE ARE NO VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES IN THIS MOVIE. only Hansel & Gretel battling bad ass witches. new types of antagonists are always refreshing.
eh.. yes. the picking-the-seat-trick.. i always believed you have to watch 3D movies closer to the screen. too far.. you’ll watch a boring screen and sometime you ought to think, “oh, if i was closer. it might pop-up in front of me”. too close to the screen and you’ll have a head-ache.
so i chose a seat 3 rows below the center row seats. i was at the “K” section.. you know A,B,C.. until K.. i’d say. just nice for a 3D movie. and wallah.. it did the trick. i tried to flick a splinter out of my eye when something exploded in that movie. demmit. good thing there was no one sitting besides me. i was the only one in K row. gyahahaha!

there’s a lot of movie that adopted 3D animation. but this one just hit the mark. their 3D animations were good.

best weh! rase cam nak tengok lagi skali. went to watch the movie at The Curve. Cathay Holdings changed their policy on loaning 3D Glasses to the viewers. instead of loaning it to the viewers. they now selling them with the tickets. so the next time you forgot to bring your 3D Glasses.. you’ll have to buy ’em again. but if you brought your glasses along. you’ll save between RM5-7 on the ticket price. but being Malaysian.. i know for sure people will not bring their 3D Glasses.. so the cinema can make extra bucks by selling them.


p/s: oh.. in case anyone’s wondering.. Hansel is diabetic. he injected himself with insulin shots. to neutralize the high glucose rate in his blood. at the beginning of the story, the witch fed him too many candies.. that’s why he loses energy sometimes in the movie. the symptom’s called Hyper. i know, coz my dad’s a diabetic.


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  1. Phergh. Siot. Aku nk tgk citer ni since tgk trailer dier haritu. Tapi masalahnye aku malas nk pegi cinema. Tunggu kat hbo je la kot. Haha

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